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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2015.

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30/12/2015 Costa Rica Bridging Its Fiscal Gap
29/12/2015 Tunisia Now Fiscally Transparent, Says World Bank
18/12/2015 Australia Launches Pre-Budget Consultations
01/12/2015 Bahamas Deficit Narrows Following Introduction Of VAT
27/11/2015 Italy Cancels Possible 2016 Corporate Tax Cut
19/11/2015 World Bank, PwC Release New Paying Taxes Index
19/11/2015 IMF Welcomes Mexico's Fuel Tax Reform
18/11/2015 IMF Commends Cambodia For Revenue Measures
16/11/2015 Netherlands Should Further Cut Labor Tax Burden, IMF Says
10/11/2015 Pakistani Tax Reform Lagging Behind Targets, IMF Says
06/11/2015 Chile's 'Fair' Tax Reform A Success: World Bank
03/11/2015 Brazil Says Gross Tax Burden Was 33.47 Percent In 2014
02/11/2015 Egypt Sees Huge Increase In Tax Revenues
29/10/2015 Mexico To Soon Set Fixed Gasoline, Diesel Tax Rates
28/10/2015 Undeveloped Land Tax Proposed In Saudi Arabia
26/10/2015 IMF Urges Romania To Improve Tax Collection
23/10/2015 Bangladesh Must See Through VAT Reform, IMF Says
22/10/2015 IMF Welcomes Fiscal Reforms In Estonia
22/10/2015 Uruguayan Farmers Lobby Against Rural Land Tax
21/10/2015 New Zealand To Enhance R And D Tax Perks
20/10/2015 IMF Welcomes Tunisian Tax Proposals
19/10/2015 Surplus Brings New Zealand Closer To 'AAA' Rating: Fitch
16/10/2015 EU Concerned Spain Won't Meet 2016 Deficit Target
15/10/2015 NZ Committed To Prudent Fiscal Policy: English
12/10/2015 Greece Releases Draft 2016 Budget
09/10/2015 Estonia Consults With Uber On Tax Framework
08/10/2015 Tax Collection Still Low In South Asia, World Bank Says
07/10/2015 Mexico To Use SEZs To Boost Economy Of South
06/10/2015 Chile Won't Achieve Goal Of Balancing Budget By 2018, FM Says
29/09/2015 Estonia Welcomes Rising Tax Receipts
22/09/2015 Lithuania To Raise Income Tax Threshold
22/09/2015 IMF Urges Myanmar To Broaden Tax Base
18/09/2015 Brazilian Senate Approves Tax Hike On Financial Firms
18/09/2015 Argentina Targets Substantial Growth In Tax Revenue
17/09/2015 OECD Recommends Fiscal Reform In Japan
17/09/2015 Hungary Issues Budget Warning
16/09/2015 Luxembourg To Abolish Additional Income Tax
15/09/2015 Brazil May Tax Online Audio, Visual Content
14/09/2015 IMF Calls For Fairer Tax Systems In MENA
11/09/2015 IMF Urges Norway To Reduce Real Estate Tax Perks
10/09/2015 Brazil May Hike Personal Income Taxes
09/09/2015 New Zealand's Bright-Line Bill Passes First Reading
09/09/2015 South Korean 2016 Budget To Let Deficit Drift
08/09/2015 Philippines Should Rein In Tax Breaks, Says IMF
02/09/2015 Brazil Planning Tax Hikes To Prop Up Finances
01/09/2015 Mexico Commits To Stable Taxes In 2016 Budget
31/08/2015 NZ Consults On Property Withholding Tax For Offshore Sellers
31/08/2015 Sao Paulo Offers Tax Breaks For Renewable Energy
26/08/2015 OECD Recommends Tax Reforms For Latvia
25/08/2015 NZ Introduces Property Tax Bill
25/08/2015 Spanish Tax Reform To Boost Economy, Tax Receipts
24/08/2015 Spain Should Increase Indirect Taxes, IMF Says
21/08/2015 Brazil Withdraws Proposal To Tax Shareholder Distributions
19/08/2015 UAE Reports On VAT, Corporate Tax Developments
19/08/2015 ECLAC Report Links Latin American Tax And Wealth Gaps
19/08/2015 IMF Calls For VAT In Saudi Arabia
17/08/2015 IMF Calls For Single VAT Rate In China
14/08/2015 Brazilian Senator Proposes Bank Tax Hike
13/08/2015 Chile Rejects Calls For Lower Business Tax Burden
07/08/2015 Kazakhstan Told To Devise Medium-Term Tax Plan
06/08/2015 IMF Urges UAE To Raise Non-Hydrocarbon Revenues
30/07/2015 Chile Talks Tax Reform With Business Groups
28/07/2015 IMF Welcomes Czech Republic's Fiscal Plans
24/07/2015 Japan Needs Bolder Fiscal Reforms, Says IMF
17/07/2015 French Fiscal Balance Still Out Of Kilter, IMF Says
16/07/2015 Polish VAT Measures Could Lock-In Fiscal Gains: IMF
15/07/2015 Spain Enjoying Booming Revenue Collections
14/07/2015 Spain Cut Individual Tax Rates Early, From July
14/07/2015 WB, IMF To Ramp Up Tax Support For Developing States
10/07/2015 IMF Supports Work To Broaden Developing States' Tax Bases
10/07/2015 Tax Reform 'Long Overdue' In US, IMF Says
09/07/2015 IMF Urges Italy To Lower Labor Taxes
06/07/2015 UN Supports Fiscal Reform In Costa Rica
06/07/2015 Tax Hikes Cannot Save Puerto Rico From Its Debt: Study
03/07/2015 IMF Supports Tax Reforms In Cyprus
01/07/2015 South Korea Specifies Its Tax Policies for 2nd Half 2015
30/06/2015 IMF Welcomes Tax Reform Progress In Pakistan
30/06/2015 OECD Urges Greater Use Of Green Taxes
26/06/2015 Peru Grants Tax Exemption For Bonuses
25/06/2015 Mauritian PM Touts SME Tax Breaks
19/06/2015 LATAM, Caribbean States Urged To Broaden Tax Bases
19/06/2015 IMF Welcomes Dutch Tax Reforms
19/06/2015 Ecuador Delays Tax Bills After Protests
18/06/2015 OECD Proposes Reforms For New Zealand
17/06/2015 IMF Report Looks At Tax And Wealth Distribution
16/06/2015 Kenyan Budget Includes Major Tax Overhaul
08/06/2015 Bangladeshi FM Outlines 2015-16 Budget
08/06/2015 OECD Urges Colombia To Lower CIT Rate
04/06/2015 Norway Urged To Rethink Tax Breaks For Investments
04/06/2015 Lithuania Should Shift Labor Tax Burden To Wealth: IMF
02/06/2015 IMF Urges Colombia To Increase Non-Oil Revenues
28/05/2015 Peru Agrees To Broaden Tax Base
27/05/2015 Brazil Hikes Tax On Financial Firms
27/05/2015 IMF Recommends Revenue Enhancing Reforms For Philippines
21/05/2015 New Zealand Announces 2015 Budget Measures
20/05/2015 Portugal Releases 2014 Tax Statistics
19/05/2015 Argentinian Strikes Planned For Income Tax Relief
18/05/2015 South Korea Releases New Fiscal Management Framework
18/05/2015 Honduran Tax Reforms Win Credit Agency's Support
18/05/2015 IMF Recommends Tax Reforms For Lebanon


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