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Latest Tax-News Special Feature Special Feature: Malta Holding Company Review 2011/12


Malta, like Cyprus, has been obliged to dismantle its old 'offshore' companies regime as a trade-off for joining the European Union. EU membership has, however, brought about certain benefits for Maltese companies trading across borders, and, coupled with investment-friendly government policies and some interesting tax planning opportunities, Malta remains one of the most favourable places in the EU in which to locate an international holding company.


Politically stable with a parliamentary democracy based on the British model, the Maltese Islands are situated in the Mediterranean Sea, about 100 km from Sicily and 290 km from North Africa, with a total population of just over 400,000. After almost 150 years as a British colony, the Maltese islands declared independence in 1964 and ten years afterwards Malta became a republic within the British Commonwealth. As a result of Malta's close links with Britain, English is one of the country's official languages alongside Maltese, although Italian is widely spoken. Valletta, the administrative capital, is also the chief business centre.


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Multitude Of US Tax Measures To Renew By Year-End

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has recently noted that the United States Congress has an extensive policy list to take care of before the end of this year, including many expiring tax provisions.
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Mexico Has OECD's Lowest Tax Burden

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has published its annual report on the tax burdens in place in 2010 among its members, which shows that Mexico had the lowest tax-to-GDP ratio at 18.7%.
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Canada Axes Tariffs For Manufacturers

Canada's Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, has announced that a further 70 tariff items are being eliminated to cut the operational costs of Canadian manufacturers by CAD32m (USD31m) annually, as part of the government's efforts to lower taxes and trade barriers for business.
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UK 'Losing GBP1bn' Because Of APD

The Tourism Alliance has published a research report, which warns that the UK economy stands to lose out on GBP1bn (USD1.56bn) in inbound tourism-related economic activity as a result of the government's policy of taxing aviation through its Air Passenger Duty.
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