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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2009.

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31/12/2009 China's Export Tax Rebates To Continue Into 2010
31/12/2009 Flaherty Outlines Canadian 2010 Tax Changes
30/12/2009 IMF Looks To Pakistan's Tax Reforms
31/12/2009 South Korea's Parliament Delays Tax Cuts
30/12/2009 Italy's Economy Minister: 2010 To Be Year Of Tax Reform
29/12/2009 Jamaica Announces Measures To Level Tax Burden
30/12/2009 NZ Banks Settle Tax Dispute Over Structured Finance Transactions
30/12/2009 Taiwan Tax Reform Committee Decides Against CGT On Securities
29/12/2009 EC Extends Anti-Dumping Tariffs On Vietnamese, Chinese Shoes
28/12/2009 Australian Government Receives Henry Future Tax Review
28/12/2009 Nigeria Demands Unpaid Taxes From Public Bodies
28/12/2009 EU To Launch FTA Talks With ASEAN Countries
28/12/2009 China-Taiwan DTA Stalled On Where Income To Be Taxed
28/12/2009 France To Return Stolen Tax Data To Switzerland
23/12/2009 DTA Withdrawn From Taiwan-China Talks
23/12/2009 Philippine REIT Law Expected To Encourage Investment
22/12/2009 Barbados Foresees Protracted Recovery
23/12/2009 Germany: FDP Demands Further Tax Cuts For 2011
23/12/2009 UK Clarifies Bankers' Bonus Tax
22/12/2009 Malaysia Plans Tax Incentives For Aerospace Industry
21/12/2009 St Kitts And Nevis Concludes Seventh TIEA
22/12/2009 EFTA Signs FTAs With Serbia And Albania
22/12/2009 Italian Tax Amnesty Extended To April 2010
21/12/2009 South Africa's Rating Dependent On Fiscal Management
22/12/2009 French Senate Withdraws Swiss 'Black Listing' Amendment
22/12/2009 German Bundesrat Approves Government Tax Cut Plans
21/12/2009 DTA Between Italy And US In Force From January 2010
18/12/2009 OECD Publishes 2009 Comparative Science, Tech and Industry Scoreboard
21/12/2009 Swiss Federal Council Sets Conditions For Tax Assistance
18/12/2009 New Zealand Highlights 2009 Progress On TIEAs, DTAs
21/12/2009 German Government Obtains Majority For Tax Cut Plans
18/12/2009 Japan Aims To Relax Corporate Tax Haven Rules
18/12/2009 Liechtenstein Creates Legal Basis For Administrative Assistance In Tax Matters
17/12/2009 Tax On Bankers' Bonuses: Swiss President Unconvinced
17/12/2009 Australia Signs TIEAs With Samoa And Aruba
17/12/2009 Cameron Under Pressure Over MPs' Tax Status
17/12/2009 South Korea And Japan To Pursue FTA Talks
18/12/2009 France: Lagarde Announces 50% Windfall Tax On Bankers' Bonuses
18/12/2009 Switzerland Suspends DTA With France
16/12/2009 Industrial Information Sought For New Zealand's ETS Allocations
16/12/2009 Mexico: Tax Increases Contribute To Second Ratings Downgrade
16/12/2009 15-Year Banana Tariff Dispute Finally Settled
17/12/2009 USTR Notifies Congress Of Asia-Pacific FTA Talks
16/12/2009 Thailand Considers Maintaining Listed Company Tax Cuts
16/12/2009 Irish Budgetary Measures Need Clarification, Says Expert
17/12/2009 Greece Announces 90% Tax On Bankers' Bonuses
17/12/2009 France: Joint Commission Adds Final Touches To 2010 Finance Bill
16/12/2009 UK's Wealthy Head For Sunnier Climes As Tax Storm Brews
15/12/2009 Chile: New Bank Information Law Meets OECD Tax Standard
15/12/2009 Koch Warns Against Special Tax Treatment For Key German States
16/12/2009 US House Votes To Extend Trade Preferences Programs
14/12/2009 Ghanaian Attorney-General Seeks Oil Tax Law Review
15/12/2009 Jersey Finance Welcomes Delay On Tax Reform
15/12/2009 France To Tax Bankers' Bonuses
15/12/2009 Germany: States Near Solution In Tax Cut Row
15/12/2009 Luxembourg, Germany Add Information Exchange Protocol To DTA
14/12/2009 Guernsey's Chief Minister Questions Onshore-Offshore Divide
11/12/2009 Irish Accountancy Body Welcomes Budget
11/12/2009 China Reinstates Home Sales Tax To Counter Price Bubble
11/12/2009 Push Against Evasion Creates New Italian Tax Revenue Record
14/12/2009 UK Business Laments Darling's 'Tax On Jobs'
14/12/2009 Ozouf Presents Jersey's 2010 Budget
10/12/2009 El Salvador's Leader Pushes Tax Reform
10/12/2009 Trade Ministers Review Development Of EuroMed Free Trade Area
10/12/2009 Expected Loss Of Revenue From Philippine REIT Tax Law Halved
11/12/2009 Irish Budget Announced
10/12/2009 OECD Seeks To Resolve Tax Impediments To Emissions Trading
11/12/2009 Coalition Warns Against US VAT
10/12/2009 St Lucia To Conclude 12 TIEAs In The Coming Weeks
10/12/2009 UK To Tax Bankers' Bonuses
09/12/2009 Next Talks Between Taiwan And China Will Not Include ECFA
09/12/2009 South Korea Expects To Sign EU FTA Early Next Year
10/12/2009 Japan Announces New Fiscal Stimulus Plan
10/12/2009 Netherlands Signs TIEAs With Malaysia, The Bahamas
09/12/2009 South Korea, Canada Agree To Further Talks On FTA
10/12/2009 OECD Seeks To Set Standards On Financial Regulation
09/12/2009 Cayman Islands Reviewing Public Sector Spending
08/12/2009 Company Tax Causes Sharp Fall In NZ Government Revenue
08/12/2009 Ecuador Raises Capital Outflow Tax
09/12/2009 Tories Look To Ireland For Inspiration On Corporate Tax
09/12/2009 French Senate Adopts Local Business Tax Reform
08/12/2009 Progress Made In Talks On South Korea-Australia FTA
09/12/2009 IMF Weighing Up Financial Sector Levy
08/12/2009 Isle Of Man Retains 'AAA' Rating
07/12/2009 Latvian Parliament Adopts 2010 Austerity Budget
08/12/2009 Revenue Authorities Investigate Austrian Banks' Italian Branches
08/12/2009 Singapore, US Reaffirm Commitment to FTA
07/12/2009 Malaysian GST Will Counteract Future Reduced Oil Taxes
07/12/2009 Think Tank Urges Ireland To Rein In Tax Breaks
04/12/2009 Barbados Agrees To Revision Of Dutch DTA
04/12/2009 Switzerland And Kazakhstan Initial Revised DTA
04/12/2009 New Australian Opposition Leader Ends Support For ETS
07/12/2009 New Immigration System To Be Introduced In IOM
07/12/2009 French Finance Commission Takes Tough Stance On 'Tax Havens'
04/12/2009 IMF Urges Portuguese Government To Consolidate Finances
03/12/2009 Bahamas And China Further Tax Cooperation
03/12/2009 Open, Global Trade Is Critical To Irish Recovery: Kelleher
03/12/2009 French Road Transport Organizations Demand Carbon Tax Concessions
04/12/2009 Australian Employee Share Scheme Tax Changes Passed
04/12/2009 CARICOM Reviews Multilateral Double Tax Agreement


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