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Offshore Tax News Headlines 2007

31/12/2007 Jersey Publishes Economic Development Business Plan For 2008
31/12/2007 The Tote Moves To Alderney
31/12/2007 Russia Has $600bn In Reserves, But Raises Taxes Anyway
31/12/2007 IRS Wins Battle Over Tax Shelter
31/12/2007 Filing Season Begins On Time For All Except AMT Taxpayers
31/12/2007 HMRC Cracks Down On Money Laundering And VAT Fraud
31/12/2007 KiwiSaver Numbers Surge Past 300,000
28/12/2007 Tax Increase May Affect BP's Alaskan Investment Plans
28/12/2007 IRS Working To Implement AMT Patch ASAP
28/12/2007 Guernsey Officials Lend Support To Zero-Ten Tax Policy
28/12/2007 No More Big Tax Cuts, Warns Flaherty
28/12/2007 30% Increase In China's Tax Take This Year
28/12/2007 WTO Gives US$21m Compensation To Antigua
28/12/2007 Argentine Senate Extends Financial Transactions Tax
28/12/2007 Ernst And Young Publishes Transfer Pricing Survey
27/12/2007 IRS Unveils Procedure For Reporting Tax Law Violations
27/12/2007 HMRC Releases Podcast Demonstrating Online SA Return Filing
27/12/2007 United States Wins WTO 'Zeroing' Dispute with Mexico
27/12/2007 China Scraps Export Rebates On Grains
27/12/2007 New Korean President To Slash Taxes
24/12/2007 ATO's Tax Collections Soar To New Record
24/12/2007 US Treasury Publishes Study On Improving Business Tax Competitiveness
21/12/2007 China Proposes A 10% Tax On Crude Oil Output
21/12/2007 IMF Publishes Conclusions Of Article IV Consultation With Canada
21/12/2007 New Mexican Tax Will Qualify For Tax Credits
21/12/2007 New Round Of Competition For NMTC Opens
20/12/2007 US And Vietnam Hold First Meeting Under TIFA
20/12/2007 Cyprus, Ireland And Switzerland Top KPMG Poll Of European Corporate Tax Regimes
20/12/2007 Offshore Crackdown To Pay For Obama's Middle Class Tax Cuts
20/12/2007 HMRC Responsible For More Companies Being Wound Up, Says UHY
20/12/2007 Flaherty Tax Relief Measures A 'Welcome Start', Says CD Howe
20/12/2007 Australian Green Party Play Down Tax Cuts
20/12/2007 OECD Analyses Luxembourg's Disability Policies
20/12/2007 US Government Releases FY 2007 Financial Report
19/12/2007 Sir David Varney Publishes Review Of Tax Policy In Northern Ireland
19/12/2007 Canada Enacts Broad-Based Tax Relief
19/12/2007 Obwalden Votes For Flat Tax
19/12/2007 IMF Comments On Conclusion Of Article IV Consultation With Costa Rica
19/12/2007 Hong Kong And India Discuss Taxation, Air Services Agreement
19/12/2007 US Senate Approves Mortgage Tax Relief
19/12/2007 China To Eliminate Export Tax Rebate On Crops
19/12/2007 HMT Publishes Draft Legislation On Capital Allowances
18/12/2007 HMRC Can't Have Its (Tea)Cake And Eat It, Says EU Court Advisor
18/12/2007 Canada Enacts Updates To US Tax Treaty
18/12/2007 IRS Fast Track Settlement Program Expanded
18/12/2007 Energy Tax Bill Passes In Senate
18/12/2007 Tax Burden For Manufacturers Has Increased, Says EEF
18/12/2007 German Government Proposes Changes To Inheritance Tax
17/12/2007 PKF Warns Of 'Back Door Tax Attack' On Buy-To-Let Partnerships
17/12/2007 HMRC Unveils New Interest Rates
17/12/2007 CIOT Recommends Year's Delay Before New CGT Enforcement
17/12/2007 Korean NTS Publishes Tax Guide For Foreigners
17/12/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Belize
17/12/2007 Low-Tax Countries Are Generous Withal
17/12/2007 Grassley Calls For Post-Mortem Of US Tax Filing Fiasco
17/12/2007 New Zealand Government Welcomes Passage Of Tax Bill
17/12/2007 Japan's Coalition Agrees Two-Year Stock Break, But Delays Consumption Tax Decision
17/12/2007 Ontario Authorities Announce Tax Cuts, Spending Program
14/12/2007 Bahamas To Consolidate Financial Services Regime
14/12/2007 EU Approves French Tax Breaks For Computer Game Developers
14/12/2007 Senate Offers Modified Energy Tax Package
14/12/2007 SARS Settles Tax Dispute With Nampak
14/12/2007 Brazilian Government Thwarted In Plan To Extend Transaction Tax
14/12/2007 UK Publishes Annual IP Crime Report
14/12/2007 House Approves New AMT Fix Legislation, Senate Prospects Still Grim
14/12/2007 EC Welcomes Planned Pan-European Electronic Customs System
14/12/2007 Irish Revenue Commission Publishes Latest Defaulters List
13/12/2007 EU Finally Adopts EPAs For ACP Countries
13/12/2007 House Gives Senate Another Chance To Pass AMT Relief
13/12/2007 Flaherty Warns That Opposition Stalling Could Scupper GST Cut Plans
13/12/2007 IRS Studies New Mexican Corporate Tax
13/12/2007 Lofsa To Launch Rebranded Labuan Offshore Centre In 2008
13/12/2007 Danish Maritime Flat-Tax To Be Scrutinized
12/12/2007 Japan's LDP Tax Panel Agrees To Extend Stock Tax Cuts
12/12/2007 Industry Groups Urge Congress To Extend R And D Tax Credit
12/12/2007 New Zealand Changes Finance Lease Tax Rules
12/12/2007 IRS Deals Tax Blow To Barclays Currency ETNs
12/12/2007 PKF Appoints Employment Taxes Partner
12/12/2007 New Zealand Government Amends Tax Treatment Of Redundancy Payments
12/12/2007 Business Tax In The Headlines Again For UK Small Businesses
11/12/2007 IFC Helping India To Become More Business Friendly
11/12/2007 FSB Submits Capital Gains Tax Proposals
11/12/2007 Bush Urges House To Pass AMT Fix
11/12/2007 Energy Bill Passes House But Faces Senate Hurdles
11/12/2007 EU Calls For United Front Against Tax Evasion
11/12/2007 WTO Publishes Turkey TPR Conclusions
11/12/2007 Surveys Confirm ISA Success
10/12/2007 UK Accountants Respond To Income Shifting Consultation
10/12/2007 Irish Budget Introduces Changes To VAT On Property Transactions
10/12/2007 US Senate Finally Agrees AMT Fix
10/12/2007 American E-tailers Vow To Fight SSTP
10/12/2007 Chinese Oil Windfall Tax Figures Announced
10/12/2007 NAPF Suggests Challenge To HMRC Over VAT Exemption
07/12/2007 Spanish Government Pledges To Cut Estate Tax If Re-Elected
07/12/2007 Korea And Mexico Launch Free Trade Talks
07/12/2007 FBR Seeks To Expand Pakistan's Tax Base
07/12/2007 Cyprus May Get Second Tax Amnesty
07/12/2007 Cowen Shelves Tax Cut In Budget
07/12/2007 UK Tax System Criticised By Scottish MP
07/12/2007 TaxCalc Launches Capital Gains TaxChecker
07/12/2007 Darby Wins 'Tax Writer Of The Year' Award
07/12/2007 EU Gives 'New' EU Members VAT Reprieve
07/12/2007 ATO Wins Key Legal Victory Against Virgin In Pursuit Of Dividend Taxes
07/12/2007 US States Tighten Fiscal Belts
07/12/2007 UK Accountants Respond To Income Shifting Consultation
06/12/2007 UK Firms Need More Help With Tax Returns
06/12/2007 UK And Bermuda Sign TIEA
06/12/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Aruba
06/12/2007 Rice, Paulson And Schwab Comment On Senate Passage Of US-Peru FTA
06/12/2007 Ecofin Reaches Landmark VAT Agreement
06/12/2007 New Zealand Launches New Consultation On International Taxation
06/12/2007 Democrats Unveil $21bn Energy Tax Bill
06/12/2007 McDonalds Contests Russian Tax Bill
06/12/2007 ATO To Review Taxpayer Data Security
05/12/2007 Treasury And IRS To Allow 409A Corrections
05/12/2007 Czech Budget Shows Surprise Surplus
05/12/2007 Chinese Officials Review Economic Strategies For Year Ahead
05/12/2007 Austria-New Zealand Tax Agreement Enters Into Force
05/12/2007 HMRC Announces Details Of GBP51 Million VAT Fraud
05/12/2007 BHP Billiton Rejects ATO Assessment
05/12/2007 Giuliani To Prescribe Washington A Dose Of Fiscal Conservatism
05/12/2007 Flaherty Names Canada's Tax Competitiveness Panel
04/12/2007 China Agrees To End Tax Breaks For Manufacturers
04/12/2007 Iceland's PM To Delay Planned Tax Cuts
04/12/2007 HMT Announces New Adviser Appointment
04/12/2007 Dutch Government To Introduce New Road Tax System
04/12/2007 Ireland Feels Pre-Budget Jitters
04/12/2007 UK Firms Urged To Complete Research And Development Tax Credit Claims
04/12/2007 London's Hedge Fund Managers Flee To Switzerland Over Tax Changes
04/12/2007 US And EU Propose Elimination Of Tariffs On Green Trade
04/12/2007 IRS Issues Statistics Of Income Bulletin
04/12/2007 Jersey To Cut Income Taxes
04/12/2007 Guernsey Authorities Approve Budget
03/12/2007 Former Morgan Stanley Analyst Admits Tax Fraud
03/12/2007 India To Have Combined GST From 2010
03/12/2007 Accounting Firm Warns Of Capital Gains Tax Change Consequences
03/12/2007 US Senate Ratifies DTAs With Denmark, Finland
03/12/2007 CRA Warns On RRSP Withdrawal Schemes
03/12/2007 Mauritius And Pakistan Implement Trade Agreement
03/12/2007 Latin American Investors Want Simpler Taxes
03/12/2007 Canadian Firms Want Better Research And Development Incentives
03/12/2007 SARS Declares Successful End To SA Tax Filing Season
30/11/2007 AIB Publishes Tax Efficient Money Management Guide
30/11/2007 ICAI Comments On Pan-European Tax System Plans
30/11/2007 US Treasury Issues Report On International Tax Issues
30/11/2007 Hong Kong And South Korea Sign Customs Agreement
30/11/2007 Israeli Tax Officials To Strike Over Authority Consolidation Plans
30/11/2007 UK Anti-Avoidance Provisions May Catch Non-Doms, Says CIOT
30/11/2007 US Accounting Oversight Board To Enhance International Cooperation
30/11/2007 South Korea To Push For More Free Trade Agreements
29/11/2007 UK Chancellor Speaks At CBI Conference
29/11/2007 Tax Ruling Scuppers Australian Healthcare Aquisition
29/11/2007 SARS Seeking More Information From Employers
29/11/2007 Japan Mulls Reform Of Financial Transaction Taxation
28/11/2007 India And Iceland Sign DTA
28/11/2007 Bulgarian Flat Tax Gets Go Ahead
28/11/2007 Increase In Turkish Consumption Tax Set To Push Inflation Higher
28/11/2007 HMRC Issues Business Advice Via Podcasts
28/11/2007 Two Year Sentence Announced By ATO For GST Fraud
28/11/2007 Flaherty Set To Unveil Canadian International Tax Review Panel
28/11/2007 STEP Urges Rethink Of New UK Non-Domicile Tax Regime
28/11/2007 Government should stand firm on business tax, says TUC
28/11/2007 2008 Filing Fiasco Looms In US As Congress Fails To Agree AMT Patch
28/11/2007 Belize Government Signs Agreement For New ICT Operations
27/11/2007 Thompson Proposes US Flat Tax
27/11/2007 Guernsey's Zero-Ten Workshops Declared A Success
27/11/2007 CIOT Calls For Statutory UK Residence Test
27/11/2007 Costello Picks Holes In Labor Figures
27/11/2007 Philippines Rethinks Tax Increase On Block Share Sales
27/11/2007 CBI To Continue Lobbying Over CGT
27/11/2007 Article IV Consultation With Vietnam Concluded
26/11/2007 Speculation Mounts Over Possible Tax Cuts In New Zealand
26/11/2007 Block Loses US$1bn, Sacks Bosses
26/11/2007 Wal-Mart Fails In Bid To Block Tax Dispute Court Papers
26/11/2007 India-ASEAN FTA Expected By March 2008
26/11/2007 Bush Nominates New IRS Chief
26/11/2007 Italy To Improve Taxation Of Investment Funds
26/11/2007 EU To Strengthen Defences Against Tax Fraud
23/11/2007 UK's Second Offshore Amnesty Likely To Fail, Says Advisor
23/11/2007 AmCham Ireland Releases Pre-Budget Submission
23/11/2007 British Tax Payers Confused About Taxes
23/11/2007 World Bank and PwC Release 'Paying Taxes' 2008 Report
23/11/2007 Treasury Committee Invites Further Evidence In Private Equity Inquiry
23/11/2007 LDP Panel Calls For 10% Consumption Tax Increase
23/11/2007 South Korea Signs Trade Pact On Services With ASEAN
23/11/2007 Canada To Reduce Taxes To Lowest Level In 50 Years
22/11/2007 Hong Kong And Finland Sign Air Services Tax Pact
22/11/2007 Bahamas Government PR Campaign Raises Awareness Of Tax Obligations
22/11/2007 Vietnam Approves 20% Stock Tax
22/11/2007 Northern Ireland Chartered Accountants Support Corporate Tax Cut
22/11/2007 UK Stiffens Money Laundering Regulations
22/11/2007 HMRC Chief Steps Down Over Taxpayer Data Loss
21/11/2007 Mexican Flat Rate Tax Analysed In New Report
21/11/2007 IOM Sets Out Its Stall
21/11/2007 IMF Publishes Conclusions Of Article IV Consultation With Hong Kong
21/11/2007 Cowen Rules Out Irish Income Tax Cut
21/11/2007 UK Tax Exile Loses High Court Domicile Case
21/11/2007 Jersey Mulls Alternative To GST Exemptions
21/11/2007 Chinese Authorities Dismiss Tax Reporting Fears
21/11/2007 Business Approval For Canadian Tax Cuts High, Poll Suggests
20/11/2007 US Congressmen Introduce Tax Technical Corrections Bill
20/11/2007 US To Advance Trade Talks With ASEAN
20/11/2007 World Bank Urged To Be Honest In 'Tax Haven' Study
20/11/2007 Disclosure Announcement Dents Chinese Market
20/11/2007 Another Fine VAT Imbroglio On The Way
20/11/2007 UAE Tops Expat Tax League
20/11/2007 Kimmitt Signals Corporate Tax Changes
19/11/2007 Strong Support Shown For US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
