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Germany's NRW Denies Impunity To Voluntary Tax Declarers

Adopting a hard line, tax authorities in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia are reportedly no longer automatically accepting voluntary declarations made by German residents with undeclared and therefore untaxed wealth located in Switzerland.
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Merkel Eyes Swift Conclusion Of EU-Canada FTA

During a two-day visit to Canada, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with the discussions focussing on the ongoing crisis in the eurozone as well as on the planned free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.
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Switzerland May Allow Grouped Requests

By way of a compromise with Germany in the ongoing dispute over the bilateral tax deal between the two countries, Switzerland reportedly now plans to allow so-called 'grouped' requests for information based on patterns of behaviour.
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Russian Steel Giant To Challenge EU Duties

TMK, Russia's largest manufacturer of steel pipes for the oil and gas industry, has announced that it will launch proceedings against European Union anti-dumping duties in September after Russia becomes a member of the World Trade Organisation.
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Sweden Eyes Further Corporate Tax Cuts

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has called for a cut in corporate taxes to boost Sweden's competitiveness.
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