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Search Results for Switzerland in 2010.

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31/12/2010 Switzerland Agrees Remit For Tax Talks
22/12/2010 USTR Presents ACTA For Consultation
22/12/2010 German Tax Data Discs Yield EUR1.8bn
22/12/2010 EU To Link ETS With Switzerland
21/12/2010 FINMA Unveils New Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance
17/12/2010 Expanded Swiss-UK DTA In Force
15/12/2010 FINMA Reinforces Supervision Of Financial Reporting
15/12/2010 OECD Notes Fall In Global Tax Burden
14/12/2010 Switzerland Prepares For VAT Rise
15/12/2010 EU Prepares Fresh Attack On Swiss Taxes
10/12/2010 Majority Of Swiss Cantons Lower Fiscal Burden
08/12/2010 Switzerland Unveils 2011 Objectives
08/12/2010 Swiss, Austrian DTA Revisions Soon Enter Into Force
08/12/2010 Hong Kong, Switzerland Sign DTA
03/12/2010 Swiss, Denmark DTA Amendments In Force
03/12/2010 German Court Permits Use Of Stolen Tax CDs
02/12/2010 Revised Swiss, Luxembourg DTA In Force
30/11/2010 Switzerland Rejects Wealth Tax Initiative
24/11/2010 Swiss Bankers Welcome AIFM Directive
19/11/2010 Italy Against Swiss Tax Pacts
18/11/2010 Switzerland, Romania Initial Revised DTA
18/11/2010 Switzerland Adopts Revised Regulation Fees
17/11/2010 US Withdraws UBS Lawsuit
17/11/2010 ACTA Ready For Ratification
16/11/2010 Liechtenstein, UK Sign Second Joint Tax Declaration
11/11/2010 Switzerland Tightens Banking Regulations
08/11/2010 Switzerland, Greece Amend Double Tax Pact
05/11/2010 Switzerland, Oman Initial DTA
03/11/2010 EFTA Members Ratify Albanian FTA
02/11/2010 HMRC Still On Offshore Warpath
02/11/2010 Liechtenstein, Austria Hold Key Tax Talks
29/10/2010 Switzerland And Germany Strike Tax Deal
27/10/2010 UK And Switzerland Sign Tax Declaration
27/10/2010 USA To Dismiss Charges Against UBS
25/10/2010 Canada, Switzerland Improve Tax Agreement
21/10/2010 German-Swiss Tax Dispute Nears Conclusion
19/10/2010 Switzerland, Uruguay Sign Tax Agreement
19/10/2010 Swiss Opinion On Committees' UBS Report
14/10/2010 Switzerland Prepares 'Too Big To Fail' Bill
13/10/2010 Carey Olsen Advises Wolseley On Jersey Incorporation
12/10/2010 Switzerland Addresses Fiscal Drift
11/10/2010 Negotiated ACTA Text Is Released
06/10/2010 Hedge Fund Managers Leaving UK 'In Droves'
05/10/2010 Switzerland, Qatar Hold Tax Talks
06/10/2010 ACTA Negotiations Concluded In Japan
04/10/2010 Switzerland Amends FINMA Tax Ordinance
05/10/2010 Switzerland, UAE Initial DTA
05/10/2010 Semeta Sets Out EU Tax Policy
04/10/2010 EC Attacks Discriminatory Taxes
30/09/2010 Switzerland, Singapore Initial Revised DTA
28/09/2010 Wolseley To Shift Tax Base To Switzerland
27/09/2010 UK Businesses Back Anti-Tax Avoidance Drive
22/09/2010 Swiss Tax To Benefit Aviation
22/09/2010 Swiss Bankers Seek Strengthened FINMA
20/09/2010 Luxembourg, Switzerland Hold Tax Talks
16/09/2010 Sweden, Switzerland Initial Revised DTA
13/09/2010 Switzerland Tops Competitiveness League
14/09/2010 France To Axe Special Tax Unit
10/09/2010 Switzerland, Kazakhstan Sign Double Taxation Agreement
13/09/2010 MEPs Call For Transparency In ACTA Negotiations
10/09/2010 EU Divided Over Financial Tax
09/09/2010 Swiss-German Tax Row Nears Resolution
06/09/2010 Colombia, Portugal Sign DTA
06/09/2010 Switzerland Adopts Administrative Assistance Ordinance
01/09/2010 India, Switzerland Sign Tax Information Exchange Accord
30/08/2010 IRS To Drop UBS Lawsuit
26/08/2010 Swiss Institute Raises SME Awareness Of IP Protection
26/08/2010 German State Mulls Purchase Of Stolen Tax Data
26/08/2010 Switzerland, India To Hold Tax Talks
26/08/2010 ACTA Negotiations Progress, But No Draft Text
24/08/2010 Uruguay Stays On OECD Grey List
19/08/2010 Switzerland To Recognise Private DTAs
16/08/2010 Bank's Clients Quizzed By German Prosecutors
09/08/2010 Switzerland Pushes For China FTA
04/08/2010 India, Switzerland Conclude Information Exchange Pact
27/07/2010 Switzerland, Ireland Revise DTA
28/07/2010 Swiss Banks Pass FINMA's Stress Tests
23/07/2010 German State Mulls New Tax Data Disc Purchase
14/07/2010 Sarkozy Stands Firm On Pension Reform
13/07/2010 Asia Gains In Digital Economy Rankings
12/07/2010 EFTA Progresses Asian Trade Pacts
09/07/2010 Switzerland, EU Hold Tax Talks
07/07/2010 Progress Made in ACTA Negotiations
07/07/2010 Netherlands To Sign TIEAs
06/07/2010 Panama To Sign DTA With Luxembourg
01/07/2010 Brazil Reviews Preferential Tax Regimes
01/07/2010 Switzerland Unveils VAT Reform
29/06/2010 Spain Launches Tax Evasion Probe
28/06/2010 US Enhances Aviation Cooperation With Switzerland
25/06/2010 Switzerland, Tajikistan Sign DTA
24/06/2010 Switzerland Improves Group Financing Conditions
22/06/2010 Switzerland, Turkey Sign DTA
18/06/2010 Swiss Grant Go-Ahead For UBS Agreement
18/06/2010 Switzerland, Georgia Sign DTA
16/06/2010 Brazil Scolds Switzerland For UBS Dealings
16/06/2010 Swiss Parliament Approves UBS Agreement
15/06/2010 India Voices TRIPS/ACTA Concerns
15/06/2010 Swiss Committee Rejects UBS Agreement
14/06/2010 SBA Laments Parliament's UBS Decision
10/06/2010 Italy Launches Major Corporate Tax Probe


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