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Search Results for Switzerland in 2013.

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30/12/2013 Swiss Tax Info Exchange With Ireland, Turkmenistan In Force
30/12/2013 Swiss Industry Seeks "Institutional Development" Of EU Accords
26/12/2013 Economiesuisse Supports Corporate Tax Reform Thrust
25/12/2013 Swiss Report Champions Simplified VAT
24/12/2013 Switzerland Consults On Financial Market Infrastructure Act
20/12/2013 Austria's Coalition Accord Sets Out AEI Tax Stance
19/12/2013 Swiss Federal Council Rejects Inheritance Tax Initiative
16/12/2013 Swiss National Council Blocks French Inheritance Tax Deal
13/12/2013 Luxembourg, Austria Block Accord On Savings Tax Revision
10/12/2013 Swiss SMEs Support Flat Tax
10/12/2013 Swiss Tax Burden To Remain 'Stable' In 2014
05/12/2013 Switzerland Agrees Next Steps For Tax Compliance
04/12/2013 Switzerland, Italy Edge Closer To Resolving Tax Disputes
02/12/2013 Switzerland Rejects Key Tax Initiatives In Decisive Referendum
28/11/2013 OECD Reveals Global Forum Compliance Rankings
28/11/2013 Swiss Ordinance On Abusive Remuneration Is "Practicable"
27/11/2013 Switzerland Rules Out Replacing VAT With Energy Levy
26/11/2013 Record Wave Of Voluntary Tax Declarations For Germany
25/11/2013 Switzerland Adopts Proposals On Multiple Tax Accords
22/11/2013 OECD's Swiss Report Recommends Minor Tax Tweaks
21/11/2013 Switzerland Under Tax Pressure Ahead Of Jakarta Global Forum
20/11/2013 ECOFIN Discusses Savings Tax Directive
18/11/2013 Swiss SME Union Strenghtens "No" Camp Ahead Of 1:12 Referendum
15/11/2013 Luxembourg Seeks Accelerated Savings Tax Talks
08/11/2013 Switzerland, Argentina Initial New DTA
06/11/2013 Liechtenstein Offers Exemption From CO2 Tax Rise
06/11/2013 France Observes "Influx" Of Voluntary Tax Declarations
05/11/2013 Switzerland Takes Stock Of Corporate Tax Reform Consultation
05/11/2013 SPD Open To Reviving Germany Switzerland Tax Deal
01/11/2013 Switzerland Eyes Surplus Despite Revenue Dip
28/10/2013 Switzerland Abolishes Tax Rebate Committee
29/10/2013 Switzerland Rules Out Child Allowance Tax Break
25/10/2013 Liechtenstein's Flat Tax Yields CHF5m In 2012
24/10/2013 Switzerland Modifies Mineral Oil Tax Ordinance
23/10/2013 Switzerland Divided On Major Tax Initiatives
21/10/2013 Swiss Bank Blames DoJ Tax Investigation For Shutdown
16/10/2013 UK Urged To Crack Down On Tax Avoidance
15/10/2013 Andorra Submits Savings Tax Negotiating Mandate
14/10/2013 Switzerland Makes Further Advances On Tax Cooperation
11/10/2013 Swiss Federal Council Rejects Family Tax Initiative
10/10/2013 Swiss People's Party Slams Vignette Tax Hike Plans
09/10/2013 Italian Tax Cuts Promised In Upcoming 2014 Budget
08/10/2013 Swiss People's Party Defends Family Tax Initiative
07/10/2013 Temporary Travel Costs Fully Tax Deductible, German Court Rules
01/10/2013 Philippines, EFTA Looking At FTA
02/10/2013 Swiss Bankers Criticize Key Tax Bills
24/09/2013 Trade In Services Agreement Talks Progress
20/09/2013 Impact Of Swiss 1:12 Initiative On Revenues Is Unquantifiable