19/11/2007 FSA Issues Update On Alternative Investment Proposals
19/11/2007 PKF Predicts Second Amnesty For Offshore Account Holders
19/11/2007 Japan Tax Panel To Recommend Consumption Tax Hike
19/11/2007 Arrests Made In Latest Scandal To Grip Israel's Tax Authority
19/11/2007 US Senators Seek To Prohibit Patenting Of Tax Strategies
16/11/2007 Buffett Tells Senators To Keep Death Tax
16/11/2007 Medicaid Providers Found To Be Abusing Federal Tax System
16/11/2007 Luxembourg Stalling EU VAT Agreement
16/11/2007 China And Korea Sign First APA
16/11/2007 EC Amends Transitional Measures For Belgian Coordination Centres
16/11/2007 EC Launches Probe Into Tax Breaks For Insurers
15/11/2007 UK Signs Tax Agreements With Slovenia And Moldova
15/11/2007 Flaherty Seeks Implementation Of Canadian Budget Measures
15/11/2007 Brazil's Senate Votes To Extend Financial Tax
15/11/2007 China Begins Phasing Out Foreign Company Tax Perks
15/11/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With St Vincent And The Grenadines
15/11/2007 New Tonnage Taxation Scheme Is Announced In Norway
15/11/2007 US Treasury Releases Results Of Income Mobility Study
14/11/2007 Indian Income Tax Department Releases Details Of Tax Refunds
14/11/2007 UK Government Review Proposes Tax Increase For Polluting Vehicles
14/11/2007 Philippines Government Urged To Increase Tobacco Excise Taxes
14/11/2007 Corporate Tax Cut Approved In Singapore
14/11/2007 Switzerland Stands Firm In Tax Fight With EU
14/11/2007 New Tax Incentives Granted For Small Companies in Barbados
13/11/2007 Property Tax Refund Fraud Scheme Shut Down
13/11/2007 Star City Wins Victory Over ATO In Tax Dispute
13/11/2007 Some Progress On US/EU Gaming Spat
13/11/2007 US House Approves Rangel's AMT Fix
13/11/2007 New Law To Boost Panama's Real Estate Sector
13/11/2007 Fiscal Policy Panel Visits Jersey
12/11/2007 Treasury, IRS Issue Guidance On Pension Protection Act
12/11/2007 Employee Shareholders Could Face Increased CGT Bill In UK
12/11/2007 Bush Threatens To Veto House Tax Legislation
12/11/2007 ECJ Withholding Tax Ruling To Boost European Pension Funds
12/11/2007 US House Passes 'Groundbreaking' FTA With Peru
12/11/2007 Canada To Improve Taxation Of Financial Institutions
12/11/2007 OECD Urges Switzerland To Reform Dividend Taxation
09/11/2007 UK And New Zealand Sign Updated DTA
09/11/2007 Swiss Report Critical Of EU Tax And State Aid Policies
09/11/2007 IRS Hails Record E-File Figures
09/11/2007 Counterfeit Smuggling Scam Smashed In UK
09/11/2007 Carried Interest Tax Hike Faces Uphill Battle In Senate
09/11/2007 HMRC Agrees To IT Contract Restructure
09/11/2007 NTUF Accuses Congress Of Reckless Spending
09/11/2007 OECD Criticizes Latin American Countries' Tax Policies
08/11/2007 Prosecutors Arrest South Korea's NTS Chief
08/11/2007 Direct Tax In India Grows In Year To October 31
08/11/2007 Supreme Court Justices Lean Towards Keeping State Bond Tax Breaks
08/11/2007 GM Takes $39 Billion Charge On Tax Offset
08/11/2007 Law Firm Partners Face HMRC Expenses Investigations
08/11/2007 IRS And States To Share Employment Tax Data
07/11/2007 Bloomberg Proposes Greenhouse Gas Tax
07/11/2007 Irish Exchequer Figures Published
07/11/2007 ALP Proposes New Low Tax Saver Scheme For First Time Home Buyers
07/11/2007 Israeli Tax Receipts Ahead Of Schedule
07/11/2007 Grant Thornton To Strengthen Asian Business Ties
07/11/2007 WTO Unveils Conclusions Of OECS Trade Policy Review
07/11/2007 Small Businesses Welcome Commons Report On Tax Compliance
06/11/2007 Canadian Finance Minister Comments On Economic Update
06/11/2007 Solicitors Flocking To HMRC's Stamp Duty Land Tax Online Service
06/11/2007 EU and ACP Battle Against Clock To Reach Trade Deals
06/11/2007 The IRS Takes Aim At The Hedgies
06/11/2007 ICAI Throws Another Punch At The Common European Tax Base
06/11/2007 Hong Kong And Luxembourg Sign Tax Pact
06/11/2007 IRS Publishes Foreign Tax Guides
06/11/2007 Rangel Challenges Administration On Tax Reform
05/11/2007 Vodafone Faces Setback In Dispute Over $2bn Tax Bill
05/11/2007 UK Accountants Criticize Chancellor's 'Sop' To Start-Ups
05/11/2007 US Trust Investors Challenge Canadian Tax
05/11/2007 UK Firms Get GBP150 Million In Research And Development Credits
05/11/2007 Paulson Unhappy With House AMT Proposals
05/11/2007 Baucus Calls For Swift Passage Of Tax Cut 'Extenders'
02/11/2007 Canadian Accountants Welcome Corporate Tax Cut Announcement
02/11/2007 Business Tax Amnesty Fails To Boost South African Tax Base
02/11/2007 UK And Saudi Arabia Sign Tax Agreement
02/11/2007 US Tax Writers Notify IRS Of Upcoming AMT Fix
02/11/2007 House Of Representatives Approves Trade Assistance Tax Breaks
02/11/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Grenada
02/11/2007 Manufacturers Offer Chancellor Solution To Capital Gains Tax Dispute
01/11/2007 New Anti-Dumping Investigations Down, Says WTO
01/11/2007 Millionaires Mushroom In Hong Kong
01/11/2007 Companies Face New Half-yearly Reporting Challenge
01/11/2007 US Congress Extends Internet Tax Moratorium
01/11/2007 Rangel Says His Tax Bill Will Boost Small Business
01/11/2007 Buffett Complains His Taxes Are Too Low
01/11/2007 Reform Report Argues 'iPod Generation' Highly Taxed
01/11/2007 Cellcom Israel Reacts to Ruling On Deductibility of Financing Expenses
31/10/2007 OECD Publishes Science, Technology And Industry Scoreboard
31/10/2007 BMF Welcomes Delay To Introduction Of Planning Gain Supplement
31/10/2007 O'Loan Discovers That Department Is Considering Taxing Agricultural Land
31/10/2007 Maryland's Tax Competitiveness At Risk, Warns Tax Foundation
31/10/2007 To The WTO: With Love From Russia
31/10/2007 Czech Republic Signs Double Tax Agreement With New Zealand
31/10/2007 US Venture Capital Lobby Reacts To Rangel Tax Plan
31/10/2007 Nordic Countries Sign Tax Deal With Isle Of Man
30/10/2007 Sir Phillip Green Joins Criticism Of Tax Shake-Up
30/10/2007 Sarkozy Backs Increased Environmental Levies
30/10/2007 NTU Pans Rangel's Grand Tax Plan
30/10/2007 Senate Bill Aims To Make State Sales Tax Deduction Permanent
30/10/2007 Kerry Weighs In On Blackwater Debate
30/10/2007 Court Ruling Allows HMRC To Be Sued For Negligence
30/10/2007 New Zealand Income Tax Bill Approved
29/10/2007 Research And Development Tax-Breaks Increase, Says OECD
29/10/2007 Rangel Introduces Tax Reduction and Reform Act
29/10/2007 US Senate Votes For 7 Year Internet Tax Moratorium
29/10/2007 Spain Taken To Task Over Tax Treatment Of Diplomatic Employees
29/10/2007 IoM Proposes Replacement Of Distributable Profits Charge
29/10/2007 CRA Warns That Income Earned Online Is All Taxable
29/10/2007 Clark Defends Government Stance On Tax Cuts
26/10/2007 Poker Tournament Winnings To Be Reported To IRS
26/10/2007 US Lawmakers Approve Redevelopment Tax Breaks
26/10/2007 CIOT Urges UK Treasury To Consult More Over Tax Plans
26/10/2007 Chancellor Rejects Calls For Tax U-Turn
26/10/2007 Barclays Wealth Survey Shows Increasing Appetite For Alternative Investment
26/10/2007 ASE To Open Official CFD Trading In November
26/10/2007 US And Iceland Sign New Income Tax Treaty
26/10/2007 Flaherty Rules Out Tax Cuts In Fiscal Update
25/10/2007 EU To Cut Fiscal Barriers To Cross-Border Share Trading
25/10/2007 HMRC Backs Down From Health Screening Tax Proposals
25/10/2007 Australia Improves Superannuation System For Temporary Residents
25/10/2007 South Africa Opposition Condemns Red Tape
25/10/2007 US Treasury Urges Swift AMT Fix
25/10/2007 Jersey Unveils Budget 2008
25/10/2007 ESRI Wants Tax Rate Change For Pensions
24/10/2007 Blackwater USA Denies Lawmaker's Tax Evasion Jibe
24/10/2007 Russia Widens Probe Into PwC's Dealings With Yukos
24/10/2007 Cullen Blames 'One-Off Accounting Change' For Increased Tax Burden
24/10/2007 Dutch Ticket Tax Proposal Slammed By IATA
24/10/2007 Rangel Pushes Tax Reform On Anniversary Of Reagan Tax Cut
24/10/2007 US Government Extends Transitional Relief For Deferred Compensation Plans
23/10/2007 New Zealand Forges Ahead With International Tax Reform
23/10/2007 Australian Government Recognises Standards For Accounting Professionals
23/10/2007 Senators Aim To Extend And Expand US R And D Tax Credit
23/10/2007 Gaines-Cooper Tax Exile Appeal Begins In London
23/10/2007 ATO Publishes New FBT Guide
23/10/2007 Commerce Department Announces Antidumping Determinations
23/10/2007 2008 Inflation Adjustments Widen Tax Brackets
22/10/2007 EC Launches Tax Infringement Proceedings Against Germany
22/10/2007 Cowen Announces Irish Pre-Budget Outlook
22/10/2007 Shutdown Of Deferred Offshore Compensation Sought By Kerry
22/10/2007 Treasury Releases Tax Rates And Allowances For 2008-09
22/10/2007 Northern Rock Savers To Be Allowed To Restore Lost ISA Tax Advantages
22/10/2007 Canadian Throne Speech Pledges Copyright, Tax Reform
19/10/2007 OECD Tax Burden Back To 2000 Peak
19/10/2007 Pension Schemes Must E-File This Week
19/10/2007 Democrats Give In To Short-Term AMT Fix
19/10/2007 Australia Modifies Tax Consolidation Regime
19/10/2007 IRS Warns Against Abusive Trust Arrangements
19/10/2007 US And Rwanda Discuss Trade And Investment Partnership
18/10/2007 US Government Repeats Call For Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes
18/10/2007 Advisor Welcomes MPG Recommendations For UK Audit Market
18/10/2007 Gonzi Announces 2008 Maltese Budget
18/10/2007 Cisco Involved In Brazilian Offshore Tax Imbroglio
18/10/2007 Commons Treasury Committee Calls For Simpler Business Taxes
18/10/2007 Indian Government Issues Tax Collection Review
18/10/2007 Australian Tax Office Warns Of Scam Email
17/10/2007 St Kitts And Nevis To Undergo Comprehensive Tax Reform Review
17/10/2007 Germany To Reduce 2007 Borrowing As Tax Revenue Rises
17/10/2007 Scottish Business Groups Protest Darling Tax Changes
17/10/2007 China's Tax Revenue Jumps 30.8% In First Nine Months
17/10/2007 ECJ Rules Hungarian Business Tax Is Compatible With EU Law
17/10/2007 US Democrats Propose Major Overhaul To Trade Assistance Program
17/10/2007 Australian Government Proposes A$34bn Tax Cut
16/10/2007 Tax Office Announces External Debt Collection Services Panel
16/10/2007 US 2007 Budget Deficit Falls to $163 Billion
16/10/2007 OECD Comments On Progress In Combating Tax Evasion
16/10/2007 ACCA Gives Rundown On Pre-Budget Report
16/10/2007 UK Treasury Consults On New Offshore Funds Regime
16/10/2007 Canada's Liberals Pledge To Outdo Tories On Corporate Tax Cuts
16/10/2007 Advisor Predicts Surge In UK Business Exits Following CGT Move
16/10/2007 Cullen Speaks On Individual Tax
16/10/2007 IRS Criticised Over Missing Taxpayer Casefiles
15/10/2007 Investors Could Face New Hedge Fund Levy
15/10/2007 EU Probes Spanish Tax Loophole For Foreign Takeovers
15/10/2007 House Panel Approves 4-Year US Internet Tax Moratorium Extension
15/10/2007 Canada Proposes Improvements To R And D Tax Breaks
15/10/2007 Grassley Declares Tax Debt Collection Bill 'Dead On Arrival' In Senate
15/10/2007 Wyoming's State Taxes Best For Business
15/10/2007 Cyprus Raises Income Tax Threshold
15/10/2007 Australia-Bermuda TIEA Comes Into Force
12/10/2007 Hong Kong To Reduce Salaries Tax To 15%
12/10/2007 Hillary Clinton Gives American Retirement Accounts Speech
12/10/2007 Aviation Tax Switches To Planes
12/10/2007 US House Passes Mortgage Debt Relief Act
12/10/2007 Senate Panel Codifies Economic Substance In Agricultural Tax Package
12/10/2007 3M Expanding Global Footprint To Cut Tax Rate
12/10/2007 US Happy As Costa Rica Votes Narrowly To Approve CAFTA
11/10/2007 New 'Non-Dom' Rules In UK Help The Irish
11/10/2007 IRS To Tackle Abuse Of Second Home '1031' Exchanges
11/10/2007 Tax-Shelter Trial Of Ex-Sidley Austin Partner Begins
11/10/2007 Senate Declines To Act This Year On Private-Equity Tax Issue
11/10/2007 Proposed Flat Rate Of CGT Welcomed By Some In UK
11/10/2007 Darling Outlines Changes To IHT Regime
10/10/2007 Chinese Stocks Head For The Chop
10/10/2007 Singapore Is Fastest Growing Asian Hedge Fund Centre
10/10/2007 UK Given Tax Warning By US Business Group
10/10/2007 Vodafone CEO Plays Down Tax Dispute In Meet With Ministers
10/10/2007 Schwab Tours US Port, Flags Up Importance Of FTAs
10/10/2007 Ombudsman Warns HMRC Over Tax Credits
09/10/2007 EU ACP Talks Unsuccessful
09/10/2007 Costello On The Warpath Again
09/10/2007 MOF Amends Draft Income Tax Bill In Singapore
09/10/2007 Increased Scrutiny Builds Over Unreported Offshore Income In Australia
