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Global Trade

Global Trade: Protectionism On The Rise?

Three recent trade reports have suggested that with many economies still feeling vulnerable in the wake of the global financial crisis, governments are resorting to trade protectionism with increasing frequency. However, as this feature on global trade shows, there are perhaps more reasons to feel optimistic rather than pessimistic about the future for free trade...

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Mexico, Panama Sign Free Trade Agreement

On April 3, Mexico and Panama signed a free trade agreement that could pave the way for the latter to become a full member of the Pacific Alliance trade bloc.
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Luxembourg Abolishes Real Estate CGT Perk

Luxembourg's Governing Council has adopted draft legislation abolishing the regime allowing the deferred taxation of real estate capital gains reinvested in a replacement property in the Grand Duchy.
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France's FTT Experience Should Warn Europe Of Risks

The introduction of a financial transactions tax in France has led to a 10 percent reduction in the volume of shares traded on the capital's stock market, according to a recent study conducted by the nation's financial market regulator, AMF. Trading volumes fell 20 percent in the first week of application.
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Austrian Gov't Told To Make Property Tax Equitable

Austria's Legal and Constitutional Service has questioned why the Government has not reviewed property values, used for calculating the nation's real estate transfer tax, in conjunction with its recent redrafting of the Real Estate Transfer Tax Act.
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