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Lowtax Network Launches Global Incorporation Tool


Global Incorporation Guide [GIG] is an intuitive international business, tax and investment smart tool that searches and compares global jurisdictions for the most effective corporate vehicles and structures based on intended use and ownership preferences. A fully configurable, cross-platform aid designed for global tax and business professionals with the power to match users with service providers. iPhone, iPad and Android apps launching soon in 2012. Real-time data updates with quarterly milestone releases thereafter.


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US Financial Sector Against National, Regional Or Global FTTs

Financial and business groups have written a letter to United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressing concern that the movement in the European Union to set up a financial transactions tax will spread to the United States.
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Italy Studies Wealth Tax

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, speaking at a Financial Times conference in Milan, has sparked a controversy over whether or not the government is thinking of imposing a wealth tax.
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California Approves Substantial Tax Hikes

Ballots in California on November 6 passed the so-called Propositions 30 and 39 - the first of which hiked income and sales taxes and was approved with a vote of almost 54%, while the second, approved by 60%, imposes taxes on out-of-state businesses.
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Athletes Take Stand Against Kenyan Tax Authority

Leading international athletes and even senior members of the Kenyan government have spoken out against Kenyan Revenue Authority plans to tax athletes on earnings they have gained abroad.
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India Investigates Foreign Bank Accounts

The Indian tax authorities are investigating information regarding undisclosed funds held in overseas bank accounts, confirming that 'appropriate action' has been taken in these cases.
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Argentina Reports Record Tax Collections

The Argentinian tax authority has reported that it collected revenues of ARS60.13bn (USD12.6bn) in October, an increase of 26.4% year-on-year, and ahead of tax revenue growth targets set in the 2013 Budget.
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Dear Professionals!


Bosco Conference invites you to the professional event for wealth managers, lawyers and advisers - "TaxPro Forum: International Corporate & Tax Solutions 2012" on November 23, 2012, at the Marriott Hotel 5* in Amsterdam!


The Agenda covers:


1. Netherlands in the international tax planning
2. Formation advantages and taxation of Cyprus companies
3. The Austrian silent partnership - a more than efficient tax planning tool
4. Protection of information from political risks, natural disasters and inside leakage
5. Investing in Italian real estate passing through Luxembourg: any tax leakage?
6. Tax Efficient International Holding Company Structures: Choice of Jurisdiction
7. Tax planning involving Malta
8. Designing cross-border investment structures
9. Macro-economic and political considerations and the legal and tax consequences of possible exits from the Euro crisis
10. RAK Offshore – Real platform for your international business


Find more details about the Forum and the TimeTable here


To register please click here

For further information please contact:


Best Regards,

Ms. Julia Kushnir - Project Manager
Bosco Conference
Tel: +38 044 501 7849


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