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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2016.

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29/12/2016 Obama 'Rescued' US Economy With Tax Cuts
13/12/2016 Australia Launches Pre-Budget Consultations
03/11/2016 Seychelles Needs To Maintain Fiscal Discipline: IMF
20/10/2016 Clinton, Trump Restate Tax Policies In Final Debate
17/10/2016 Korean Lawmakers Argue Over Corporate Tax Hike
27/09/2016 Canada Launches Pre-Budget Consultations
12/09/2016 Norway Overhauls Tax Appeals System
06/09/2016 New Zealand Tax System Now More Progressive
31/08/2016 China Accelerates Resource Tax Reform
04/08/2016 Japan Urged To Accelerate Sales Tax Hikes
03/08/2016 OECD Recommends EU States Review Their Tax Mixes
02/08/2016 OECD Advises Finland On Growth-Friendly Tax Reforms
25/07/2016 IMF Welcomes UAE's VAT Plan
25/07/2016 UK May Change Tack On Fiscal Policy
22/07/2016 OECD In Push For 'Tax Fairness'
13/07/2016 IMF Urges Italy To Introduce Modern Real Estate Tax
12/07/2016 OECD Releases Tax Recommendations For Developing States
08/07/2016 Norway Urged To Undertake Indirect Tax Shift
07/07/2016 IMF Concerned About Poland's Bank Asset Tax
07/07/2016 IMF Holds Conference On Managing Tax Administration Reforms
05/07/2016 IMF Advises Germany To Reform Real Estate Transfer Tax
28/06/2016 IMF Urges Ireland To Rebalance Tax Mix
24/06/2016 IMF Recommends Further VAT Reform In Iceland
22/06/2016 GCC Agrees Framework For Excise Duties, VAT
20/06/2016 IMF Urges Latvia To Make Tax System More Equitable
06/06/2016 Japan's Tax Hike Delay 'Credit Negative': Moody's
06/06/2016 Time Running Out For EU FTT Deal
01/06/2016 NIESR: 'Brexit' Would Necessitate Higher Taxes
25/05/2016 Ireland To Reform Budget Process
20/05/2016 IMF Urges Romania To Postpone Tax Cuts
11/05/2016 IMF Urges Hungary To Reduce Sectoral Taxes
09/05/2016 Sri Lanka Plans Tax Reforms Under IMF-Backed Program
09/05/2016 IMF Urges Latvia To Shift Tax Burden To Property
05/05/2016 DIFC Signs Agreement With Dubai Economic Council
15/04/2016 OECD Urges Germany To Reduce Labor Tax Wedge
04/04/2016 Costa Rican Pres Urges End To Tax Reform Impasse
29/03/2016 Seychelles Needs To Offset Income Tax Cuts: IMF
28/03/2016 Albania Urged To Introduce Property Tax
26/03/2016 IMF To Support China's Tax Reform Agenda
24/03/2016 Poland's New Government Needs Broader Tax Base
23/03/2016 Ecuador To Hike Sin Taxes
23/03/2016 Moody's Calls On GCC States To Implement Fiscal Reforms
23/03/2016 IMF Assesses Mali's Tax System
22/03/2016 IMF Advises Trinidad And Tobago To Widen VAT Base
21/03/2016 Tax Enforcement Key For LATAM, Caribbean: Report
21/03/2016 Panama Needs To Improve Tax Compliance, IMF Says
18/03/2016 OECD Releases Tax Statistics For Latin America, Caribbean
17/03/2016 Venezuela Raises Tax-Free Threshold For PIT
17/03/2016 Kuwait To Levy 10pc Corporate Income Tax
16/03/2016 Romania Should Postpone VAT Reduction, IMF Says
16/03/2016 Indonesia Urged To Think Beyond Tax Amnesty Plan
14/03/2016 IMF Recommends Additional Fiscal Consolidation For Montenegro
09/03/2016 IMF Supports Costa Rica's Fiscal Reforms
09/03/2016 North Sea Tax Reform 'Crucial', UK Industry Says
07/03/2016 IMF Urges India To Advance GST
07/03/2016 New Zealand Continuing Tax Reform Push
01/03/2016 Costa Rica Downgraded On Continued Fiscal Deterioration
29/02/2016 Abu Dhabi Hosts Arab Fiscal Forum
26/02/2016 IMF Recommends Property Tax Reform For UK
22/02/2016 Argentina Raises Personal Income Tax Exempt Threshold
19/02/2016 Albania Urged To Reduce Tax Exemptions
18/02/2016 New Zealand Parliament Passes Wide-Ranging Tax Bill
17/02/2016 Netherlands Again Urged To Cut Labor Tax Burden
16/02/2016 World Bank Supporting Peruvian Reform Efforts
15/02/2016 Portugal Denies VAT Rise For Farm Machinery
11/02/2016 Costa Rica Faces Downgrade For Tax Reform Apathy
11/02/2016 European Central Bank Questions Austerity Policies
03/02/2016 Ecuador's President Defends Tax System
03/02/2016 Bangladesh Urged To Follow Through With VAT Implementation
29/01/2016 World Bank To Review Latvian Tax System
18/01/2016 Slovakia Urged To Reform Property Tax
14/01/2016 IMF Pushes Carbon Taxes After Paris COP21 Conference
06/01/2016 Venezuela Increases Tax Burden On Large Taxpayers
05/01/2016 Spain Cuts Budget Deficit By A Fifth
05/01/2016 Colombian FM Receives Proposal To Increase VAT


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