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Search Results for Switzerland in 2015.

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30/12/2015 US Collects USD1bn In Swiss Bank Program Penalties
23/12/2015 Switzerland, Italy Agree Tax Deal For Cross-Border Workers
21/12/2015 Swiss Federal Council Rules On Tax Status Of Fines And Bribes
11/12/2015 Italy May Net EUR4bn From Concluded Tax Amnesty
10/12/2015 EFTA States, Georgia Hold Second Round Of FTA Talks
09/12/2015 ATO Launches New Campaign Against Tax Evaders
09/12/2015 EU, San Marino Ink Tax Transparency Agreement
04/12/2015 EC Investigates Luxembourg's Tax Rulings For McDonald's
02/12/2015 Swiss Court Announces Sentence For HSBC Data Leak
01/12/2015 EFTA Delegation Visits Georgia To Promote FTA Talks
26/11/2015 Switzerland, Brazil Sign TIEA
19/11/2015 Swiss Council Adopts Dispatch On AEOI With Australia
17/11/2015 New Zealand To Levy GST On Online Retailers
13/11/2015 DTA Approvals Sent For US Senate Vote
12/11/2015 Swiss Council Adopts Dispatch On Albania DTA Protocol
12/11/2015 European Savings Tax Directive Repealed
03/11/2015 Swiss Federal Council Approves Liechtenstein, Norway DTAs
02/11/2015 US Administration Pushes For Swiss DTA Update Ratification
29/10/2015 Switzerland-Argentina DTA To Enter Into Force
28/10/2015 MEPs Endorse Swiss Deal To Replace Savings Tax Directive
21/10/2015 EU Commission Outlaws Starbucks, Fiat Rulings
15/10/2015 Swiss Federal Council Approves Oman DTA
13/10/2015 EFTA, Malaysia Continue Free Trade Talks
09/10/2015 Swiss Government Welcomes BEPS Recommendations
08/10/2015 Swiss Federal Council Adopts Dispatch On New TIEAs
29/09/2015 EFTA, Philippines Hold Third Round Of FTA Talks
24/09/2015 Swiss Banks Outline Stance On AEOI
23/09/2015 EFTA, Albania Add New Chapter To FTA
16/09/2015 Hong Kong Heads Fiscal Freedom Global Ranking
14/09/2015 Switzerland To Amend Withholding Tax Regime
10/09/2015 Switzerland Signs New DTA Protocols
09/09/2015 EFTA States, Georgia Launch FTA Talks
08/09/2015 Italy Welcomes Hike In Amnesty Applications
03/09/2015 Switzerland Stands Firm On Stolen Data Information Requests
31/08/2015 Italy Ratifies Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein TIEAs
28/08/2015 German-Speaking Finance Ministers Talk Tax
27/08/2015 Swiss Federal Council Opposes 'Protection Of Privacy' Initiative
26/08/2015 Switzerland Rules Out VAT Refund For TV Reception Fee
25/08/2015 Study Supports Switzerland's New Patent Box
14/08/2015 Foreigners Contribute EUR6.8bn In Italian Income Tax
14/08/2015 OECD Tracks Tax Admin Changes In 56 Countries
13/08/2015 Swiss Federal Council Adopts Dispatch On Italy DTA
13/08/2015 Swiss Tax Break For Not-For-Profits Enacted
12/08/2015 Switzerland, Belize Sign TIEA
27/08/2015 EU States Brought Up On Aviation Law Failings
04/08/2015 WTO States Miss Doha Round Deadline
30/07/2015 Swiss Patent Box To Have 'Limited Impact'
23/07/2015 Switzerland, Germany Agree Deal On Cross-Border Banking
16/07/2015 Switzerland, Liechtenstein Sign Double Tax Deal
07/07/2015 EFTA, Philippines Hold Second Round Of FTA Talks
06/07/2015 Swiss Revenue Retained On Behalf Of EU Down
30/06/2015 OECD Urges Greater Use Of Green Taxes
25/06/2015 Switzerland Postpones Withholding Tax Reforms
23/06/2015 Guatemala Joins EFTA-Central America Trade Deal
17/06/2015 Swiss Financial Center Advisory Board Begins Work
11/06/2015 Switzerland Rules Out FTA With EU
10/06/2015 EFTA, Turkey Make Headway On Upgraded FTA
10/06/2015 Monsanto Pursuing Inversion With Syngenta
10/06/2015 Swiss Federal Council Adopts AEOI Dispatch
08/06/2015 Swiss Federal Council Approves Corporate Tax Reforms
04/06/2015 Australia Signs Up To Automatic Tax Info Exchange
01/06/2015 EFTA Nations, Vietnam Continue Free Trade Talks
01/06/2015 Gibraltar Meets With New EU Tax Ruling Commitee
29/05/2015 Switzerland, Italy Talk Tax Cooperation
28/05/2015 EU, Switzerland Sign Tax Transparency Deal
28/05/2015 IMF Welcomes Corporate Tax Reform In Switzerland
26/05/2015 Switzerland, Oman Sign DTA
26/05/2015 EU Tax Committee Hears From Switzerland
26/05/2015 Musicians Protest Against Spanish VAT Rate
22/05/2015 Swiss Bankers Respond To Privacy Initiative
14/05/2015 Swiss Federal Council Discusses Tax Administrative Assistance
13/05/2015 States Continue Talks To Expand IT Trade Agreement
12/05/2015 EFTA, Malaysia Continue Free Trade Pact Talks
05/05/2015 Greece Announces Tax Amnesty Plans
30/04/2015 Switzerland Consults On AEOI With Australia
28/05/2015 Manx Ship Registry Permits Monaco, Switzerland Ownership Structures
27/04/2015 EFTA Seeks Stronger Ties With Mercosur
24/04/2015 European, African Trade Blocs Seek To Improve FTA
23/04/2015 Switzerland, France Discuss Tax
23/04/2015 Switzerland To Amend Tax Treatment Of PEs
23/04/2015 Norway's Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives Approved
16/04/2015 EFTA Parliamentary Committee Discusses TTIP
14/04/2015 Individual Tax Burdens Continued To Rise In 2014
06/04/2015 Italy Amends Country 'Black Lists'
02/04/2015 Switzerland Finalizes Corporate Tax Reforms
30/03/2015 EFTA, Philippines Hold First FTA Negotiations
20/03/2015 Switzerland, EU Ink New Savings Tax Pact
19/03/2015 OECD Supports Swiss Tax Transparency Advances
12/03/2015 Swiss Voters Reject Proposal To Replace VAT
10/03/2015 EFTA, Mercosur Moot Free Trade Agreement
05/03/2015 Switzerland, Australia To Automatically Share Tax Data
03/03/2015 EFTA States, Turkey Discuss Expanding FTA
27/02/2015 France Allows UK To Share Stolen Bank Data
25/02/2015 Italy Expects Tax Influx From Swiss Agreement
24/02/2015 US Business Groups Add To Calls For DTA Approvals
24/02/2015 Switzerland, Italy In Landmark Tax Deal
19/02/2015 EFTA, Bosnia FTA To Benefit Maritime Industry
11/02/2015 European States, Georgia Continue FTA Talks
11/02/2015 US Accountants Call For DTA Approvals
09/02/2015 Switzerland, Liechtenstein Conclude DTA Talks


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