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Search Results for Switzerland in 2014.

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18/12/2014 Two Swiss VAT Rule Changes From January 1
17/12/2014 EFTA States Plan Response To TTIP
02/12/2014 Switzerland To Amend Income WHT Regime For Foreigners
01/12/2014 European States, Malaysia Seek Free Trade Agreement
25/11/2014 Tax Compliance Burden Easing For Businesses Globally
14/11/2014 Swiss Federal Council Adopts Dispatches On New DTAs
04/11/2014 Switzerland's First Tax Info Exchange Pacts To Take Effect
24/10/2014 Switzerland To Add Info Exchange Provisions To All DTAs
21/10/2014 Switzerland To Fill Argentinian Double Tax Treaty Void
21/10/2014 Italy, Switzerland DTA Talks Proceeding, Despite Problems
20/10/2014 Switzerland Extends Olive Branch To India On Tax
17/10/2014 Switzerland, EU Finalize Agreement On Corporate Tax Reform
10/10/2014 Switzerland Commits To Automatic Tax Information Exchange
09/10/2014 Austrian Finances Improve On Stronger Tax-Take
07/10/2014 Switzerland To Keep Lump-Sum Tax For Foreigners
06/10/2014 EPIA Calls For Quick Conclusion To Talks On Free Trade For Green Goods
02/10/2014 Swiss Tax Burden To Remain Stable
25/09/2014 Switzerland Plans Landmark Cantonal Corporate Tax Reforms
24/09/2014 EFTA States, Turkey To Rewrite Free Trade Deal
24/09/2014 Switzerland Seeks To Relieve Double Tax On PEs
19/09/2014 Switzerland Clarifies Fines Not Tax Deductible
01/09/2014 Swiss Federal Council Rejects 'Basic Income' Proposals
25/08/2014 Bahamas' FM Fleshes Out Value-Added Tax Plans
25/08/2014 Swiss Trade Deal With Costa Rica, Panama To Enter Into Force
25/08/2014 APEC Continues Work To Reduce Green Goods Tariffs
22/08/2014 Switzerland To Expand Tax Info Sharing Network
18/08/2014 Swiss To Take Tough Stance On Client Data Leaks
13/08/2014 No Inversion For Walgreens In Alliance Boots Deal
13/08/2014 Switzerland Rejects VAT Cut For Hospitality Industry
06/08/2014 OECD Releases New Peer Review Reports
31/07/2014 Costa Rica, Panama FTA With EFTA To Take Force
31/07/2014 Switzerland, Italy Working To Remedy Tax Disputes
22/07/2014 Switzerland Warns Of Carbon Tax Hike
17/07/2014 Switzerland, Iceland Sign Double Tax Pact
10/07/2014 NZ, Canada Welcome WTO Environmental Goods Talks
07/07/2014 European States To Negotiate Filipino FTA
04/07/2014 Swiss EU Savings Tax Collections Fell In 2013
04/07/2014 EFTA-Gulf States FTA Enters In Force
03/07/2014 Switzerland Hails Chinese Free Trade Pact
03/07/2014 Switzerland Agrees Tax Regime Review With EU
01/07/2014 ATO Stepping Up Efforts Against Offshore Tax Avoidance
30/06/2014 France, Switzerland To Expand Tax Information Exchange
27/06/2014 Switzerland To Recognize EU Tax Code Of Conduct
26/06/2014 Switzerland To Improve Cooperation In Tax Matters
24/06/2014 France Rescinds IHT Treaty With Switzerland
20/06/2014 UK Deploying Swiss Disclosure Facility Data
16/06/2014 Franco-Swiss IHT Deal Blocked By Upper House
12/06/2014 Swiss Tax Break Proposed For Ideological Associations
13/06/2014 US Business Urges DTA Ratifications
11/06/2014 Switzerland Enacts Law To Support FATCA
10/06/2014 US Extends Deadline For Swiss Bank Disclosures
10/06/2014 USTR Consults On WTO Environmental Goods Agreement
04/06/2014 IMF Supports Swiss Corporate Tax Review
03/06/2014 Switzerland Tells UK Of Bank Deposit Movements
30/05/2014 India Pressures Switzerland To Ratify OECD Tax Convention
28/05/2014 Switzerland Prepares New Climate Tax Bill
26/05/2014 Switzerland Finalizes International Asset Recovery Act
21/05/2014 World Free Zones Organisation Sets Up Dubai HQ
21/05/2014 Credit Suisse Agrees Settlement With US DoJ
19/05/2014 Businesses Call For Belgium To Drop Out Of FTT
13/05/2014 Swiss Discuss Banking Sector Tax Disputes With The US
12/05/2014 Swiss Bankers Approach France To Boost Amnesty Uptake
09/05/2014 EU Emissions Trading Changes Extended To EFTA
05/05/2014 Swiss Bill Permits Online Gambling, Modifies Taxes
02/05/2014 Swiss Cantons Agree Corporate Tax Improvements
01/05/2014 Switzerland Must Enhance Its Perks For Corporates
01/05/2014 China, Switzerland FTA To Come Into Effect On July 1
21/04/2014 Switzerland Expands Professional Training Tax Breaks
17/04/2014 Personal Tax Burden Creeps Higher In OECD Countries
07/04/2014 Brazil Embraces Mercosur-EFTA Free Trade Deal
03/04/2014 Swiss Committee Rejects IHT, VAT Changes
02/04/2014 Austria's 2013 Tax Take Buoyed By Labor Market
31/03/2014 Swiss People's Party Opposes WHT Revision
27/03/2014 Luxembourg Supports New Savings Tax Directive
25/03/2014 Swiss Upper House Passes China FTA
21/03/2014 Switzerland Revives DTA With Argentina
24/03/2014 Swiss Parliament Vetoes French IHT Accord
19/03/2014 Switzerland Plans Stricter Rules For Biofuel Tax Breaks
18/03/2014 Switzerland Passes Anti-Tax Evasion Bill
14/03/2014 Swiss Parliament Pushes Through Media Tax
14/03/2014 Austria Agrees Support For New EU Savings Tax Directive
12/03/2014 UK Lawmakers Probe Gov't On Enforcement Yield Shortfall
10/03/2014 Switzerland Pressured To Approve French Tax Pact
04/03/2014 Swiss Union Warns Against Fuel Surtax Hike
03/03/2014 Switzerland Eyes New Cross-Border Tax Deal With Italy
26/02/2014 Paris Court Upholds CGT Ruling For Swiss Resident
27/02/2014 German Court Rejects Appeal On Tax Disc Use
25/02/2014 Switzerland Caught Napping On AEI Developments
26/02/2014 Šemeta Confident Of March Savings Tax Accord
25/02/2014 US Analyzes Offshore Bank Disclosures
25/02/2014 French Bank Account Regularization Requests Top 15,000
18/02/2014 Switzerland Posts Positive Results For 2013
13/02/2014 Šemeta Speaks On Tax Fairness
13/02/2014 Swiss Canton Lucerne Votes To Abolish Property Tax
12/02/2014 Schäuble Stands By Voluntary Tax Declaration Mechanism
10/02/2014 Swiss Finance Directors Push For Corporate Tax Reform
07/02/2014 Luxembourg Is Not A Tax Haven, Asselborn Insists
06/02/2014 Swiss DTAs Penalize Developing Countries, Study Warns
06/02/2014 Germany's SPD Seek Tougher Action On Tax Evasion
30/01/2014 Hong Kong Looks To Enhance Swiss Trade Ties


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