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France, Germany Unveil Joint Strategy On Fiscal Union

Ahead of a European Union summit meeting in Brussels, and amid fears of unprecedented mass downgrading of eurozone credit ratings, Germany and France have unveiled details of their joint initiative for fiscal union as a means to overcome the worsening debt crisis.
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Obama Emphasizes Importance Of Payroll Tax Cut

In his latest weekly address from the White House, and following the announcement of the November jobs report, President Barack Obama exhorted the United States Congress to approve an extension of the payroll tax cuts, which will otherwise expire at the end of the year.
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Maritime Levy To Help Fight Climate Change

The shipping industry would be a major contributor to a landmark climate change fund being negotiated by the world's governments, to fund developing nations' efforts to reduce their carbon footprints and overcome the challenges of climate change, it has emerged.
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UK To Launch Another Tax Amensty

Following on from compliance campaigns targetting certain 'high risk' professions and trades, the UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs, has announced another partial tax amenesty, this time focussing on unpaid tax owed by electricians.
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