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China, US Exchange Trade Dispute Blows

Trade friction between China and the United States has worsened with the Obama Administration requesting dispute settlement consultations with the Chinese government at the World Trade Organization concerning China's auto and auto parts subsidy programme, and China requesting consultations on the US imposition of both countervailing duties and antidumping duties on its exports.
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Brazil Plans Tax Cuts For 2013

The Brazilian government has confirmed two tax measures for next year designed to reduce the tax burden on many businesses after an alarming fall in economic growth.
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French Court Seeks End To Pensioners' Tax Breaks

Within the framework of its constitutional mission to assist parliament and the government, the French Court of Auditors has recently published its annual report on the application of the country's social security financing laws, advocating notably a reform of the EUR12bn (USD15.7bn) in tax breaks currently benefiting pensioners in France.
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Eurogroup Insists Eurozone Strategy Is 'Appropriate'

Luxembourg's Prime Minister and Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker has recently presided over the latest informal Eurogroup and Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting in Nicosia, with the talks focussing on the economic and financial situation in the eurozone.
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Pressure Mounts On Merkel To Lower Electricity Tax

The Prime Ministers of two federal states in eastern Germany have recently urged the black-yellow coalition government to examine the idea of reducing electricity tax.
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