09/10/2007 HMRC Warns Contractors Over Penalties For Late Returns
09/10/2007 October GST/HST Credit Payments Issued In Canada
09/10/2007 SARS Acts Against Non-Compliant Taxpayers
08/10/2007 Lamy Lauds Effectiveness Of WTO's Public Forum
08/10/2007 EU Squares Up To SEC Over Reporting Standards
08/10/2007 Jersey Launches Unregulated Funds Regime
08/10/2007 Darling's PBR Hamstrung By Brown's Promises, Says Grant Thornton
08/10/2007 Tax System Improvements Needed To Encourage Enterprise
08/10/2007 IRS Issues Redesigned Allowable Living Expense Standards
08/10/2007 New Zealanders Want Tax Cuts, Survey Reveals
05/10/2007 OECD Addresses UK Tax Competitiveness
05/10/2007 India To Be Supportive Of Mauritius
05/10/2007 Dubai Tax Advisory Firm Expands Team
05/10/2007 USA Swinging Against Free Trade
05/10/2007 Swiss, US Rental Taxes Highest In OECD
05/10/2007 Kimmitt Announces Tax Credits for Low-Income Community Investment
05/10/2007 Democrats Propose War 'Surtax'
04/10/2007 EU And Switzerland Agree To Disagree On Corporate Tax
04/10/2007 France May Increase Tax On Stock Options
04/10/2007 US Treasury Names Panel To Study Auditing Profession
04/10/2007 Cowen Releases September 2007 Exchequer Return Figures
04/10/2007 DoJ Announces Resolved Suits With US Tax Preparer Franchisees
04/10/2007 IMF Comments on Armenian Tax, Regulatory System
04/10/2007 RBC And Ogier To Host Seminar On Achieving High Value Residency In Jersey
03/10/2007 Harper Proposes Personal Income Tax Cuts
03/10/2007 STEP Comments On Tory Tax Cut Plans
03/10/2007 Investment Managers Welcome New UK Property Funds
03/10/2007 Costa Rica May Lose CBI Benefits In Rejecting CAFTA
03/10/2007 Hong Kong Remains Foreign Firms' Favourite Asian Base
02/10/2007 Cameron And Osborne Pledge Fightback Tax Cuts
02/10/2007 Move To Extend Ban On US Internet Access Tax Stumbles In Senate
02/10/2007 Italian Budget Proposes Substantial Corporate Tax Cut
02/10/2007 Levin Bill To End Corporate Tax 'Favors' For Stock Options
02/10/2007 Mauritius Government Explains New Tax System
02/10/2007 SEC Accuses US Firm Of Bribing Nigerian Tax Officials
02/10/2007 US-India PSAG Meets For The First Time
01/10/2007 Irish Accountants Welcome PAYE Ruling
01/10/2007 London Office Of Anti-Tax Shelter Initiative Comes On Stream
01/10/2007 Eastern Europe Leading Way In Business Reform
01/10/2007 House Energy Chairman Proposes US Carbon Taxes
01/10/2007 Japan's New PM Faces Taxing Questions
01/10/2007 US Senate Examines Offshore 'Blocker' Corporations
28/09/2007 Senate Panel Told Offshore Insurers Given Unfair Tax Advantage
28/09/2007 US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement Progresses Through House
28/09/2007 Sarkozy Presents French Budget
28/09/2007 Brown To Remove Tax Relief For Private Equity
28/09/2007 Paulson and Gutierrez Back Push For Permanent Internet Tax Ban
28/09/2007 Second Home Owners Hit By Unexpected Blow
28/09/2007 HMRC Offshore Crackdown Prompts Warning From IoM Finance
27/09/2007 AI Group Proposes Five-Point Tax Plan
27/09/2007 Congress Calls For Possible Ban On Tax Patents
27/09/2007 Cowen Amends Irish Share Duty Reliefs
27/09/2007 Norwegian Ships Could Fly UK Flag To Avoid New Tax
27/09/2007 HMRC Renews Anti-Offshore Offensive
27/09/2007 Lobbyists Battling Over Carried Interest Debate
27/09/2007 Company Tax Receipts Plummet By GBP576m In One Year
27/09/2007 Pru Loses GBP105m Claim Appeal
26/09/2007 Canadian Bankers Applaud US Tax Treaty Amendment
26/09/2007 CCBE Concerned Over OECD Proposals On Tax Intermediaries
26/09/2007 Russian Tax Service May Target Tycoons
26/09/2007 Restricting Irish Tax Reliefs 'Justified' Says Cowen
26/09/2007 India Announces Surging Tax Revenues
26/09/2007 Survey Suggests Strong Company Support For EU Tax Harmonisation
26/09/2007 France To Slap New Tax On Dividends
26/09/2007 Monroe Council To Vote On GM Tax Deal
26/09/2007 Lib Dem Leadership Calls For Rich To Pay Higher Tax
25/09/2007 US Retailers Urge Congressional Action On Internet sales Taxes
25/09/2007 Vodafone Challenges US$2bn Indian Tax Bill
25/09/2007 Offshore Centres Among China's Largest Foreign Investors
25/09/2007 SARS launches Business Outreach Programme In Run Up To Tax Deadline
25/09/2007 CCAB-I Presents Pre-Budget Submission To Minister For Finance
25/09/2007 Small Businesses Voice Big Tax Concerns
25/09/2007 GBP1.8b Worth Of Council Tax Goes Unclaimed Annually
24/09/2007 IOM Launches New Funds Regime
24/09/2007 US Senators Push For Permanent Internet Tax Ban
24/09/2007 HMRC Denies New IHT Crackdown
24/09/2007 Sweden To Cut Income Tax
24/09/2007 US-Korea FTA To Boost US Economy
24/09/2007 China Cuts Corporate Tax Rates
24/09/2007 Senate Finance Committee Holds 'Mock' Markup Of Peru FTA
21/09/2007 Paulson To Sign Updated US-Canada Tax Treaty
21/09/2007 Australia Reforms Taxation Of Financial Arrangements
21/09/2007 US Peru FTA 'New Deal' For International Trade
21/09/2007 UK Tax Fraudster Ordered To Pay Back GBP16.25 Million
21/09/2007 EasyJet Demands Rethink Of UK Aviation Taxes
20/09/2007 Green Air Taxes May Hurt Overseas Property Prices
20/09/2007 US WTO Representative Comments On Panama TPR
20/09/2007 Dutch Government To Cut SME Corporate Tax In 2008
20/09/2007 EU And South Korea Resume FTA Negotiations
20/09/2007 Conrad And Gregg Launch US Fiscal Taskforce
20/09/2007 Obama Sets Out Tax Reform Proposals
20/09/2007 Hong Kong Must Fully Tap Potential Of CEPA, Says Tsang
20/09/2007 Russian Tax Amnesty Yields $130m
19/09/2007 Irish Revenue Proposes Mandatory E-Filing
19/09/2007 Netherlands And Canada Sign Customs Treaty
19/09/2007 IRS Offers Tax Advice To Struggling Homeowners
19/09/2007 Revised China-Singapore Tax Treaty Enters Into Force
18/09/2007 BVCA Outlines UK Budget Proposals
18/09/2007 Isle Of Man Funds Top $50 Billion
18/09/2007 Irish Central Revenue Information Office Launches
18/09/2007 Senators Urge IRS To Relieve Tax Burden On Home Loan Debt
18/09/2007 Malta Opposition Party Proposes Tax On Vacant Property
18/09/2007 Netherlands To Renew Tax Treaty Talks With China
18/09/2007 Jamaica Looks To Join Caribbean Offshore Club
18/09/2007 Mexico Enacts Tax Reform Package
17/09/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Barbados
17/09/2007 Irish Government To Present Unified Budget
17/09/2007 SEC Charges 69 Firms For Audit Violations
17/09/2007 Swiss Finance Industry Aspires To Be In Global Top 3
17/09/2007 British Venture Capital Group Warns Of Offshore Drift
17/09/2007 Bush's Top Economic Advisor Named On Tax Minimization Patent
17/09/2007 IoM Simplifies Filing For Corporate Taxpayers
17/09/2007 Malaysia To Enhance Labuan's Tax Environment
17/09/2007 Australian Tax Break To Encourage Carbon Sink Forests
17/09/2007 EU Court Backs Dutch Finance Tax Scheme
14/09/2007 Mexican Lawmakers Approve Key Tax Reform
14/09/2007 EU To Investigate Polish Tonnage Tax Scheme
14/09/2007 US May Level New Tax Shelter Charges Against E And Y Employees
14/09/2007 Australia To Amend Thin Cap Rules
14/09/2007 New Zealand To Close Loophole For Portfolio Investment Entities
14/09/2007 Hannover Re Considers Switching To Ireland
13/09/2007 Hawaii Business Welcomes California Container Tax Delay
13/09/2007 Top Economists Proposed For Jersey Fiscal Policy Panel
13/09/2007 IMA Produces Free Guide To UK Tax Return For Investors
13/09/2007 IRS Urged To Research Mismatched Tax Reporting Documents
13/09/2007 Senate Agricultural Tax Package Outlined
13/09/2007 ECJ Rules On German School Fee Deductability Rules
12/09/2007 Switzerland Launches Trusts Association
12/09/2007 US Democrats Seek To Discourage Tax-Exempt Entities From Offshore Investment
12/09/2007 Canada To Hold Tax Treaty Negotiations With Colombia
12/09/2007 European Human Rights Court To Hear UK IHT Appeal
12/09/2007 Norwegian Shipping Sector Up In Arms Over Tax Proposal
12/09/2007 KPMG Defendant Pleads Guilty In Tax Shelter Case
12/09/2007 Documentary Deadline For 409A Compliance Extended
11/09/2007 EU Plans Harmonized E-Invoicing
11/09/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Malta
11/09/2007 Malaysia To Cut Corporate Tax
11/09/2007 Democrats Want Fairer US Tax Code
11/09/2007 UK Tories To Unveil More Green Fiscal Policy
11/09/2007 Cowen Signs Orders Extending Irish Investment Tax Breaks
11/09/2007 Netherland Antilles To Explore DTAA With Suriname
10/09/2007 Democrats To Fire Another Anti-Offshore Volley
10/09/2007 HMRC Launches E-Update For Tax Advisers
10/09/2007 Taiwan Mulls Corporate Tax Cut
10/09/2007 Canada's Liberal Party Would Reform Tory Trust Tax
10/09/2007 Baucus Welcomes New Efforts To Shrink US Tax Gap
10/09/2007 US Congress Takes Another Look At Carried Interest
10/09/2007 European Trade Unions Denounce Flat Taxes
07/09/2007 New UK Tax Guide Weighs In At 10,000 Pages
07/09/2007 Vodafone To Fight $2 Billion Indian Tax Bill
07/09/2007 US Lawmakers Urged To Rethink Carried Interest Tax Proposals
07/09/2007 Mexican Tax Reforms Face Race Against The Clock
06/09/2007 Low-Tax Countries Lead The World
06/09/2007 HMRC Swoops On Money Laundering And VAT Fraud Gang
06/09/2007 India And Australia To Explore Free Trade Agreement
06/09/2007 UK Tour Industry Loses Legal Fight Against Green Tax
06/09/2007 Australian Banks Look To Malta
06/09/2007 IRS Leaves Interest Rates On Hold
06/09/2007 US States Must Do More To Protect Taxpayer Privacy, TIGTA Urges
06/09/2007 Mandelson Cautious On Extra Taxes On Asian Imports
06/09/2007 Tax Bills Rising For UK Non-Doms
05/09/2007 IRS Stats Show Growth In Sole Proprietorships' Profits
05/09/2007 Bush Supports Stabenow Mortgage Relief Act
05/09/2007 Another Report Doubts Effectiveness Of UK's Green Taxes
05/09/2007 HMRC Podcasts Go Live
05/09/2007 Deloitte Cashes In On Hedge Fund Boom
05/09/2007 EU Approves Extension Of Irish Investment Incentives
05/09/2007 Shipping Firm Challenges Indian States' Taxing Rights
05/09/2007 HMRC Launches New Indirect Tax Fraud Probe Guidelines
04/09/2007 New Bonus Rates For SAYE Schemes Announced
04/09/2007 UK Treasury May Write Off Half A Billion After Tax Credit Legal Blunder
04/09/2007 ICAEW Launches 'Tax Return Week'
04/09/2007 WTO Panel To Examine China's Tax Regime
04/09/2007 IRS Announces Settlement Terms For Tax-Exempt Bond Violations
04/09/2007 AIM Investors Face Potential GBP1.4 Bn Tax Hit
04/09/2007 Maltese Government Reports Revenue Shortfall
03/09/2007 IRS Names New Leadership Team
03/09/2007 Malta Company Used In Italian Superyacht Sale Tax Fraud
03/09/2007 South Korea To Expand Tax Benefits For Foreign Invested Firms
03/09/2007 US House To Hold Tax Fairness Hearing
03/09/2007 Court Denies IRS Request For Tax Working Papers
03/09/2007 FSB Urges HMRC To Make PAYE Incentive Payments On Time
31/08/2007 HMRC To Keep Tax Breaks For Pub Managers
31/08/2007 IRS Warns Of New Email Scam
31/08/2007 Philippines Tax Amnesty Approved
31/08/2007 Malta To Issue Tax Refunds To Companies And Individuals
31/08/2007 France To Move Ahead With Minimum Tax Proposal
31/08/2007 EU Announces Green Tax Move
30/08/2007 UK Research Shows Green Taxes Ineffective, Unpopular
30/08/2007 HMRC Monitoring New MSC Legislation
30/08/2007 US Government To Restrict Benefits In Underfunded Pension Plans
30/08/2007 UK Government Defends Business Tax Regime
30/08/2007 Russian Oil Billionaire Wanted For Tax Evasion
30/08/2007 South African Business Tax Amnesty Deadline Nears
30/08/2007 US Senators Investigate ID Theft And Tax Fraud
29/08/2007 Another German Sub-Prime Hedge Fund Casualty
29/08/2007 Australia Simplifies Process For Private Rulings Requiring Valuations
29/08/2007 Grant Thornton Urges US Firms To Keep 3 Sets Of Books
29/08/2007 UK Freelancers Call For Duty Of Care On Tax Inspectors
29/08/2007 A Third Of UK's Largest Firms Paid No Corporate Tax, NAO Finds
29/08/2007 EU May Question Vatican's Generous Tax Concessions
28/08/2007 Court To Reconsider Whistleblower Tax Case
28/08/2007 Swiss Court Blocks Handover Of Yukos Files To Moscow
28/08/2007 ATO E-Tax Service Reaches 1 Million Milestone
28/08/2007 Blackstone Lobbies Against US Tax Hike Proposals
28/08/2007 Giuliani Seeks To Prevent Democrat Tax Hike
28/08/2007 Mexico Closer On Tax Reform
27/08/2007 Coalition Lobbies Against US Gas Tax Increase
27/08/2007 Higher Tax Revenues To Cut US Deficit, But Trouble In Store
27/08/2007 US Corporate E-Filing On The Rise
27/08/2007 OECD Tackles Attribution Of Profits To Insurance PEs
27/08/2007 Isle Of Man Launches Online Tax Service For Individuals
