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Latest Tax-News Special Feature

International Real Estate Taxation

In this feature, we look back at significant developments in the area of real estate taxation around the world over the past three months, during which time a number of governments have proposed new or increased taxes on property as part of deficit-closing measures.


Europe in particular has witnessed a number of proposed changes to property taxation, especially in those European Union member states which are mired in the eurozone crisis. On September 11, the Greek government announced the immediate introduction of a new property tax to be charged at rates of up to EUR10 per square meter, depending on the property's location. The measure is expected to raise EUR2bn annually and will remain in place for two years.

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Latest Tax News

Obama Completes His Plan For Growth And Deficit Reduction

Building on the payroll tax reductions, additional tax credits and reduced tax expenditures already contained in the draft American Jobs Act, President Barack Obama has announced further measures to complete a package targeted at economic growth and deficit reduction in the United States. Read Full Story »

SPD Threatens To Veto Swiss-German Tax Deal

Just as Switzerland and Germany are on the brink of signing a landmark tax deal aimed at resolving a long-standing dispute between the two countries, Germany's Social Democratic Party has announced its intention to oppose the agreement in the country's Bundesrat, or upper house of parliament. Read Full Story »

Ireland Wants EU To Make Treaty Changes To Protect Tax Rate

The Irish government continues to demonstrate its commitment to the country's low rate of corporate tax, with officials requesting the European Union to offer a legal pledge that Ireland will retain control over the rate. Read Full Story »

US Senate Considers Retirement Savings In Future Tax Reform

The United States Senate Committee on Finance has held a hearing on the further encouragement of retirement savings within any future reform to the country's tax code. Read Full Story »

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