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Search Results for Switzerland in 2004.

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23/12/2004 SEC Considering Taking Legal Action Against UBS
22/12/2004 Switzerland Attempts To Woo Chinese Firms
21/12/2004 Federal Court Finds In Favour Of Swisscom Over Local Loop Liberalisation
17/12/2004 Swiss Parliament Approves Savings Tax Measure
14/12/2004 Agreement Identifies US and Swiss Pension Plans for Tax Treaty Benefits
08/12/2004 Credit Suisse Announces Reorganisation
03/12/2004 Switzerland Still Attractive To Multinationals Despite Tax Concerns
30/11/2004 Swiss Business Federation Fears Loss Of Competitiveness On Tax
29/11/2004 Swiss Economic Growth Static In Third Quarter
23/11/2004 Ireland Rated As World’s Best Place To Live
23/11/2004 G20 Agree To Harmonised Tax Information Sharing Initiative
18/11/2004 Swiss Unlikely To Put Savings Tax Directive To Referendum
09/11/2004 Swiss Justice Authorities Accused Of Breaching Secrecy Rules In Yukos Probe
08/11/2004 Large Swiss Banks Turning Away From Cross Border Mergers, Expert Suggests
03/11/2004 G20 Nations Set To Agree Tax Information Exchange Protocol
03/11/2004 IBA Delegates Cast Doubt On Need For Specialist IP Courts
02/11/2004 Hedge Fund Barometer Sees Shift In Sentiment Towards Commodities
29/10/2004 Switzerland Signs Schengen, Savings Tax Agreements
25/10/2004 Switzerland In Top Ten Least Corrupt Nations, Says TI
22/10/2004 Overall OECD Tax Burden May Have Risen In 2003
21/10/2004 Swiss Lawmakers Pass Law Further LiberalisingTelecoms Sector
20/10/2004 Switzerland To Bring Insider Trading Laws In Line With Europe
19/10/2004 Swiss Supreme Court Approves Lifting Of Banking Secrecy
14/10/2004 Switzerland And Japan Explore Updated Tax Treaty, Closer Investment Ties
13/10/2004 Basel Committee Calls For Free Flow Of Information Within Banking Groups
11/10/2004 First Swiss Legal Firm Locates In Hong Kong
07/10/2004 WIPO Assemblies End
06/10/2004 IBA Urges Creation Of More Specialist IP Courts
05/10/2004 Tax Haven Debate Rages On In The Guardian
04/10/2004 Malta And Switzerland Hit Back Over Tax Haven Report
01/10/2004 Government Survey Finds Swiss Less Keen On Banking Secrecy
27/09/2004 Financial Markets Association Calls For Increased Forex Regulation
21/09/2004 Exchange-Traded Fund Volumes Boosted By Hedge Fund Activity
17/09/2004 Swiss Bankers Call For Extra Layer Of Legislation On EU Savings Tax Plan
08/09/2004 Jersey Trust Firm Opens In Geneva
07/09/2004 OECD Recommends New Rules Governing Tax Treatment Of Employee Stock Options
02/09/2004 Swiss Trade With United States Slumps
27/08/2004 SWX Rules Out Merger With Deutsche Börse
24/08/2004 Money Laundering Investigation Into Former Swiss Ambassador Concludes
17/08/2004 Swatch Refutes Tax Evasion Claim
10/08/2004 Basel II Explained
19/07/2004 Hong Kong Remains World's Freest Economy, Says Cato Institute
05/07/2004 Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance Comes Into Full Force
29/06/2004 Basel II Endorsed By Regulatory Committee
29/06/2004 EU And Switzerland Initial Bilaterals II
28/06/2004 Savings Tax Directive Delay 'Not Switzerland’s Fault', Say Bankers
25/06/2004 Swiss Government Rejects Calls For Mandatory Vote On Bilaterals II
24/06/2004 Preferential Treatment Of Swiss Re-Imports To EU Allowed To Stand
23/06/2004 Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Chief Speaks On Progress
16/06/2004 Swiss Bankers Slam Over-Regulation
04/06/2004 Agreement Of 'Equivalent Measures' Gives EU Savings Tax The Green Light
03/06/2004 Savings Tax Directive Unlikely To Be Fully Implemented On Jan 1, 2005
28/05/2004 EU Warns Savings Tax Directive Could Be Delayed
21/05/2004 Switzerland And EU Sign 'Bilaterals II'
20/05/2004 Swiss Government Faces Domestic Opposition Over Bilateral Treaties
19/05/2004 Three EU Countries Lift Objection To Swiss Savings Tax Deal
18/05/2004 Swiss Voters Reject Tax And Pension Reforms
17/05/2004 EU Sees Breakthrough In Talks With Switzerland Over Savings Tax Directive
13/05/2004 Luxembourg May Block Possible EU Savings Tax Deal With Swiss
05/05/2004 UK Firm Offers Mortgages On Swiss Properties
30/04/2004 Hong Kong Remains The World's Most Open Market, Says US Think Tank
21/04/2004 Swiss Unlikely To Implement Savings Tax Directive In 2005
20/04/2004 EU Claims Agreement Imminent On Swiss Re-Export Tax Dispute
07/04/2004 Swiss Fiscal Reform Will Likely Reduce Tax Differences Between Cantons
06/04/2004 Swiss Insist Banking Confidentiality Is Non-Negotiable
24/03/2004 Progress Made In Elimination Of Harmful Tax Practices, Says OECD
24/03/2004 Swiss Government Seeks To Overturn German Decision On Banking Sector
19/03/2004 Swiss Parliament Approves Measures To Counter Tax Bracket Creep
18/03/2004 Switzerland And Luxembourg Feature Near Top Of European Pay League
18/03/2004 Swiss Subsidiary Implicated In Italian Fraud Investigation
11/03/2004 Bolkestein Urges EU Ministers To Stick To Their Guns Over Savings Tax
04/03/2004 Majority Of Swiss Supportive Of The Nation's Banking Industry
02/03/2004 Ireland Ranks As The World's Most Globalised Economy
25/02/2004 Russia Attracts Record Levels Of Foreign Investment In 2003
23/02/2004 Swiss Angered Over 'New' Tax On Exports To EU
18/02/2004 Switzerland Meets With Irish Government Over Savings Tax Directive
12/02/2004 Switzerland Holds Out Against EU Pressure Over Savings Tax Directive
11/02/2004 EU Ministers Urge Switzerland To Accept Savings Directive
30/01/2004 Switzerland Reaches Agreement With OECD Over Tax Questions
29/01/2004 Turks And Caicos Commits To EU Savings Tax Directive
28/01/2004 France Slammed Over Failure To Ratify London Agreement
26/01/2004 WTO Chief Slams Nations Signing Bilateral Trade Deals
20/01/2004 Swiss Bankers Despondent Over Increasing Regulatory Burden
12/01/2004 Malta And UAE Begin New Round Of Double Taxation Avoidance Talks
12/01/2004 UBS Dismissed From WorldCom Class Action
05/01/2004 HKMA Warns Over Fake Swiss Banking Website
02/01/2004 UBS Tops Hedge Fund Manager Rankings


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