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Personal Tax Review

Personal Tax Review

For many years, studies showed that personal income taxes were falling, especially for high-earners, as indirect taxes took more of many countries' overall tax burden. As the financial crisis hit national budgets, this trend was broken as governments sought to raise additional revenue from the wealthy in particular, and top rates began to creep up once more. In the post-crisis landscape, the picture is a mixed one, and while some governments are attempting to ease the individual tax burden to encourage consumption and investment, others are continuing to insist that those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden. As our recent news output shows, this is often dependent on the political persuasion of the government in power.

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Ireland To Exit Bailout

Ahead of today's Budget, Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said that the Government is on track to deliver a primary surplus next year, which will allow it to reduce the national debt.
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Isle Of Man First To Sign UK FATCA-Style Agreement

The Isle of Man has become the first British dependent territory to sign an agreement with the United Kingdom extending the automatic disclosure of tax information.
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Montoro Eyes Tax Incentives For Spanish Film Industry

Spain's Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro has announced plans to improve tax incentives for the Spanish film industry and to facilitate access to finance for film producers.
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Andorra Submits Savings Tax Negotiating Mandate

Andorra's Ambassador to the European Union, Eva Descarrega, has submitted a mandate from the Government to the European Commission, agreeing to negotiate a revision to the savings tax agreement between the Principality of Andorra and the Community.
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French Union Slams Soaring Land Tax Rates

President of the national union of property owners in France, Jean Perrin, has presented the results of the body's latest study into the upwards progress of land taxes imposed on developed property, covering over 36,000 communes in France.
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