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22/09/2017 OECD Expands Consultation On Offshore Indirect Transfers Of Assets
22/09/2017 IRS Extends Disaster Tax Relief To Georgia
21/09/2017 Irish Finance Minister Discusses Tax Priorities
20/09/2017 IRS Urged To Reach Out To Payroll Services Providers
20/09/2017 Corporate Inversions To Cost US USD12bn By 2027: CBO
18/09/2017 US Hearing On Improving IRS Appeals Process
18/09/2017 Trump Looks To Democrats To Shore Up Tax Reform Push
15/09/2017 Kazakhstan Signs FATCA Agreement with US
15/09/2017 EU's PANA Committee Visits Switzerland
13/09/2017 Sweden To Reduce Tax For Start-Ups
06/09/2017 US Bill Would Limit IRS Asset Seizures
06/09/2017 Second Round Of NAFTA Talks Conclude
05/09/2017 IRS Waives Diesel Fuel Tax Penalties In Texas
05/09/2017 WTO Reverses Decision On US Boeing Subsidies
04/09/2017 Canada Creates NAFTA Environment Advisory Council
31/08/2017 IRS Defers Tax Obligations For Hurricane-Hit Taxpayers
29/08/2017 US Delays Final Decision On Canadian Lumber Duties
28/08/2017 US Mulls Trade Dispute Duties On Chinese Pipe Fittings
25/08/2017 Irish Construction Firms Reducing Exposure To UK
24/08/2017 US Confirms Duties On Biodiesel from Argentina, Indonesia
23/08/2017 S Korea Rejects US Calls For FTA Renegotiation
22/08/2017 First Round Of NAFTA Renegotiation Talks Concludes
21/08/2017 Canadian SMEs Concerned By NAFTA Renegotiation Talks
17/08/2017 Swiss Tax Planners Agree US Non-Prosecution Agreement
17/08/2017 IRS Penalties For Tax Mistakes Rise By 33pc
17/08/2017 As Talks Start, NAFTA Border States Urge Compromise
16/08/2017 Think Tank Warns Of Challenges For Canada In NAFTA Talks
15/08/2017 Canadian Foreign Minister Explains NAFTA Priorities
14/08/2017 US To Pursue Dumping Duties Against Korea, Taiwan
14/08/2017 EU, Apple 'Nearing Deal' On Tax Dispute
14/08/2017 US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports
11/08/2017 Canada Steps Up NAFTA Preparations
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
07/08/2017 US Taxpayers Call For New Obamacare Levies To Be Shelved
03/08/2017 Creating US Territorial Tax System Complex, Tax Foundation Says
03/08/2017 Canada Preparing For NAFTA Talks
02/08/2017 US Treasury Watchdog Criticizes IRS Hires
01/08/2017 US Democrats Offer Support On 'Fair Health Care Reform'
31/07/2017 US Delays Anti-Inversion Regulations
03/08/2017 IMF Calls For Rethink On US Tax Reform Design
25/07/2017 UK, US 'Laying Groundwork' For Future Trade Deal
25/07/2017 IRS's Appeals Function To Offer Online Consultations
25/07/2017 Bipartisan Support For Territorial US Tax System, BEPS Measures
24/07/2017 Ibec Publishes Irish Budget Wish List
24/07/2017 NAFTA Talks To Start August 16
18/07/2017 Canada Ready To Work On NAFTA
18/07/2017 Senate Republicans Propose 'Fairer' Health Care Bill
18/07/2017 US Publishes Objectives For NAFTA Update
17/07/2017 US Investigates Dumping Of Spanish Olives
17/07/2017 US House Committee Discusses Small Business Tax Reform
17/07/2017 IMF Urges Canada To Review Tax System
17/07/2017 Corporate Tax Rate Cut A Top Priority: Hatch
14/07/2017 Netherlands And Indonesia Clarify Fund Taxation
13/07/2017 US Expedites Anti-Dumping Reviews
13/07/2017 TPP11 Explore Plan B Agreement In Japan
13/07/2017 Study Looks At US Tax Reform Revenue Gap
12/07/2017 New Tax Treaties Key To Aircraft Leasing Growth In Hong Kong, Says Report
12/07/2017 Senate Health Care Bill 'A Win For Middle Class,' Says ATR
14/07/2017 Concerned Raised Over IRS's Payroll Tax Oversight
06/07/2017 Switzerland Exploring Options For Freer Trade
05/07/2017 Democrats Seek Say On New Republican Health Care Bill
05/07/2017 US, Mexico Finalize Sugar Trade Compromise
05/07/2017 US Urged To Resist NAFTA Protectionism
04/07/2017 China To Probe Dumping Of Styrene by US, Korea, Taiwan
29/06/2017 IMF Chimes In On US Tax Reform Plans
28/06/2017 Canadian Ministers Discuss US Anti-Dumping Duties
28/06/2017 IMF Urges Ireland To Adopt Cautious Fiscal Approach
27/06/2017 Americans For Tax Reform Backs Airport Tax Bill
27/06/2017 Think Tank: No Economic Reason For Irish Tax Cuts
27/06/2017 IRS Told To Improve Identity Theft Protections For Taxpayers
27/06/2017 Canada Disappointed By Latest US Anti-Dumping Duties
26/06/2017 US May Extend Nuclear Power Tax Credit
23/06/2017 US House Passes Mobile Workforce Tax Simplification Bill
22/06/2017 Switzerland Consults On Customs Cooperation With US
22/06/2017 IRS Begins Reissuing PTINs Without Charge
21/06/2017 Ryan Hopeful US Tax Reform Is Possible This Year
21/06/2017 Mexico Rules Out Its Own Response To US Tax Reform Plan
20/06/2017 US Taxpayers' Input Sought On Tax Reform
19/06/2017 New Zealand Says United States Open To FTA
16/06/2017 US Seeks Views On Mexican Sugar Trade Compromise
27/06/2017 WTO Rules On Latest EU-US Boeing Dispute
27/06/2017 US Expected To Cut Aviation Taxes As Part Of ATC Reform
08/06/2017 Singapore Reaffirms Commitment To Carbon Tax
07/06/2017 US, New Zealand Agree To Exchange CbC Reports
07/06/2017 New Zealand Seeking FTA Talks With EU
01/06/2017 IMF Analyzes Impact Of US Tax Changes On Canada
31/05/2017 Views Sought On NAFTA Tariff Changes
29/05/2017 Americans For Tax Reform Backs Simple Tax Form For Seniors
29/05/2017 US 2018 Budget Says Tax Reform To Be Deficit-Neutral
24/05/2017 Mexican Sugar Industry Seeks Equal Border Tax On US Sugar
23/05/2017 China Renews Anti-Dumping Duties On Chloroprene Rubber
23/05/2017 Tax Foundation To Campaign Against Retroactive US Tax Law Changes
22/05/2017 US Lawmakers Continue Tax Reform Talks
22/05/2017 Canada Criticizes Latest US Anti-Dumping Investigations
19/05/2017 Canada Responds To Launch Of US NAFTA Consultations
19/05/2017 US Kickstarts NAFTA Renegotiation Process
18/05/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Challenges To Ireland
17/05/2017 US Pass-Through Tax Plan 'A Massive Tax Break For High Earners'
17/05/2017 North America A Growing Market For Irish Exporters
17/05/2017 Canadian Firms Seeking Supportive Tax Policies


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