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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2014.

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31/12/2014 US Republicans Introduce Dynamic Scoring For Tax Bills
30/12/2014 Portugal Reports Strengthening Finances
23/12/2014 Chile Says VAT Evasion Reached 25.2 Percent Last Year
23/12/2014 Industry Calls For UK Oil And Gas Reforms To Be Accelerated
19/12/2014 New Zealand Surplus Possible, Despite Hiccough
19/12/2014 Colombia's Congress Approves Tax Reforms
17/12/2014 IMF Advises Belgium On Tax Reform
12/12/2014 Accountants Call For Lower Taxes In Mexico
12/12/2014 Putin Says Tax Rules Should Remain Unchanged
11/12/2014 IMF Head Backs Colombian Tax Reform
08/12/2014 Sweden To Adopt Comparable Opposition Budget
02/12/2014 Moody's Downgrades Japan On Tax Hike Delay
04/11/2014 Puerto Rico To Introduce Tax Reform In 2015
27/10/2014 Sri Lankan Budget Provides Tax Cuts
28/10/2014 Italian Budget Proposals Scrutinized By EU
27/10/2014 HMRC Dispatches Advance Payment Notices
24/10/2014 South Africa Warns Of Future Tax Hikes
17/10/2014 Switzerland, EU Finalize Agreement On Corporate Tax Reform
14/10/2014 Higher US Tax Revenues Must Not Prompt Complacency: CBO
07/10/2014 Denmark Gives Pension Tax Rebate To Avoid EU Rebuke
02/10/2014 China Expands Scope Of VAT, Business Tax Exemption
30/09/2014 IMF Recommends Real Estate Tax Review In Denmark
29/09/2014 Countries Commit To Tax Carbon Emissions At UN Forum
26/09/2014 Italy To Prioritize Tax Cuts To Boost Economy: Padoan
22/09/2014 US Senate Considers 'Outdated' Energy Tax Code
18/09/2014 South Korea To Maintain Expansionist Tax Policies
18/09/2014 Russia Rules Out VAT, Personal Income Tax Changes
15/09/2014 Romania Confirms Social Security Tax Cut
12/09/2014 Renzi Promises Tax Cuts In Italy's Next Budget
11/09/2014 Greek PM Hopes To Deliver Tax Cuts
09/09/2014 Hungary Reviewing Bank Taxes
09/09/2014 Warning To Maintain Philippines Tax Revenue Push
08/09/2014 Malawi To Tackle Tax Compliance In 2014/15
04/09/2014 Finland Agrees Tax Hikes For 2015 Budget
01/09/2014 CBO Reduces US Corporate Tax Revenue Forecast
28/08/2014 Irish VAT Cut Helped Our Industry, Restaurateurs Say
26/08/2014 Philippines 'Sin Tax' Revenues Up 30 Percent
20/08/2014 Indonesian 2015 Budget Left To Incoming Government
07/08/2014 Italian Tax Bonus Fails To Stimulate Economy
05/08/2014 IMF Calls Second Japanese Sales Tax Hike 'Critical'
31/07/2014 South Korea Confirms Fiscal Support For The Economy
17/07/2014 South Korea Rules Out Interim Budget
17/07/2014 IMF Looks For Botswana To Expand Tax Base
14/07/2014 Greece To Unwind Austerity Measures
09/07/2014 Hungary Rejects EU Calls For Bank Tax Review
08/07/2014 UK May Merge Social Security, Income Tax
07/07/2014 Seychelles Agrees Tax Policy Focus With IMF
07/07/2014 Hong Kong To Shore Up Finances With 'Future Fund'
04/07/2014 Hungary Urged To Review Tax On Banks, Labor
02/07/2014 Japanese Tax Panel Looks For Corporate Tax Cut Offsets
19/06/2014 US Must Achieve Fiscal Policy Breakthrough: IMF
17/06/2014 Japan's Abe Confirms Corporate Tax Cuts From 2015
13/06/2014 Scottish Business Group Prepares Tax System Blueprint
06/06/2014 Japanese Corporate Tax Cut Increasingly Likely
02/06/2014 Japan Must Deliver On Sales Tax Pledge, Says IMF
02/06/2014 Czech Business Body Supports Income Tax Plans
30/05/2014 Tax Panel To Back Japanese Corporate Tax Cut
28/05/2014 Latvian Taxes Must Be Hiked, Says FM
15/05/2014 Brazil Postpones Tax Hike On Drinks
09/05/2014 Scotland To Substantiate Tax Devolution Forecasts
08/05/2014 VAT Planned In Palau Tax Reform Bill
07/05/2014 Japan Planning Corporate Tax Cut Next Year
07/05/2014 Tax Reform Has Boosted UK's Appeal
02/05/2014 China Supports New Firms With Extended Tax Breaks
29/04/2014 Australia Mulling Tax On Top Earners
29/04/2014 Japanese Economy Shrugs Off Sales Tax Hike
15/04/2014 Fiji's Revenue Collections Beyond Expectations
10/04/2014 Hong Kong Urged To Retain Prudent Fiscal Policies
11/03/2014 Thailand Fears Tax Revenue Shortfall
10/03/2014 Singapore Warns Of Waning Finances
26/02/2014 Namibia's Budget Sees Increase In Tax Revenue
21/02/2014 Seychelles' Fiscal Efforts Win Positive Credit Outlook
18/02/2014 Selective Tax Hikes Predicted In South African Budget
17/02/2014 Argument For Reduction In High US Capital Gains Taxes
07/02/2014 Scottish Labour Party Rift Over Tax Devolution Commitment
31/01/2014 Jamaican Tax Reforms To Create 'Fairer System'
28/01/2014 UK Opposition Pledges To Restore Top Income Tax Rate
28/01/2014 Congressional Call To Maintain US Charitable Tax Deduction
27/01/2014 China's Tax Revenues Rose By 9.8 Percent In 2013
23/01/2014 Report Questions Scottish Tax Solution To Inequality
24/01/2014 Japan Studies Corporate Tax Rate Cut For Growth Strategy
20/01/2014 Osborne Renews Attack On European FTT
10/01/2014 Evidence Heard On Scottish Fiscal Commission
08/01/2014 France's "Fiscal Shock" Said To Stifle Economic Growth
07/01/2014 UK Chancellor Envisions Permanent Tax Cuts
02/01/2014 Mexico's Tax Reforms Boost Its Credit Rating


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