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Where Next For Japan As Kan Falls On His Sword?

Yoshihiko Noda has become Japan's sixth Prime Minister in six years since Junichiro's Koizumi's five-year spell as PM ended in 2006, a revolving door of leaders indicative of the political elite's failure to get to grips with the country's deep-seated fiscal problems which have piled up following two decades of economic stagnation... Read full feature

Advantage Canada

'Advantage Canada: Building a Strong Economy for Canadians', was the name of the long-term economic plan announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in November 2006 which targeted the elimination of Canada's total government net debt within a generation while reducing taxes across the board. While the financial crisis may have knocked the government off course somewhat, much progress has still been made towards the latter objective... Read full feature

Breaking the Code

With Congress having brokered a last minute deal to raise the debt limit, work can begin in earnest on reforming the United States' dysfunctional tax system when lawmakers return from the Congressional recess.


Business and taxpayer groups have for some time been calling for action to simplify the US tax code. But the task will not be an easy one... Read full feature

Swiss Deal

A landmark tax deal designed to resolve long-standing antagonisms between Germany and Switzerland was reached earlier this month, and similar agreements between the Swiss and other nations are expected to follow, although this is unlikely to be the end game in the on-going campaign by the high tax nations to end banking secrecy... Read full feature

Taxes On The Rise in Austerity Europe

The debt crisis in the eurozone, which seems to worsen by the day, has prompted a fresh wave of austerity measures across the European Union in recent days as governments seek new revenues to replenish rapidly-emptying national treasuries, resulting in proposals for new or higher taxes in several member states... Read full feature


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