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Fitch Points Out FATCA's Implications For Structured Finance

According to a statement from the credit rating agency, Fitch Ratings, the forthcoming United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act could have wide-ranging implications for global structured finance transactions.
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China's Guangdong Issues VAT Pilot Scheme Regulations

With Beijing having started its value-added tax pilot on September 1, Guangdong province has recently issued the regulations for its entry into the scheme, to begin on November 1 this year.
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Germany Eyes Special Levy On Eco-Energy Providers

Setting out to curb the expansion of renewable energy in Germany by drastic measures, Free Democratic Party parliamentary chairman Rainer Brüderle has put forward the idea in a recent paper of imposing a moratorium on the building of new wind turbines and solar installations and of imposing a special levy on operators.
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France's Moscovici Allays Business Fears Over Budget

While underscoring the 'extremely difficult' economic context within which the 2013 budget is being drawn up, French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici has emphasized that the government's fiscal policy will not lead to a flight of top executives, nor will it be unfavourable to businesses in France.
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Brazil Defers Withdrawal Of Tax Stimulus

With the pace of Brazilian economic growth expected to moderate entering the final stretch of 2012, the Brazilian government has decided to extend a number of fiscal stimulus measures introduced to prop up demand for Brazilian-made vehicles and home appliances.
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