24/08/2007 New French Tax Laws Favour Housing Market
24/08/2007 IRS Appoints Chief Counsel For Financial Institutions
24/08/2007 HTIL First Half Profit Boosted By HK$69.8bn Tax-Free Gain
24/08/2007 South Korean Tax Authorities Raid Lone Star Fund's Seoul Office
24/08/2007 Canada's Government Accused Of Exaggerating Tax Cuts
23/08/2007 Japan And Indonesia Sign Economic Partnership Agreement
23/08/2007 Czech PM Wins Fight To Cut Corporate Tax
23/08/2007 Study Queries Revenue Effect Of Tax Hike On Private Equity
23/08/2007 Denmark To Cut Income Taxes
23/08/2007 India Inc. Paying More In Corporate Tax
22/08/2007 Top Tories Back Away From Tax-Cutting Agenda
22/08/2007 Australia To Make Further Improvements To Tax System
22/08/2007 US Appeal Court Asked To Reverse Whistleblower Tax Ruling
22/08/2007 Doggett Law Will Erode US Tax Competitiveness
22/08/2007 Employers Must Have Vote On UK Supplementary Business Tax, Says CBI
21/08/2007 Pascal Lamy Preaches The Merits Of Trade Globalization
21/08/2007 Australian Government Provides Tax Boost For Infrastructure Investment
21/08/2007 Row Rages Over Tory IHT Proposals
21/08/2007 Tax Receipts Bring Record July Surplus For UK Government
21/08/2007 Private Equity Firm To Invest $1 Billion In Norwegian Cruise Lines
20/08/2007 Record IT Investment Fuels China Venture Capital Investment
20/08/2007 Tory Policy Group Calls For Deep Corporate Tax Cuts
20/08/2007 ATO Announces New Compliance Priorities
20/08/2007 UK Tax Regime Confusing Entrepreneurs
20/08/2007 Baucus Opposed To Gas Tax Hike Proposals
17/08/2007 US Union Attacks Private Equity Taxation
17/08/2007 UK Conservatives Propose Tax Relief For University Donations
17/08/2007 Grassley Wants Tax Credits To Be Used For Rural Investment
17/08/2007 Australia Improving Tax Consultation System
17/08/2007 ICAEW Welcomes Smaller Finance Act
17/08/2007 UK VAT Fraudsters 'Laughing All The Way To The Offshore Bank', Report Claims
16/08/2007 IRS Issues Guidance On Transactions Of Interest
16/08/2007 US, Canada And Mexico Herald Successful NAFTA Meeting
16/08/2007 Schumer Bill To Raise Tax On All Investment Partnerships
16/08/2007 HMRC Clarifies Definition Of Offshore Funds
16/08/2007 Bush Investment Tax Cut Benefits Skewed Towards Wealthy, CTJ Argues
15/08/2007 US Treasury Releases 2007-8 Tax Guidance Plan
15/08/2007 Australia Makes Progress In Offshore Crackdown
15/08/2007 Grassley Urges IRS To Simplify Tax Filing For Sole Proprietors
15/08/2007 India Power Finance Corp To Launch $1bn Offshore Fund
15/08/2007 UK To Introduce Remote Gaming Duty In September
15/08/2007 New York Court Bars 'Tax Termination Scheme'
14/08/2007 Flat Tax A Success In Iceland
14/08/2007 Jersey Chamber Of Commerce Comments On Tax, Spending
14/08/2007 UK Tories To Propose Sweeping Cuts In Red Tape
14/08/2007 UK Business Faces GBP1.5 Bn Local Government Tax Grab
14/08/2007 Pope Benedict To Condemn Tax Havens
14/08/2007 Indonesia To Offer Tax Cut For Firms Going Public
13/08/2007 Japan's Hedge Funds To Register Under New J-SOX Law
13/08/2007 New Zealand Updates Tax Rules For Limited And General Partnerships
13/08/2007 UK's Share Of Global Private Equity Triples
13/08/2007 Cross-Border Taxation An Issue For The UN, Says Barbados PM
13/08/2007 Italian Tax Authorities Question UK Non-Domicile Tax Rules
13/08/2007 Peru FTA Talks Usher In New Era In Global Trade, Say Democrats
13/08/2007 Japan Should Increase Taxes, Says IMF
10/08/2007 OFT Obliges Airlines To Disply Tax-Inclusive Prices
10/08/2007 No End In Sight In Vodafone Tax Dispute
10/08/2007 Bush Threatens To Veto Democrat Tax Legislation
10/08/2007 Grassley To Pair Private Equity Tax Proposal With AMT Fix
10/08/2007 India To Simplify Tax Code
10/08/2007 Ireland Increases Tax On Oil Firms
09/08/2007 Floods Have Tax Consequences, Says UK Adviser
09/08/2007 US Treasury Issues New Regulations On Fringe Benefits
09/08/2007 United States Unhappy With Canadian Implementation Of Softwood Lumber Agreement
09/08/2007 HMRC Announces Interest Rate Amendments
09/08/2007 SARS Announces Individual eFiling Delay
09/08/2007 ATO Seeks To Test GST Ruling
09/08/2007 Tsang Meets Malaysian Counterpart To Discuss Financial Ties
08/08/2007 IRS Seeks Views For New Industry Issue Resolution Program
08/08/2007 Jersey Opens New GST Consultations
08/08/2007 IMF Positive On South African Economy
08/08/2007 Costa Rica And Panama Sign FTA
08/08/2007 Baucus Encouraged By Treasury Tax Gap Plan
08/08/2007 OECD Removes Marshall Islands From Tax Haven Black List
07/08/2007 US House Approves Renewable Energy Tax Incentives
07/08/2007 Baucus Concerned At IRS Computer Security Lapses
07/08/2007 China And Singapore Sign New Tax Treaty
07/08/2007 Sarkozy Caps Wealth Tax To Tempt Back Wealth Creators
07/08/2007 BMF Praises 'Cost Effective Solution' Presented In UK Red Diesel Consultation
06/08/2007 US Treasury Releases Tax Gap Plan
06/08/2007 IRS Seeks More Information On Corporations And Partnerships
06/08/2007 Australia And Japan Agree New Tax Treaty
06/08/2007 Bahamas Outlook Positive, Says S And P
06/08/2007 US/China Joint Trade Commission Meeting Announced
06/08/2007 Bulgaria Announces Flat Tax
06/08/2007 Compulsory E-Filing Coming For UK Pension Administrators
06/08/2007 UK Treasury Tinkers With ISAs To Encourage Saving
03/08/2007 Top Tax Lawyer To Head US Joint Committee On Taxation
03/08/2007 US Senators Seek To Beef Up Trade Enforcement
03/08/2007 House Of Commons Publishes VAT Fraud Report
03/08/2007 HMRC Demands Excise Tax On Items Posted From Abroad
03/08/2007 Brown And Sarkozy Press Ahead With Green VAT Plan
03/08/2007 Standard And Poor's Restores Grenada's Ratings
03/08/2007 Seychelles President Predicts Strong Growth In 2007
02/08/2007 Farm Bill Tax Provisions Anger Republicans
02/08/2007 IRS Appoints New Acting Commissioner
02/08/2007 2007 Finance Act Provides New Powers Of Enquiry Into Tax Avoidance Schemes
02/08/2007 Carlyle Boss Defends US Private Equity Taxation
02/08/2007 Advisor Urges UK Foreign House Buyers To Look Before They Leap
02/08/2007 Investors In Chinese Real Estate Continue To Face Tax And Accounting Challenges
01/08/2007 Malta Extends Special Registration Scheme
01/08/2007 Australia Launches Business Tax Amnesty
01/08/2007 UK MPs Urge Treasury To Publish Non-Domicile Tax Status Review
01/08/2007 Mexican President Urges Congress To Pass Tax Reform
01/08/2007 HMRC To Issue Guidance For Firms Affected By Lords Tax Ruling
01/08/2007 UK MPs Hold Fire On Private Equity Tax
31/07/2007 UK Tax Experts Urge Legislative Caution After Arctic Verdict
31/07/2007 Malta's 'Special Registration Scheme' Ends Today
31/07/2007 Doha Round Still Alive, Says Lamy
31/07/2007 St Kitts And Nevis hold Joint Cabinet Meeting
31/07/2007 India To Introduce Anti-Avoidance Tax Laws
31/07/2007 Rangel's Door Open To Tax Reform Talks
31/07/2007 Japan Votes Against Consumption Tax Hike
30/07/2007 Revenue Pensions Manual Launched
30/07/2007 Arctic Systems Verdict To Bring About Change In UK Tax Law
30/07/2007 UK Treasury Announces Business Tax Reform Consultation
30/07/2007 Paulson Kicks Off New US Corporate Tax Reform Debate
30/07/2007 Edwards Spells Out 'Tax Fairness' Strategy
27/07/2007 HMRC Unveils Tax Treaty Negotiating Priorities
27/07/2007 Grassley Introduces AMT Penalty Relief Bill
27/07/2007 Lords Rules In Favour Of Arctic Systems
27/07/2007 Bipartisan Bill To Permanently Extend US Capital Gains, Estate Tax Cuts
26/07/2007 China Blocks US/Mexican WTO Panel Request
26/07/2007 UK Film Tax Incentives Working Well, Report Concludes
26/07/2007 HMRC Told To Focus On High Corporate Tax Risks
26/07/2007 IRS Slammed For Shutting Down Telefile
26/07/2007 Lords Ruling Allows Taxpayers To Claim Compound Interest From HMRC
26/07/2007 Sweden Slammed Over CGT, Income Tax
26/07/2007 OECD Removes Liberia From List Of 'Uncooperative Tax Havens'
26/07/2007 Netherlands Talks Of Major Expansion To Its TIEA Network
25/07/2007 UK Corporate Tax Review 'Not A Moment Too Soon,' Says Advisor
25/07/2007 IMA Welcomes Clarification Of UK IME Exemption
25/07/2007 US Tax Exempt Hospitals Come Under Grassley's Microscope
25/07/2007 Cowen Plays Down Impact Of ECJ Decisions On Ireland's Corporate Tax System
25/07/2007 EC Takes Action Over Taxation Of Outbound Dividends
25/07/2007 US Treasury Publishes Background Paper On Global Competitiveness And Business Taxation
25/07/2007 Dominica Plans To Re-Start Offshore Sector
24/07/2007 Bermudan Customs Department Picks BlackBerrys
24/07/2007 Indian Transfer Pricing Ruling Fails To Simplify Matters
24/07/2007 Canada Offers Free Trade Deal To Caribbean
24/07/2007 US Taxpayer Advocate Delivers Report To Congress
23/07/2007 Panama Ratifies US Trade Deal
23/07/2007 First STEP Crown Dependency Conference To Take Place Next Spring
23/07/2007 Paulson To Host Conference To Discuss US Tax Competitiveness
23/07/2007 House Tax Writers Vote To Repeal Private Tax Debt Collection
23/07/2007 Baucus Grants Treasury More Time To Compile 'Tax Gap' Action Plan
20/07/2007 Greece Asked To Recover Aid From Illegal Tax Exemptions
20/07/2007 Switzerland Sees Record Company Registrations
20/07/2007 ECJ Rules In Favour Of Finnish Intra-Company Tax Rules
20/07/2007 IMF Lauds Grenada's 'Remarkable' Economic Recovery
20/07/2007 UK Treasury Listens To Concerns Over PAIF Tax Proposals
20/07/2007 Australia Announces Offshore Tax Amnesty
19/07/2007 Tax Advisor Welcomes UK Overseas Property Exemption
19/07/2007 IRS Slammed For Delays To New Taxpayer Database
19/07/2007 US Is Left Standing In Global Corporate Tax Cut Race
19/07/2007 Harrington Speaks On Pending Tax Treaty Issues
19/07/2007 Economist Argues In Favour Of Jersey's Tax Strategy
19/07/2007 Abbey International Offers Guidance To Expats
18/07/2007 Regulators Eyeing South African Hedge Funds
18/07/2007 US Judge Dismisses Charges Against KPMG Defendants
18/07/2007 EU Makes Bold FTA Approach To South Korea
18/07/2007 Malaysia To Continue Cutting Corporate Tax
18/07/2007 US Fund Tax Hike May Come In 2008, Says Reid
17/07/2007 New Zealand Improves Tax Incentives For Film Industry
17/07/2007 UK Immigration Amnesty Could Reap GBP1Bn In Tax For Treasury
17/07/2007 Blackstone Hits Back At NY Times
17/07/2007 BVI Cuts Company Fees For CapCos
16/07/2007 NAO Reports On HMRC Accounts
16/07/2007 Jersey To Delay GST Pricing
16/07/2007 Pressure Mounts On Labour To Scrap UK Non-Domicile Tax Status
16/07/2007 IRS Changes Tax-Exempt Reporting Requirements
16/07/2007 Irish Revenue And PSA To Cooperate In Tax Matters
16/07/2007 US Mounts Further Challenge To Chinese Subsidies
16/07/2007 PPCA Hails Copyright Tribunal Decision On Music License Fees
13/07/2007 Farm Subsidies Have Strong Roots
13/07/2007 Brown May Shelve UK Planning Gain Supplement
13/07/2007 Tax Concessions Have Boosted Australian R And D, Government Claims
13/07/2007 Tax Cuts Helping To Shrink Deficit, Says Bush
13/07/2007 Grassley Seeks To Restore Balance In Carried Interest Debate
12/07/2007 Real Estate Tax Exemption For Polish Ports Approved
12/07/2007 Russian Court Orders Review Of PwC Tax Case
12/07/2007 French Government Presents Tax Cut Package
12/07/2007 Senate Spending Committee Boosts IRS Enforcement Budget
11/07/2007 Chinese Shares Fall After Beijing Tax SNAFU
11/07/2007 US Cautiously Welcomes Indian Withdrawal Of Additional Alcohol Duties
11/07/2007 German Lawmakers Approve Corporate Tax Reforms
11/07/2007 Rise In UK Tax Non-Doms Blamed On Offshore Crackdown
11/07/2007 Irish Tour Operators Stand To Recoup VAT Payments
11/07/2007 India's Outsourcing Sector Boosted By Tax Ruling
11/07/2007 IRS Reviews Gift Tax Aspects Of Pass-Through Trusts
11/07/2007 US Treasury To Explore Business Tax Competitiveness
10/07/2007 Review Recommends Changes To Ireland's Patent Royalty Tax Exemption Scheme
10/07/2007 Two Aspects Of Greek Corporate Tax Regime Facing Scrutiny
10/07/2007 200,000 Brits Shopped To The Tax Man In One Year
09/07/2007 New UK Service Provider Tax Rules Due To Hit In August
09/07/2007 Luxembourg Slammed For Tax Treatment Of Savings Income
09/07/2007 NAO Issues Report Detailing Inaccuracies In UK Tax Collection
09/07/2007 EU Seeks Debate On VAT Simplification
09/07/2007 UK Tax Advisors Urged To Email Hartnett
09/07/2007 Jones To Pull No Punches In Pursuit Of UK Corporate Tax Reform
09/07/2007 Cyprus Announces Tax And Benefit Package
09/07/2007 Japan's Consumption Tax Debate Resurfaces
06/07/2007 Canada Seeks To Make Income Tax Act More Efficient