19/09/2013 Switzerland Signs TIEAs With Jersey, Guernsey
17/09/2013 Swiss Federal Council Opposes National Inheritance Tax
18/09/2013 Switzerland Mulls Start-Up Tax Relief
17/09/2013 Switzerland Set On Updating Liechtenstein Tax Treaty
13/09/2013 Guernsey Signs TIEAs With Switzerland And Hungary
11/09/2013 Liechtenstein Lawmakers Give Go-Ahead To Austrian Tax Accords
11/09/2013 Switzerland Tweaks FATF Implementing Act
10/09/2013 Switzerland Consults On Energy 'Tax Incentive' Scheme
06/09/2013 Swiss Canton Consults On 'Flood Tax'
06/09/2013 Swiss Expert Group Considers Financial Center Future
06/09/2013 Switzerland Adopts Draft Law On French Inheritance Tax Deal
05/09/2013 Switzerland Transfers Second Withholding Tax Tranche To Austria
30/08/2013 IoM Signs Tax Agreement With Switzerland
30/08/2013 Switzerland Hopeful Of Settling US Tax Dispute
26/08/2013 Switzerland Consults On Negotiation Methods With EU
22/08/2013 Swiss Federal Council Opens Tobacco Tax Consultation
21/08/2013 Switzerland, Germany Intensify Financial Sector Cooperation
19/08/2013 Switzerland Lures French Businesses With Low Taxes
16/08/2013 Switzerland Consults On Revised Tax Act
12/08/2013 Swiss Regulator Outlines Too Big To Fail Response
12/08/2013 Luxembourg, Switzerland Vie For RMB Crown
02/08/2013 LLB Vaduz Signs NPA To End US Tax Dispute
01/08/2013 Austrian Tax Declarations Already Double 2012 Total
01/08/2013 Tax Disclosure Surge Continues In Germany In 2013
31/07/2013 Swiss SME Body Exposes Tax Implications Of 1:12 Initiative
30/07/2013 Switzerland Transfers First Withholding Tax Tranches
29/07/2013 Letta Declares War On Italian Tax Evaders
25/07/2013 EU Chiefs Advise On Tax Avoidance
19/07/2013 Austria Faces Disappointment Over Swiss Tax Deal
16/07/2013 Liechtenstein, Switzerland Update Tax Accord
16/07/2013 France, Switzerland Ink New Inheritance Tax Accord
12/07/2013 Voluntary Declarations Popular In NRW
09/07/2013 Liechtenstein Extends Carbon Dioxide Tax
10/07/2013 Switzerland, China Ink FTA
10/07/2013 UK Treasure In Switzerland Lower Than Expected
09/07/2013 Switzerland Rules Out Inter-Cantonal Tax Changes
09/07/2013 Switzerland Unveils Alternative To 'Lex USA'
08/07/2013 Ukraine Intends To Join OECD
08/07/2013 Swiss Bankers Seek Changes To New FATF Rules
08/07/2013 Baden-Württemberg Seeks Strengthened Tax Amnesty Provisions
04/07/2013 Andorra, EU Initiate Savings Tax Talks
03/07/2013 Swiss SME Body Slams 'Unconstitutional' IT Initiative
01/07/2013 France Stands By Swiss Inheritance Tax Deal
01/07/2013 Switzerland Adopts Flat Tax Resolution
28/06/2013 Swiss Parliamentary Committee Backs FATCA IGA
27/06/2013 EFTA Boosts FTA Count
26/06/2013 France U-Turns On Basel-Mulhouse Airport Taxes
25/06/2013 Zurich Rules Out Fiscal Drift Adjustments In 2014
24/06/2013 Switzerland Plans VAT Hike To Fund Pensions
25/06/2013 Switzerland Races To Find 'Lex USA' Plan B
25/06/2013 Germany's Lower Saxony Reaps Stolen Tax Disc Rewards
21/06/2013 Šemeta Welcomes Swiss Tax Progress


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