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UK Budget: Targeting the Grey Vote?

UK Budget: Targeting the Grey Vote?

On March 19, UK Chancellor George Osborne announced a government budget for "makers, doers and savers" with extended tax breaks for business investment, minor tax cuts for most individuals and a surprise shake-up of pension rules...

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Indonesia Deters Luxury Car Sales With Tax Hike

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has confirmed that Indonesia's luxury car sales tax will be increased by 50 percent with effect from next month.
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South Korea Seeks Tax From Gold Trading

The Korea Exchange has brought the launch of South Korea's first gold spot market forward to March 24, as part of the Government's attempt to cut out underground gold dealings and increase its tax revenues.
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France Modifies Rules For Creative Tax Credit

The French Government has reintroduced the European Union's de minimis rule on state aid for the nation's creative tax credit, which is accorded to innovating companies in the arts and crafts industry.
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Study Backs French Real Estate Tax Review

There are significant disparities between the level of resident tax paid by households in different areas of France, according to a study from French housing association CGL, which has called for reform.
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