06/07/2007 HMRC Wants Powers To Seize Money From Bank Accounts
06/07/2007 Lone Star Must Pay South Korean Tax On Tower Sale
06/07/2007 Ireland To Proceed With Tax Reform Despite Deficit
06/07/2007 Australia's Improved Tax Regime For Small Firms Goes Into Effect
06/07/2007 Switzerland Imposes Carbon Levy
05/07/2007 Nevis Administration Sends Mixed Messages Over St Kitts Union
05/07/2007 Portugal Facing Excise Duty Action
05/07/2007 Hong Kong Metes Out Longest Sentence For Tax Evasion
05/07/2007 EC Takes 4 Member States To Task Over VAT Rules
05/07/2007 Darling Rules Out Tax Hike On UK Private Equity
05/07/2007 US Appeals Court Reverses Decision On Taxation Of Emotional Distress Awards
05/07/2007 Costa Rica's Constitutional Court Backs CAFTA-DR
04/07/2007 Ireland Formally Suggests 12.5% Tax Rate For The North
04/07/2007 EC Joins World Customs Organisation
04/07/2007 Canada Announces GST Rebates For Tourism Industry
04/07/2007 US And South Korea Seal Historic Trade Pact
04/07/2007 US Trust Industry Awaits Supreme Court Tax Verdict
03/07/2007 Senators Slam IRS Free File Program
03/07/2007 Irish Government's Tax Take From IFSC Tops EUR1bn
03/07/2007 Senate Bill To Simplify US Interstate Taxation And Commerce
03/07/2007 BVI FSC Appoints New Policy Director
03/07/2007 UAE May Impose VAT By 2010
02/07/2007 ECJ Agrees VAT Exemption For Investment Trusts
02/07/2007 US And Panama Seal Trade Promotion Pact
02/07/2007 IRS Launches Guide For Tax Exempt Bodies
02/07/2007 Gibraltar Cuts Income Tax
02/07/2007 Canada's Energy Trusts Demand Rethink On Income Trust Tax
02/07/2007 UK And Switzerland Sign Updated Tax Treaty
02/07/2007 Mellon Settles With US Government Over Destroyed Tax Returns
02/07/2007 More Arrests Come As A Result Of HMRC VAT Fraud Crackdown
29/06/2007 EC Allows Sweden To Refund Mariners' Income Tax
29/06/2007 Grassley Proposes AMT 'Safeharbor'
29/06/2007 Bush May Veto Fund Tax Increase
29/06/2007 EC Agrees To Tax Reduction For Madeira's Free Zone
29/06/2007 Buffett Wants Rich To Pay More Tax
29/06/2007 Gibraltar To Retain Low Tax Status
28/06/2007 Australia Amends Tax Treatment Of Rights Issues
28/06/2007 China May Abolish Tax On Interest
28/06/2007 Overall Tax Ratio Rises In EU
28/06/2007 Indirect Taxes Paying For Global Corporate Tax Competition
28/06/2007 Cowen Introduces Stamp Duty Cut To Irish Parliament
27/06/2007 Banks To Blame For Poor UK Tax Amnesty Take-Up, Says Adviser
27/06/2007 EC Welcomes Agreement On Modernised Customs Code
27/06/2007 Most US Venture Capital Firms 'Unaffected' By Fund Tax Bill, Says NVCA
27/06/2007 ECJ Denies 3G Licence VAT Refund Claims
27/06/2007 Nordic States Warn Of 'Defensive Measures' Against Offshore Jurisdictions
27/06/2007 PwC Withdraws Yukos Audits
27/06/2007 UAE Signs Double Tax Treaty With Bulgaria
26/06/2007 Hedge Fund Manager Denies Russian Tax Charges
26/06/2007 Advisors Welcome UK Review Of Foreign Profit Taxation
26/06/2007 Jersey And The Netherlands Sign Tax Agreements
26/06/2007 Tax Breaks Dropped From Senate Energy Bill
26/06/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With United States
26/06/2007 House Democrat Tax Bill Targets Private Equity, Hedge Funds
26/06/2007 KPMG Swiss Merger To Create Europe's Largest Accountancy Firm
26/06/2007 Mauritius Brings Forward Corporate Flat Tax
25/06/2007 WTO Talks Fail At Potsdam
25/06/2007 US House Tax Writers Pass Energy Tax Bill
25/06/2007 France To Contest EC Decision On Savings Accounts
25/06/2007 Blair Steps Into UK Private Equity Tax Debate
25/06/2007 Mexico's Long-Awaited Tax Reform Plan Presented
25/06/2007 HMRC Signals New Approach To Transfer Pricing
25/06/2007 UK Offshore Amnesty Registration Deadline Passes
22/06/2007 Thailand Starts To Apply Transfer Pricing Rules
22/06/2007 New Zealand Shuts Lease Tax Loophole
22/06/2007 UK Treasury Ready To Improve International Tax Regime
22/06/2007 Funds May Get Shorter Transition To Proposed US Tax Regime
22/06/2007 Guernsey Government Publishes Guide To Economic And Taxation Strategy
22/06/2007 US And CARICOM Restate Commitment To Trade And Investment
22/06/2007 China To Examine Offshore Tax Avoidance
21/06/2007 NATP Explains Expensing For Second Home Owners
21/06/2007 IRS Reshuffles Senior Executive Service
21/06/2007 Lords Say UK Corporate Tax System Is Too Complex
21/06/2007 US Energy Tax Bill Goes Before Senate
21/06/2007 Ireland Cuts Stamp Duty For First Time Home Buyers
20/06/2007 Varney Urged Not To Dismiss Unified Irish Corporate Tax Rate
20/06/2007 Online Bookie Bets On Isle Of Man
20/06/2007 IRS Issues Spring Statistics Of Income Bulletin
20/06/2007 Senators Demand Answers On Abusive Tax Transaction
20/06/2007 Netherland Antilles To Seek Tax And Customs Deal With Colombia
20/06/2007 UK Film Producer Jailed For Tax Evasion
20/06/2007 ACCA Warns Of Changes For Accountants Under New UK Money Laundering Regulations
19/06/2007 IFS Publication Examines Taxation Of Families
19/06/2007 US Terminates Estate Tax Treaty With Sweden
19/06/2007 Baucus Unveils Major Energy Tax Package
19/06/2007 Barbados And Seychelles Discuss New Tax Treaty
19/06/2007 Research Reveals Lack Of Incentives For UK R And D Tax Credits
18/06/2007 EC Appoints Members Of Real Estate Fund Expert Group
18/06/2007 ATO Alerts Taxpayers To Fraudulent Scholarship Claims
18/06/2007 Senate Tax Writers Target Hedge And Private Equity Funds
18/06/2007 Democrats Propose 'Surtax' On Wealthy Families
18/06/2007 IRS Proposes Major Changes To Tax-Exempt Reporting
18/06/2007 South African Government Thwarts Organised Income Tax Scam
18/06/2007 Russia's Largest Foreign Hedge Fund Accused Of Tax Dodge
18/06/2007 Supreme Court Backs NYC Bid To Collect Tax From Foreign Governments
15/06/2007 BVI Clocks Up 11% Growth In 2006
15/06/2007 IMF Publishes Conclusions Of Article IV Consultation With Turkey
15/06/2007 Advisors Urge Offshore Savers To Take HMRC's Carrot
15/06/2007 Hong Kong Revenue Bill 2007 Approved
15/06/2007 IRS Extends Deadline For Reporting Foreign Accounts
15/06/2007 Grant Thornton To Assist Tory Tax Plans
15/06/2007 Cayman Leader Attacks 'Politically Motivated' US Offshore Probe
14/06/2007 HMRC Announces Massive Carousel Fraud Sting
14/06/2007 Canada Tax Fairness Plan Passed In Commons
14/06/2007 'Radical' Tory Tax Plans To Benefit UK Small Business
14/06/2007 Rubin Suggests US Fund Managers Paying Too Little Tax
14/06/2007 Australian Senate Passes Small Business Tax Reforms
14/06/2007 Senators Introduce Military Tax Relief Package
13/06/2007 WTO Reports Increase In Anti-Dumping Investigations
13/06/2007 UK Private Equity Tax Debate Rages On In Commons Committee
13/06/2007 UK Small Business Slams HMRC's 'Craven' Pursuit Of Family Business
13/06/2007 Many Issues Unresolved In China's New Corporate Tax Law
13/06/2007 The Bahamas' National Debt Ballooned Under Previous Government
13/06/2007 IRS Provides Transitional Penalty Relief For Tax Return Preparers
13/06/2007 Hong Kong Government Publishes Final Tax Reform Report
12/06/2007 IRS Moves To Curb Fraudulent Phone Tax Refund Claims
12/06/2007 Interim Doha Agreement 'Within Reach' Says Lamy
12/06/2007 Marriott Pays US $220 Million To Settle ESOP Dispute
12/06/2007 O'Connor Quits Justice Department's Tax Division
12/06/2007 IRS Criminal Probes Fell Last Year
12/06/2007 HMRC Publishes Litigation And Settlements Strategy
12/06/2007 Swiss Tax Law 'Unconstitutional' Says Court
11/06/2007 Irish Revenue To Introduce New VAT Payment System
11/06/2007 EFTA And Canada Conclude Free Trade Talks
11/06/2007 Border Tax Equity Act To Level Playing Field For US Exporters
11/06/2007 Manuel Tables SA Tax Amnesty Extension Bill
11/06/2007 IBM To Modernise India's Tax Systems
11/06/2007 Cayman Hits Back Over Senate Probe
11/06/2007 Four Jailed For Million Pound Charity Tax Fraud
11/06/2007 Solomon Comments On Role Played By US Tax System In Competitiveness
08/06/2007 IRS To Study Tax Returns In Bid To Close Tax Gap
08/06/2007 Tighter Fiscal Conditions Ahead For US States
08/06/2007 US Immigration Reforms Could Cost Taxpayers $2.6 Trillion
08/06/2007 ATO Probes Another Avoidance Scheme
08/06/2007 IRS Locks Stable Door After IBM's Tax Horse Bolts
07/06/2007 China To Reap US$40bn From Share Tax Hike
07/06/2007 UK Offshore Account Holders Ignoring HMRC's Amnesty
07/06/2007 ATO Issues Warning On Employee Share Schemes
07/06/2007 US Senate To Send Investigators To The Cayman Islands
07/06/2007 US Lawmakers Want Changes To Stock Option Accounting Rules
07/06/2007 Brown Hints At Higher Taxes For Private Equity
07/06/2007 Luxembourg Delays New EU E-Commerce VAT Rules
07/06/2007 US Proposes Action On Zeroing
07/06/2007 EU And Japan Further Strengthen Ties
06/06/2007 CAFTA-DR To Benefit Costa Rica, Says Ratings Agency
06/06/2007 HMRC Clampdown On Capital Losses Causes Confusion, Advisors Say
06/06/2007 IRS Widens Jackson Hewitt Tax Fraud Probe
06/06/2007 Manuel May Extend South African Tax Amnesty
06/06/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Switzerland
06/06/2007 Private Equity Chief Speaks Out Against Funds' Tax Perks
06/06/2007 UK Contractors Braced For Lords Verdict In Arctic Tax Case
06/06/2007 US To Ask World Trade Organization To Strengthen Subsidy Rules
06/06/2007 Cullen Sings New Zealand's Praises To Australian CEOs
06/06/2007 EU And Japan Initial Customs Cooperation Agreement
05/06/2007 New VAT Accounting Regime Put In Place In UK
05/06/2007 Guernsey Policy Council Scraps With Scrutiny Committee Over Economic And Taxation Strategy
05/06/2007 No New Taxes In Bahamas Budget
05/06/2007 US-Korea FTA Welcomed By US Business Community
05/06/2007 ATO Helps Firms Understand New Super Tax Regime
05/06/2007 Another Ten Pence On The Pound Is Brown's Tax Legacy
05/06/2007 Heinz Tax Claim Fails Economic Substance Test
05/06/2007 UK's GMB Accuses Private Equity Investors Of 'Stripping' Pension Fund Assets
05/06/2007 Economic Rebound Boosts US Tax Take
05/06/2007 Chinese Investors Wary Following Market Cooling Move
04/06/2007 Hong Kong Records $6.6 Billion Surplus
04/06/2007 IRS Warns Taxpayers About New Email Scam
04/06/2007 Russian Customs Deny Hold Up In BoNY Tax Case
04/06/2007 Guernsey Residents' Finances Disclosed To UK Tax Man
01/06/2007 Italian Bank Tax Breaks Attract EU Scrutiny
01/06/2007 ITI Calls For United Front Against EU Tax Harmonisation
01/06/2007 Ernst And Young Partners Indicted In Tax Shelter Probe
31/05/2007 UK Business Confidence Surges
31/05/2007 US Senate Report Argues For Basis Reporting
31/05/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Mauritius
31/05/2007 Offshore Territories Unite To Meet International Challenges
31/05/2007 China Triples Share Tax To Cool Stock Market
31/05/2007 WTO Mulling Iraq Entry
31/05/2007 Hilary Clinton To Roll Back Tax Perks For Corporations And The Wealthy
31/05/2007 UK Government Rejects Unified Irish Corporate Tax
30/05/2007 New Chinese Corporate Tax Regime May Catch Foreign Investors
30/05/2007 Democrats Say AMT Penalizes Working Families
30/05/2007 Canada Introduces Taxpayer 'Bill Of Rights'
30/05/2007 HMRC To Target UK Buy-To-Let Investors
30/05/2007 Revenue Commission Publishes Annual Report
30/05/2007 Multinationals Dealt Tax Blow By House Of Lords
29/05/2007 HMRC Publishes Strategic Framework For Tackling Criminal Finances
29/05/2007 Baucus Slams IRS Over Lax Control Of Tax-Exempt Sector
29/05/2007 UK Tax Freedom Day Due On June 1
29/05/2007 Third-Time Lucky Ahern Pledges To Maintain Low Tax Ireland
29/05/2007 Grant Thornton Launches India Tax Service
28/05/2007 IRS Seeking ETAAC Applications From Big Business
28/05/2007 US And Korea Publish Draft Text Of FTA
28/05/2007 UK Signs Up To OECD Tax Initiative
28/05/2007 Subjective Language Removed From UK Finance Bill
28/05/2007 Treasury Committee Announces Evidence Sessions In Private Equity Probe
28/05/2007 US Minimum Wage And Tax Relief Bill Finally Approved By Congress
28/05/2007 CISX Marks 2,000th Listing
25/05/2007 International Tax Shelter Task Force To Expand
25/05/2007 IMF Revises Fiscal Transparency Code
25/05/2007 Sidley Austin Settles With IRS In Tax Shelter Case
25/05/2007 Senators Seek To Extend US Internet Tax Moratorium
25/05/2007 Business Struggling With Worldwide Wave Of Tax Regulation
25/05/2007 Channel Islands Defend Reputation In Washington
24/05/2007 UK Trade Unions Call For Higher Taxes On Private Equity Firms
24/05/2007 Barbados To Clamp Down On Tax Evasion
24/05/2007 Tax Cuts Approved By Hong Kong Lawmakers
23/05/2007 China Cuts Export Taxes Prior To Crucial US Meeting
23/05/2007 HMRC To Create Pleasure Craft Unit Of Expertise
23/05/2007 Oxford Business School Appoints 40 World-Renowned Tax Experts
23/05/2007 UK Government May Write Off GBP5bn In Lost Tax Credits
23/05/2007 Swiss Minister Proposes Global 'Information Tax'
23/05/2007 Barbados To Beef Up Regulations For Accountants
23/05/2007 Senate GOP Mark Anniversary Of 'Remarkably Successful' Investment Tax Cuts
22/05/2007 ICAI Calls For Unified Irish Corporate Tax
22/05/2007 UK Government's Tax Take On The Rise
22/05/2007 Barbados Hosts International Tax Conference
22/05/2007 City Firm Experiments With 'Tobin Tax'
21/05/2007 US House To Hold Hearing On Tax Collection Agencies
21/05/2007 UAE-Dutch Tax Treaty Signed
21/05/2007 Russia Makes $22.5bn Tax Claim Against Bank Of New York
21/05/2007 Costa Rica To Vote On CAFTA In September
21/05/2007 Isle Of Man Government Accounts Show Revenue Surplus
18/05/2007 HMRC Continues To Consult On Modernising Its Powers
18/05/2007 Gibraltar Business Applauds Clampdown On Unlicensed Ships
18/05/2007 LSE Chiefs See Axe Falling On Share Tax
18/05/2007 House And Senate Agree 5 Year Budget Plan
18/05/2007 Grassley Starts Congressional Turf War Over Tax Cuts
18/05/2007 New Zealand To Cut Corporate Tax
17/05/2007 Portuguese Tax Amnesty Against EU Law, Says Commission
17/05/2007 US Taxpayers E-File In Record Numbers
17/05/2007 Land Securities Reaps Rewards From REIT Move
16/05/2007 Air Travel Tax Row Escalates In Washington
16/05/2007 Canada To Launch New Anti-Tax Haven Offensive
16/05/2007 ATO To Crack Down On Foreign Tax Credit Abuses
16/05/2007 Hong Kong Optimistic On Doha Round
16/05/2007 BVI To Probe Stamp Duty Evasion
16/05/2007 Grassley Has Reservations Over Democrat AMT Plans
15/05/2007 US And Singapore Meet To Review FTA
15/05/2007 CIOT Urges Taxpayers To Check Their PAYE Coding
15/05/2007 Fraud Advisory Panel Warns On Virtual Tax Evasion, Money Laundering
15/05/2007 US Taxpayers Face Higher Tax Bills With House Budget
15/05/2007 Tax Breaks Lure Huge Investment In Alabama From German Steelmaker
15/05/2007 Malta And Cyprus To Adopt Euro In 2008
15/05/2007 Business Leaders Examine Whether UK Tax System Is 'Fit For Purpose'
15/05/2007 EU Common Tax Base Proposals 'Dangerously Fuzzy,' Experts Warn
15/05/2007 Bipartisan Trade Policy Deal Has IP Implications, Says USTR
14/05/2007 Australia Improves Corporate Consolidation Regime
14/05/2007 UK Interested In Tax Agreement With Netherland Antilles
14/05/2007 Paulson Fears Erosion Of US Competitiveness
14/05/2007 German Tax Revenues To Hit Post-War High
14/05/2007 EU Launches Tax Information Database
11/05/2007 Pascal Lamy Still Hopeful On Doha Round
11/05/2007 UK Firms Struggling To Meet New Accounting Requirements
11/05/2007 Australia To Simplify Tax Compliance For Small Firms
11/05/2007 SARS Redesigns Tax Filing Process
11/05/2007 Flaherty Forced To Backpedal On Interest Tax Deductibility
11/05/2007 Eurotunnel Gets French Go-Ahead To Carry Forward Tax Loss
11/05/2007 Increasing Global Competition Could Lead To More Protectionism
11/05/2007 Tax Advisor Warns Of HMRC's 'July Offensive' Against Offshore Account Holders
11/05/2007 EC And GCC Hope For Rapid Progress Towards Free Trade Agreement
11/05/2007 Thousands Of UK Businesses To Benefit From Simpler VAT Regime, Says HMRC
11/05/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Dominica
10/05/2007 No Luck For The French At Ecofin
10/05/2007 US And Mexican Authorities Meet To Discuss NAFTA, Technical Assistance
10/05/2007 CIOT Joins Chorus Protesting Complexity Of Tax Forms
10/05/2007 EC Moves Forward On Pan-European Electronic Customs System
10/05/2007 Japanese Forex Trader Uses Offshore Firm To Conceal Income
10/05/2007 UK Tax Credit System Still Failing, Says Spending Watchdog
10/05/2007 US House Vote Opens Way For Tax Cut Extensions
10/05/2007 Australian Budget A Missed Opportunity Say Business Leaders
09/05/2007 Government Predicts Strong Growth For Cayman Economy
09/05/2007 UK SMEs Missing Out On 'Free Money,' Advisor Says
09/05/2007 UK Government Releases Film Tax Guidance
09/05/2007 Revised India/UAE Tax Agreement Raises 'Treaty Shopping' Concerns
09/05/2007 New US Hedge Fund Tax 'Nowhere Close' Says Baucus
09/05/2007 WTO Completes Trade Policy Review Of Costa Rica
09/05/2007 OECD Survey Urges Tax Reforms In New Zealand
09/05/2007 Australian Treasury Delivers 2007-08 Budget
08/05/2007 New Reports Undermine Senate Anti-'Offshore' Program
08/05/2007 Australia To Tighten Tax Practitioner Rules
08/05/2007 EU Questions National Taxation Of Pension Fund Payments
08/05/2007 Hong Kong's Top Firms Paid Less Profit Tax In 2006/7
07/05/2007 Senate Finance Committee Hears Testimony On International Tax Compliance
07/05/2007 St Vincent And The Grenadines Introduces VAT
04/05/2007 European Tax Regimes Stymie Growth Of Digital Media, Say Advisors
04/05/2007 Bahamas To Improve Private Trust Laws
04/05/2007 Flaherty's Interest Tax Proposals Off Target, Says Think Tank
04/05/2007 ATO Probes Tax Abuse Of Employee Funds
04/05/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Austria
03/05/2007 Minimum Wage Tax Breaks Become Collateral Damage
03/05/2007 Share Tax Hurting UK Economy
03/05/2007 Tax Revenues Soar To New High In Hong Kong
03/05/2007 International Identity Of IoM Recognised
03/05/2007 Goldman Sachs Denies South Korean Tax Evasion Claims
03/05/2007 CCCTB Proposal Progress Well Advanced, Says Kovacs
02/05/2007 Andorra Set For Another Year Of Rising Property Values
02/05/2007 Bermuda 'A Top Five Financial Centre,' Says Entrepreneur
02/05/2007 Improvements To Labuan's Tax Regime On The Horizon
01/05/2007 IRS Seeks Nominations For Advisory Council
01/05/2007 China Investment Confidence Reaches New High, Survey Suggests
01/05/2007 Study Highlights Huge Cost Of Maintaining Canada's Tax System
01/05/2007 St Kitts And Nevis To Improve Business Environment
30/04/2007 Bush Iraq Bill Veto To Kill Off Small Business Tax Cut Package
30/04/2007 US House Approves Bill To Cut Capital Costs For Small Firms
30/04/2007 NAO Publishes Report On Complexity Of UK Tax Forms
27/04/2007 SARS Undertakes Last Minute Amnesty Blitz
27/04/2007 Ireland To Tackle Red Tape
27/04/2007 Swiss Tax System 'Politically Unacceptable,' Says EC
27/04/2007 FRC Publishes Recommendations On Increasing Audit Choice In The UK
26/04/2007 KPMG Receives Top Auditor Award
26/04/2007 Grassley Urges Reality Check On IRS Private Debt Collection
26/04/2007 Hong Kong Asset Management Boosted By Estate Tax Repeal
26/04/2007 Ireland Prepares Defences Against European Tax Harmonisation
25/04/2007 Irish Tax Body Instals Microsoft Finance Solution
25/04/2007 EC Reveals Details Of 'Operation Diabolo'
25/04/2007 Switzerland Reveals EU Savings Tax Directive Revenues
25/04/2007 Falling Corporate Tax Receipts Dent UK Government's Finances
25/04/2007 House-Senate Tax Agreement Leaves Grassley Scratching Head
25/04/2007 Supreme Court To Hear Dispute Between New York And Foreign Diplomats Over Taxes
24/04/2007 Henry Paulson Tells Senate Democrats To Get Real
24/04/2007 US Congressional Tax Writers Strike Deal On Small Business Tax Cuts
24/04/2007 US House Considers Tax Breaks For Alternative Energy
24/04/2007 JFSC Signs Cooperation Agreement With Canadian Regulator
24/04/2007 Canadian Chamber Of Commerce Warns On Interest Deductibility
24/04/2007 Intuit Apologizes For E-Filing Snafu
23/04/2007 Two Tax Bills To Be Tabled In Hong Kong LegCo
23/04/2007 GAO Says US Tax Gap Can Be Narrowed
23/04/2007 IFS And ETPF Present Research On Welfare Implications Of International Tax Competition
23/04/2007 STEP Gives Measured Welcome To UK Offshore Amnesty
20/04/2007 OECD To Boost Tax Cooperation With Gulf Region
20/04/2007 US State Governments Awash With Cash
20/04/2007 Baucus Loses Patience With US Government On Tax Gap
20/04/2007 Everson To Step Down As IRS Chief
20/04/2007 Foreign Funds Gain Foothold In Chinese Market
20/04/2007 Swiss Cities Top Quality Of Life Index
20/04/2007 Tax Law Complexity Increasing, NTU Study Reveals
20/04/2007 Kroes Meets With Polish Government To Discuss Shipyard Subsidies
20/04/2007 STEP Comments On Implications Of Phizackerly Case For Estate Planning
19/04/2007 WTO Doha Round On Brink Of Failure
19/04/2007 Guernsey Sets Up Hotline For Tax-Cheat Tip-Offs
19/04/2007 Paulson Testifies On US Tax Gap
19/04/2007 Tax Reform High On House Agenda Says Democrat Leader
19/04/2007 Senate Bill To Modernize US Federal Tax Lien System
19/04/2007 House Approves US Taxpayer Protection Act
19/04/2007 HMRC Sweeps Decks To Focus On Hardcore Offshore Evaders
18/04/2007 US Taxpayers To Celebrate Tax Freedom Day On April 30
18/04/2007 Switzerland Mulls Tax Cut For Hedge Funds
18/04/2007 Brownback Pitches US Flat Tax Plan
18/04/2007 IRS Discovers New Scam On Eve Of Filing Deadline
18/04/2007 Ed Balls Hosts Islamic Finance Summit
18/04/2007 HMRC Announces New Disclosure Scheme For Offshore Account Holders
17/04/2007 Partnerships Can E-File Through New IRS Platform
17/04/2007 Australia Reducing Regulatory Burden On Business
17/04/2007 Republicans Grow Wary Of Democrat Tax Policy
17/04/2007 Bush, Cheney Release Tax Returns
17/04/2007 Costa Rica To Vote On CAFTA
17/04/2007 US And India To Boost Trade Ties
17/04/2007 VAT Grouping Introduced In Belgium
16/04/2007 IRS Submits Taxpayer Assistance Blueprint To Congress
16/04/2007 Grassley Urges Tougher Sanctions Against Tax Prep 'Sharks'
16/04/2007 Barbados And Slovakia To Explore Double Tax Agreement
16/04/2007 CIOT Objects To New Pre-Emptive Tax Penalty Powers
13/04/2007 Barbados Protests About Proposed US 'Tax Haven' Legislation
13/04/2007 US Corporate E-Filing Tops 1 Million
13/04/2007 Australia Improves Taxation Of Boating Activities
13/04/2007 Russian Lawmakers Reject Bill To Unflatten Income Tax
13/04/2007 IRS Corporate Audits Producing Less For More
13/04/2007 HMRC Launches Podcasting Service
13/04/2007 Hundreds Of Millions Of Euros In Tax Unclaimed Each Year, Reveals Irish Finance Committee
12/04/2007 UK Looks To Scrap Tax On Foreign Profits
12/04/2007 US DoJ Fails To Stop Witness Testifying At Senate Tax Hearing
12/04/2007 US Treasury Issues Final Regs On Deferred Compensation
12/04/2007 Isle Of Man Changes VAT Rules For Business Vehicles
11/04/2007 Crucial Doha Round Meeting Begins Today
11/04/2007 John Edwards To Take On US Tax Preparation Industry
11/04/2007 Australian Tax System Failing Business, Lobby Group Claims
11/04/2007 Foreign Banks Gain Exemption From Chinese Taxes
11/04/2007 Democrats Urge Bush To Strengthen Enforcement Of Trade Rules
11/04/2007 HMRC Unveils New Online Capabilities
10/04/2007 UK Finance Bill Includes New CFC Rules
10/04/2007 Cyprus Growth Steady; Euro-Zone Entry On Track
10/04/2007 Australia Abolishes Inefficient State Taxes
10/04/2007 Genuine Limited Companies Unaffected by New MSC Tax Rules, Says Freelance Group
10/04/2007 Sarkozy Would Cut French Corporate Tax
10/04/2007 Sweden's Property Tax Next On Government's Reform List
09/04/2007 ACP Spurns EU's Trade Offer
09/04/2007 US States Move To Close 'Abusive' Corporate Tax Strategies
09/04/2007 Grassley Blasts IRS Over Failure To Safeguard Taxpayer Data
09/04/2007 Jackson Hewitt To Probe Franchisee Tax Fraud Allegations
09/04/2007 Australia To Enhance Property Trust Tax Regime
09/04/2007 Switzerland Cuts Tariffs For Developing Nations
06/04/2007 UK Accountants Warn Over Problems With IHT Schemes
06/04/2007 VAT Report Paints Desperate Picture Of EU-Wide Losses
06/04/2007 US State And Local Taxes Hit Record High
06/04/2007 US Democrats Seek Extension Of Andean Trade Preference Act
06/04/2007 State-Of-The-Art ICT Centre To Open In Belize EPZ
06/04/2007 Irish Economy Booming
06/04/2007 EU Asks Ireland To Change Patent Research Tax Exemption
05/04/2007 Bank Employee Shops Offshore Customers To Tax Authorities
05/04/2007 US Government Accuses Jackson Hewitt Franchisees Of Tax Fraud
05/04/2007 US Accuses Canada Of Reneging On Lumber Deal
05/04/2007 Higher Corporate Profits Boosts South African Tax Take
05/04/2007 German Lawmakers Do The REIT Thing
05/04/2007 Czech Government Announces Bold Tax Reform Plans
04/04/2007 US And South Korea Conclude Historic Trade Pact
04/04/2007 US Congress Urged To Improve Tax Regime For Renewable Energy
04/04/2007 STEP Welcomes New UK Tax Rules For Foreign Homebuyers
04/04/2007 Lords Tax Ruling Will Benefit Many UK Firms, Say Advisors
04/04/2007 Hedge Funds Welcome HMRC's Proposals On Tax Exemption
04/04/2007 China's High-Earners Spurn Tax-Collectors
04/04/2007 Australia Makes Improvements To Tax System
03/04/2007 IMF Gives Favourable Report On St Kitts And Nevis
03/04/2007 UK Contractors Not Ready For New Tax Regime, Says Survey
03/04/2007 US Signs Tax Information Sharing Agreement With Brazil
03/04/2007 Tax Shelter Probe Sinks Esteemed US Law Firm
03/04/2007 Brussels Opens Communication Line To Switzerland And Liechtenstein
03/04/2007 Europe Urges Ireland And UK To Amend Tax Laws
03/04/2007 Europe Seeks to Harmonise Market For Real Estate Funds
03/04/2007 Beijing Rubber Stamps Tsang's Leadership Of Hong Kong
03/04/2007 Sweden To Axe Wealth Tax
03/04/2007 Tories Turn Up Heat On Brown Over Pension Tax Grab
02/04/2007 IRS Blocks Abusive Foreign Tax Credit Generators
02/04/2007 US Minimum Wage Hike, Tax Breaks Included In Senate Bill
02/04/2007 US House Narrowly Approves 2008 Budget Resolution
02/04/2007 US-Netherland Antilles Tax Agreement Comes Into Force
30/03/2007 US Taxpayer Protection Act Proceeds Through House Committee
30/03/2007 House Democrats Unveil 'New Trade Policy For America'
30/03/2007 Hungary Scraps Company 'Reasonable Tax'
30/03/2007 EC Increasingly Looking To 'Green Taxes'
30/03/2007 UK Finance Bill Published
29/03/2007 US Free Market Coalition Attacks Democrat Tax Plans
29/03/2007 PwC Welcomes Revised 'Managed Service Company' Rules
29/03/2007 Flaherty Tables Canada Budget Measures
29/03/2007 Business Unimpressed By Brown's Company-Friendly Budget
29/03/2007 Lyons Review Threatens To Undermine Effect Of UK Tax Cuts
29/03/2007 US Telecom Tycoon Starts 9-Year Jail Term For Tax Evasion
28/03/2007 Pascal Lamy Still On Doha Marathon
28/03/2007 US Embassy Staff Given More Time To Resolve Tax Issues
28/03/2007 US House Committee To Probe Private Tax Debt Collection
28/03/2007 South Korea Strengthens Taxpayer Rights
28/03/2007 Varney Review Progress 'Too Slow' For Business, Say Tax Experts
28/03/2007 Budget Timeframe For Removal Of Red Diesel Derogation Welcomed
28/03/2007 Austria Asked To Amend Income Tax Rules For Foreign Income
27/03/2007 HMRC Exempts Childrens Trusts From New Tax
27/03/2007 Italy And Sweden Face EC Action Over VAT
27/03/2007 Germany Asked To Amend Tax Treatment Of Expats
27/03/2007 US Senate Approves 2008 Budget Resolution
27/03/2007 Czech Flat Tax Now A Certainty, Says PM
27/03/2007 AIM Investors Fear Loss Of Tax Breaks After 2007 Budget
27/03/2007 Rangel To Chair Joint Committee On Taxation
27/03/2007 House Bill To Block Foreign Company Dividends From Tax Break
26/03/2007 US Taxpayers E-File In Record Numbers
26/03/2007 IoM Asseses Impact Of UK Budget
26/03/2007 UK To Take No Action Over Channel Island VAT 'Loophole'
26/03/2007 Chinese Firms Continue Flocking To Low-Tax Hong Kong
26/03/2007 UK Gaming Tax 'Too High' Experts Warn
26/03/2007 HMRC Prods Contractors Over Imminent Introduction Of CIS
26/03/2007 EC Asks Ireland To End Discriminatory Tax Treatment Of Patent Royalties
23/03/2007 WTO Agrees To Hear Ecuador's Banana Gripe
23/03/2007 UK Budget Places London At Centre Of Islamic Finance
23/03/2007 Baucus, Hatch Tax Bill To Help US Financial Firms Compete Abroad
23/03/2007 PwC To Appeal Moscow Court Ruling Over Yukos Audit Irregularities
23/03/2007 Tories Slam Brown's Last Budget
23/03/2007 WTO Publishes Trade Policy Review Of Canada
22/03/2007 USTR Meets With Vietnam Government To Discuss TIFA
22/03/2007 EC Extends Probe Into Belgian 'Coordination Centres'
22/03/2007 Seychelles To Expand Offshore Sector
22/03/2007 Singapore And Japan Conclude 'New Age' Economic Agreement
22/03/2007 Brown Cuts UK Corporate Tax
22/03/2007 Hungarian Intra-Group Tax Scheme Faces Probe
21/03/2007 ACP Holds Public Hearing On Planned Price Changes
21/03/2007 IRS Sees Fall In Free-File Usage
21/03/2007 IMA Urges Europe To Delay IFRS Adoption
21/03/2007 IoM Budget Heralds Major Review Of Fund Sector
21/03/2007 Canada Budget To Reduce Tax Burden
21/03/2007 Treasury Launches New Measure To Combat VAT Fraud
21/03/2007 Eurostat Publishes 1995-2005 Tax Figures
20/03/2007 UK Light Dues And Tonnage Levels Frozen, Says Shipping Minister
20/03/2007 IRS Data Book Shows Boost In Enforcement Activity
20/03/2007 Grassley Urges Tougher Oversight Of Charitable Contributions
20/03/2007 Tories Challenge Brown To Cut Business Tax
20/03/2007 NPC Approves China's Unified Corporate Tax
19/03/2007 PwC 'Unaffected' by Russian Tax Probe
19/03/2007 Paulson Slams Senate Budget Proposals
19/03/2007 KPMG Predicts Another Revenue-Raising Budget From Brown
19/03/2007 IRS Warns Taxpayers To Steer Clear Of 'Frivolous' Arguments
19/03/2007 US Senate Finance Leaders Question IRS Policy On Outsourcing
19/03/2007 Gibraltar Awaits European Court Decision On Tax Regime
19/03/2007 'Jersey In Figures' Report Published
19/03/2007 Fine Gael Proposes Stamp Duty Reforms
16/03/2007 IRS Admits St Vincent To The QI Program
16/03/2007 US Taxpayers Missing Out On Phone Credits, Says NATP
16/03/2007 OECD Assesses Belgian Economy
16/03/2007 SARS Acts Against Corrupt Tax Officials
16/03/2007 IRS Issues Warning On Proliferation Of Fake Websites
16/03/2007 London Tops Financial Centre League, But Tax Concerns Persist
16/03/2007 IFS Responds To Scottish National Party Local Tax Proposals
16/03/2007 Hong Kong Tax Cuts Aimed At Middle Class
16/03/2007 Senate 2008 Budget Plan Sets Stage For US Tax Reform
15/03/2007 IRS Issues Winter Statistics Of Income Bulletin
15/03/2007 EC To Act On Diesel Excise Duties
15/03/2007 Halliburton Feels Democrat Wrath After Dubai Move
15/03/2007 WTO Wants Faster Progress On Doha Round
14/03/2007 Peru To Reinstate Capital Gains Tax On Share Profits
14/03/2007 Mourant Opens New York's First Offshore Law Office
14/03/2007 US Corporate E-File Deadline Is Tomorrow
14/03/2007 Australia Accuses Muslim Clerics Of Tax Evasion
14/03/2007 IRS Leaves Interest Rates On Hold
14/03/2007 ECJ Rules On UK's 'Thin Cap' Legislation
14/03/2007 Brown Calls For Green Tax Incentives
13/03/2007 Tax Competition Teach-Ins In Major Offshore Centers
13/03/2007 UK Conservatives Propose New Green Air Taxes
13/03/2007 Ireland Is Fertile Ground For High-Growth Start-Ups
13/03/2007 A Tax Inspector Calls On South Africa's Small Firms
13/03/2007 KPMG Is UK's Number One Auditor, Figures Reveal
13/03/2007 HMRC Foils GBP100m Money Laundering Ring
13/03/2007 UK Tax Burden Approaching 'Tipping Point,' Bosses Warn
13/03/2007 First Brussels Tax Forum To Take Place Later This Month
12/03/2007 States Of Jersey To Debate GST Law
12/03/2007 Switzerland And Japan To Launch Free Trade Talks
12/03/2007 Cowen Welcomes Passage Of 2007 Finance Bill
12/03/2007 Balls Weighs In On Private Equity Debate
09/03/2007 CARICOM And Central American Countries To Forge Trade Links
09/03/2007 USTR Takes Issue With Additional Indian Duty On Wine And Spirits
09/03/2007 US Senators Pursue Latest Tax Avoidance Tactics
09/03/2007 US House To Hold Hearing On Business Tax Cuts
09/03/2007 China NPC Examines Corporate Tax Law
08/03/2007 $2.2 Billion In Refunds Due To US Taxpayers
08/03/2007 ECJ Delivers Victory To Taxpayer Over Dividend Tax Credits
08/03/2007 Russian Tax Amnesty Begins
08/03/2007 UK Closes Corporate Tax Loopholes
07/03/2007 Panama's Economy Bounded Ahead In 2006
07/03/2007 IMF Publishes Article IV Concluding Statement On Switzerland
07/03/2007 Firms Paid 10% More In US State And Local Taxes In 2006
07/03/2007 Belize Budget Foreshadows Further Tax Reform
06/03/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Vanuatu
06/03/2007 ATO Cracks Down On Dishonest Tax Agents
06/03/2007 Bush Administration Delivers Annual Report On Trade Agreements
06/03/2007 UK To Improve Tax Treatment Of Offshore Funds
06/03/2007 British Industry Calls On Brown To Restore UK Tax Competitiveness
06/03/2007 Jersey's New PCC Laws Used For First Time To Merge Funds
05/03/2007 IRS Seeks New Topics For Industry Issue Resolution Program
05/03/2007 Netherland Antilles Signs TIEAs With Australia And New Zealand
05/03/2007 Russia Mulls Cut In Corporate Profit Tax
05/03/2007 ECJ Likely To Give UK Investment Trusts GBP40m Tax Boost
05/03/2007 Paulson To Visit Japan, Korea and China For Bilateral Talks
05/03/2007 Britons Wasting GBP8 Billion In Unecessary Taxes
02/03/2007 Canada Commons Committee Calls For Reduction In Income Trust Tax
02/03/2007 HMRC Overtime Ban To Delay Processing Of Tax Returns
02/03/2007 South African Government Denies Windfall Tax Rumours
02/03/2007 Indian Budget Increases Investment Taxes
02/03/2007 Jersey Mulls Environmental Tax
02/03/2007 USTR Welcomes Mexican Support Over Chinese Subsidies
01/03/2007 Jersey Showcases Finance Industry To Venture Capitalists
01/03/2007 Tang Resists Cutting Hong Kong Tax Rates
01/03/2007 Tax Wedge On Wages Largely Unchanged In OECD
01/03/2007 CARICOM Pushes Free Trade With Central America
01/03/2007 Chinese Tax Rumours Wipe Billions From Global Share Values
01/03/2007 SPD Discontent Threatens To Derail German Corporate Tax Reform
01/03/2007 Deadline Approaching On New Powers Consultation, Says HMRC
28/02/2007 UK Expats In Spain Should Beware Inheritance Tax
28/02/2007 WTO Publishes Trade Policy Review Of Europe
28/02/2007 IMA Urges Brown To Keep UK Fund Industry Competitive
28/02/2007 IRS Appoints 'Seasoned Prosecutor' To Head Criminal Division
28/02/2007 Travel Industry Launches Legal Challenge To UK Air Passenger Tax
27/02/2007 Predictions For The UK March Budget
27/02/2007 IRS Backs Down On USVI Tax Returns
27/02/2007 New Figures Confirm Alarming Growth Of UK IHT Net
27/02/2007 New Head Of Russian Tax Service 'Not A Security Official,' Says Kudrin
27/02/2007 Bush Reiterates Need For Tax Reforms In Healthcare
27/02/2007 Tax Cuts Not On Cards For Hong Kong Budget
27/02/2007 EC Publishes Guidance On Transfer Pricing
27/02/2007 10 Million US Taxpayers Have So Far Missed Out On Phone Tax Refund
26/02/2007 HMRC Urges Employees To Shop Their Bosses
26/02/2007 US Government To Address Accounting Issues For Auto Dealers
26/02/2007 Court Ruling To Give UK Theatres A Tax Boost
26/02/2007 Indian CST Phase Out To Begin In April
26/02/2007 Senior Democrat Calls For Normalisation Of US-Russia Trade Relations
23/02/2007 Canada's Regulator Plans New Hedge Fund Regime
23/02/2007 UK Business Leaders Call For Easing Of Tax On Investment
23/02/2007 India Denies Tax Raids On Stockbrokers
23/02/2007 South African Budget To Reform Dividend Taxes
23/02/2007 EC To Probe Royal Mail Funding
23/02/2007 EU Tax Authorities To Increase Cooperation Over VAT Fraud
23/02/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Cyprus
22/02/2007 IMF Mission Issues Statement Following Costa Rica Visit
22/02/2007 Brown On Track To Meet Golden Rule, Says IFS
22/02/2007 5 New Scams Included In IRS's 'Dirty Dozen' Blacklist
22/02/2007 Tax Cuts Slated For 2007 Canadian Budget
22/02/2007 United States And Bulgaria To Sign Tax Treaty
21/02/2007 UK On-Line Tax Filing Error-Prone, Say Advisers
21/02/2007 Balls Announces New Tax Measures Designed To Boost City Competitiveness
21/02/2007 Bush Assures Panama On Free Trade Deal
21/02/2007 Review Of Business Expansion Scheme Published By Irish Government
21/02/2007 UK Court Of Appeal Rules Against Government In M And S Tax Case
20/02/2007 EUR470 Million Aid Package For India Proposed
20/02/2007 SEC To Cut Securities Transaction Fees
20/02/2007 IRS Probing Tax Preparers For Claiming 'Egregious' Phone Tax Refunds
20/02/2007 House Approves Tax Breaks For Small US Firms
20/02/2007 Yet Another Levin Bill To 'Stamp Out Offshore Tax Evasion By Americans'
20/02/2007 US And Liberia Sign TIFA
20/02/2007 Cox Delivers Bermuda Budget
19/02/2007 Ferrero-Waldner Visits India To Discuss Trade
19/02/2007 US Congress Attempts To Narrow Capital Gains Tax Gap
16/02/2007 Merck Expects To Pay IRS $2.3 Billion
16/02/2007 Switzerland To Fight On Against EU Tax Claims
16/02/2007 USTR Holds Talks With COMESA
16/02/2007 Singapore Sharpens Competitive Edge With Corporate Tax Cut
16/02/2007 R And D Tax Credit Rules Still Confusing UK Manufacturers
16/02/2007 CBI Boss Slams Call For Tougher Bonus Taxes
15/02/2007 CARICOM Meeting Celebrates Single Market Progress
15/02/2007 Canadian Liberals Pitch Alternative Trust Tax Plan
15/02/2007 UK Construction Industry Unprepared For New Tax Regime
15/02/2007 IRS To Waive Tax Penalties For Some US Expats
15/02/2007 South Asia Lagging Behind On Business Reforms
15/02/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Canada
15/02/2007 EU Adopts New Agreement On Pharmaceutical Customs Duties
14/02/2007 GOAL Acquires Magenta One
14/02/2007 House Tax Writers Approve Small Business Relief Bill
14/02/2007 Europe Tells Switzerland To Scrap 'Unfair' Company Taxes
14/02/2007 Hong Kong And China Discuss Expansion Of CEPA
14/02/2007 SARS Urges Small Firms To Comply With Tax Amnesty Or Face Consequences
13/02/2007 The WTO's Doha Round Is Restarting
13/02/2007 EC Comments On Energy Tax Measures In Several Member States
13/02/2007 Ireland Restates Position Regarding Consolidated Corporate Tax Base Plans
13/02/2007 McCreevy Speaks Out Against High Taxes
13/02/2007 South Korea Blocks Foreign Fund Managers From Tax Exemption
13/02/2007 House Tax Writers Introduce US Small Business Relief Bill
13/02/2007 Brussels Readies Official Complaint Against Swiss Tax System
13/02/2007 City Bonuses Should Be Shared Or Taxed, Says Senior Labour Figure
12/02/2007 HMRC Cracks Down On UK Managed Services Companies
12/02/2007 IRS Tackles Stock Option Mis-Pricing
12/02/2007 Australia Aims To Cut Small Business Compliance Burden
12/02/2007 China To Encourage Hi-Tech Industry With Import Tax Breaks
12/02/2007 VAT Change To Bring Cashflow Boost To UK Businesses
12/02/2007 EC Takes Issue With IRAP Exemptions In Sicily
09/02/2007 Panama Appoints Canal Advisor, Hikes Tolls
09/02/2007 Finland, Ireland And Luxembourg Receive EC Scrutiny Over Stability Programmes
09/02/2007 IRS Begins Processing 'Extender' Deduction Claims
09/02/2007 OECD To Improve Model Tax Treaty Convention
09/02/2007 House Signals Compromise On Minimum Wage Bill Tax Breaks
09/02/2007 Former Australian Tax Officer Jailed For Fraud
08/02/2007 The WTO's Lamy Stresses Importance Of Doha For The Environment
08/02/2007 Proposed Dutch Tax Breaks Get Mixed Reception From EC
08/02/2007 SEC Takes Reinsurer To Task Over Sham Transaction
08/02/2007 US Comments On TIFA Meeting With Mauritius
08/02/2007 HMRC Issues Guidance For Online Traders
08/02/2007 Malta's Growth Forecast 'On The Optimistic Side,' Says EC
08/02/2007 Bush Budget Receives Frosty Response From Democrats
07/02/2007 Luxembourg Unveils New Holding Company Regime
07/02/2007 AmCham Praises Ireland's Record, But Warns Of Sterner Challenges
07/02/2007 Barbados Begins Land Tax Survey
07/02/2007 Australia, Antigua TIEA 'A Step Forward For Global Tax Transparency,' Says OECD
07/02/2007 Bush's Budget Proposes Permanent Tax Reliefs
07/02/2007 HMRC Makes 10 Arrests In Missing Trader Fraud Swoop
06/02/2007 IMF Chief Concludes Visit To Costa Rica
06/02/2007 US Takes China Before WTO Over Prohibited Subsidies
06/02/2007 Australia Signs TIEA With Antigua And Barbuda
06/02/2007 IRS To Set Up 'Whistleblower' Office
06/02/2007 Irish Finance Bill Extends Business Expansion Scheme
06/02/2007 PKF Condemns HMRC's 'Petty' Attack On UK Small Business
06/02/2007 HMRC Continues To Update SDLT Submission Procedure
05/02/2007 Senate Approves Minimum Wage Hike With Tax Cuts
05/02/2007 First US-Mauritius TIFA Meeting Begins Today
05/02/2007 Tax Plays No Part In Swiss-EU Agreement, Bern Insists
05/02/2007 Tsang Pledges Tax Cuts For Hong Kong If Reinstated As Leader
05/02/2007 Chirac In Favour Of Carbon Tax On US Firms
05/02/2007 UK Government To Bring Forward ISA Reforms
05/02/2007 Online Tax Filing Has Hit New Record, Says HMRC
05/02/2007 720,000 SSIAs To Mature In Coming Months, Says Revenue Commission
05/02/2007 Four More Banks To Be Forced To Disclose Taxpayer Details
02/02/2007 House Bill To Axe US Internet Taxes Proposed
02/02/2007 Sales Tax Comes Into Force In Antigua And Barbuda
01/02/2007 Triple Boost For Jersey's Funds Sector
01/02/2007 Senators Demand Answers From IRS On US Tax Gap
01/02/2007 Flaherty Stands By Decision To Tax Income Trusts
01/02/2007 HMRC Victorious In Construction Industry Tax Fraud Case
01/02/2007 Air Passenger Duty Increase Illegal, Say Tories
31/01/2007 IRS Drives Hedge Funds Out Of USVI
31/01/2007 IFS And ETPF To Co-Host International Tax Conference
31/01/2007 Canada To Streamline GST For Financial Services Sector
31/01/2007 EFTA Signs FTA With Egypt, Mulls Trade Deal With Indonesia
31/01/2007 US State Tax Rates Held Steady In 2006
31/01/2007 Demand For Tax Transparency Posing Challenge To Global Business
31/01/2007 Russian Tax Authorities Continue To Crusade Against Oil Firms
30/01/2007 Mauritius FSC Backs Global Business Sector
30/01/2007 Swiss Government Hosts Informal WEF Meeting
30/01/2007 Democrats Urge Bush To Exercise 'Fiscal Responsibilty'
30/01/2007 Trans-Tasman Single Market A Step Closer To Reality
30/01/2007 US And Uruguay Sign TIFA
29/01/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Antigua And Barbuda
29/01/2007 EC Looks At Danish Tax Treatment Of Alternative Market Investment
29/01/2007 CBO Predicts Smaller 2007 US Deficit
29/01/2007 Taxpayers Claiming 'Improper' Phone Tax Refunds, Says IRS
29/01/2007 Oversight Board Report Commends IRS, But Urges More Action on Tax Gap
29/01/2007 Small Firms May Qualify For Additional Tax Waivers Under SA Amnesty
29/01/2007 US And Switzerland Open Trade Dialogue
29/01/2007 CIOT Announces New Appointments
29/01/2007 Cyprus To Join Eurozone In February 2008
26/01/2007 UK Small Business Faces Tax Action On Dividends
26/01/2007 Taxes Spoil Bulgarian EU Celebrations
26/01/2007 Schwab Attends World Economic Forum, Pushes For Doha Progress
26/01/2007 Democrats To Oppose Bush's Health Tax Plans
26/01/2007 IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline
26/01/2007 US Senate Rejects 'Clean' Minimum Wage Bill
25/01/2007 Hong Kong May Cut Tax Rates
25/01/2007 HMRC Urges Contractors To Prepare For CIS Introduction
25/01/2007 EC Scrutinises Proposed Danish Tonnage Tax Amendments
25/01/2007 Bush Proposes Standard Deduction For Health Insurance
25/01/2007 Senators Look To Tax Reform To Close US Tax Gap
25/01/2007 Roll Up For The Great British IHT Giveaway!
24/01/2007 Bulgaria And Romania Receive Status Update Under GSP Program
24/01/2007 Brazil's Fiscal Stimulus Package Announced
24/01/2007 Foreign Criticism Prompts Swiss To Examine Tax System
24/01/2007 OECD's Owens Explains Work Of International Tax Forum
23/01/2007 Bush Plans Tax Reform To Boost Heath Insurance Coverage
23/01/2007 Switzerland Makes Progress In Free Trade Talks
23/01/2007 Czech Republic Attracting Record Inward Investment
23/01/2007 GCC And Singapore Hold Free Trade Talks
23/01/2007 Big Yellow's Rift With HMRC Threatens REIT Conversion
23/01/2007 UK Should Tie Tax To Environment, Says Adviser
23/01/2007 Guernsey Finance Sponsors 2007 Fiduciary Forum
23/01/2007 EC Takes Member States To Task Over Dividend Taxation
22/01/2007 ECJ Rules On Polish Excise Tax
22/01/2007 US House Votes To Rescind Big Oil Tax Breaks
22/01/2007 IRS Opens Improved Free File Program
22/01/2007 Canada's Trusts Look To Corporate Status After Tax Decision
22/01/2007 KPMG UK Announces Senior Tax Appointment
19/01/2007 Another Bermuda Lloyds Defection In The Wind
19/01/2007 HMRC Consults Further On New Criminal Investigation Powers
19/01/2007 Senate Tax Committee Approves Closure Of Shelters And Loopholes
19/01/2007 US Lawmakers Question IRS Audit Practices
19/01/2007 IRS Kicks Off '07 E-File Season
19/01/2007 South Korean Tax Cut Plan To Boost Growth And Investment
18/01/2007 UK Pension Reforms Could Mean Refunds Of Voluntary NI Contributions
18/01/2007 Tax Revenues Drive Down US Federal Deficit
18/01/2007 AIMA Warns UK To Preserve Investment Manager Tax Exemption
18/01/2007 US Government Issues Guidance On Pension Distributions
18/01/2007 Salazar Introduces Business Tax Relief Act In US Senate
18/01/2007 The Americas Lead World In Economic Freedom
17/01/2007 Canadian Investors Call For Legal Scrutiny Of Income Trust Tax
17/01/2007 US And China Reach Landmark Advance Pricing Agreement
17/01/2007 Hong Kong Remains World's Freest Economy
17/01/2007 Berlusconi Off The Hook In Tax Evasion Trial
17/01/2007 Democrats Seek Curbs On Big Oil Tax Breaks
17/01/2007 DLA Piper Becomes First Law Firm To Join Reita
16/01/2007 US Treasury And Illinois Pilot Business Tax Payment Scheme
16/01/2007 Senators Unveil Small Business Tax Cut Package
16/01/2007 Australia To Consolidate Tax Privacy Laws
16/01/2007 USTR Welcomes Viet Nam's WTO Accession
16/01/2007 HMRC Sting In Northern Ireland Brings Down GBP1m Tax Fraudster
15/01/2007 IRS And Hollywood Reach Agreement Over Taxation Of Gift Bags
15/01/2007 US House Passes 'Clean' Minimum Wage Increase Bill
15/01/2007 Rangel Supports Moves To Axe Private Tax Debt Collection
15/01/2007 Tax Reform 'Not On The Agenda' Says Chilean Government
15/01/2007 German EU Presidency To Push For Continuation Of Doha Round
15/01/2007 Revenue Commission Survey Shows High Reliance On Accountants In SME Sector
12/01/2007 Senate Bill Proposes Tax Credit To Balance Minimum Wage Hike
12/01/2007 PKF Calls For Linkage Of UK Stamp Duty To Energy Efficiency
12/01/2007 SARS Declares War On Corporate Tax Avoidance Schemes
12/01/2007 Singapore And Morocco Sign Double Tax Avoidance Deal
12/01/2007 US Increases Royalty Rate For New Offshore Oil And Gas Leases
12/01/2007 Viet Nam Joins World Trade Organisation
12/01/2007 HMRC To Change Taxation Of Retirement Annuities
11/01/2007 EC Closes Tax Infringement Proceedings Against Spain And Italy
11/01/2007 Canada Over-Reliant On Income And Business Taxes, Study Suggests
11/01/2007 New York Senate Leadership Unveils $1.3bn Business Tax Cut Plan
11/01/2007 US Taxpayer Advocate Tells Congress AMT Is Major Concern
11/01/2007 Sweden Taken To Task Over Discriminatory Pension Taxation
11/01/2007 Portugal Discriminates Against Foreign Service Providers, Says EC
11/01/2007 ITI Comes Out In Support Of Business Expansion Scheme
10/01/2007 Mobile Phone VAT 'Carousel' Gang Is Gaoled
10/01/2007 Foreign Funds In India Hit By Tax Ruling
10/01/2007 NATP Warns Of Missing Lines On US Tax Forms
10/01/2007 IMF Releases Conclusions Of Article IV Consultation With Hong Kong
10/01/2007 Liberty Tax Service Acquires Online Tax Preparation Firm
10/01/2007 Overall US Tax Rate Edged Up In 2004
10/01/2007 EC Tells Italy To Amend Interest And Royalties Tax Law
10/01/2007 Australia Progresses Tax Reform Of Financial Arrangements
10/01/2007 Tax To Pay For Schwarzenegger's Health Reforms
09/01/2007 India And Mauritius Still Head-To-Head Over Tax Treaty
09/01/2007 Baucus Bill To Expand US Research Tax Breaks
09/01/2007 Court Backs IRS In LILO Tax Shelter Case
09/01/2007 New 'Paygo' Rules May Put Upward Pressure On US Taxes
09/01/2007 Netherland Antilles Seeks Tax Agreement With Jamaica
09/01/2007 Greece Asked To End Discrimination Against Non-Greek Partnerships
09/01/2007 Belgium Taken To Task Over Discriminatory Housing Taxation
08/01/2007 IRS Kicks Off 2007 US Tax Filing Season
08/01/2007 KPMG Launches Tax Governance Institute
08/01/2007 US Senate Gets To Work On AMT Repeal
08/01/2007 Foreign Firms' South Korean Tax Bills Up Sharply Last Year
08/01/2007 HMRC Clarifies Position On Tax Residence
08/01/2007 Barroso To Discuss Trade, Economic Issues During US Visit
05/01/2007 US Dismisses Criminal Case Against KPMG
05/01/2007 Property Tax Revenues Help Bring Irish Exchequer Into Surplus
05/01/2007 UK Freelancers Call For Greater Recognition In 2007
05/01/2007 Chirac Calls For Bold Cut In French Corporate Tax Rate
05/01/2007 Indonesia Grants Industry-Specific Tax Breaks
05/01/2007 2007 Promises Modest Tax Cuts For Canadian Taxpayers
04/01/2007 Luxembourg Terminates 1929 Holding Companies Regime
04/01/2007 UK's Land Securities Converts To REIT Status
04/01/2007 China Sets 2006 Tax Revenue Record
04/01/2007 Bush Predicts Balanced Budget By 2012
04/01/2007 Global Investors Pour Money Into Ireland
04/01/2007 IMF Unveils Details Of Dominica Review
03/01/2007 Czech Republic May Return To Flat Tax Plans
03/01/2007 Tang Dampens Expectations Ahead Of 2007/8 Hong Kong Budget
03/01/2007 Civil Service Staff Threaten Self-Assessment Deadline Day Strike
03/01/2007 Foreign Firms In China To Lose Tax Privileges
03/01/2007 Moody's Issues Favourable Report On The Bahamas
03/01/2007 Singapore's Lee Confirms GST Increase
02/01/2007 Canada To Improve Taxation Of Financial Institutions
02/01/2007 Survey Shows Lack Of Trust In HMRC's E-Filing System
02/01/2007 Nevis 2007 Budget Has Deficit Of $10 Million

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