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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2008.

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30/12/2008 Swiss-UK Double Tax Treaty Amended To Exempt Tax On Dividends
30/12/2008 South Korean Homeowners Win Property Tax Court Case
31/12/2008 Technology Companies Slam European Commission Tax Proposals
30/12/2008 Costa Rican Free Trade Agreement Enters Into Force
29/12/2008 EU Pledges To Tackle Non-Tariff Barriers
29/12/2008 Bermuda-Based Company Announces Intent To Leave
29/12/2008 Irish Services Exports Thriving Despite Downturn
29/12/2008 India Will Try Again To Prevent 'Treaty Shopping'
24/12/2008 Guernsey Introduces Depositor Compensation Scheme
24/12/2008 Finance Minister Reveals Recapitalisation Plan For Irish Banks
23/12/2008 Arab Investors Declare Intention To Purchase Kaupthing Luxembourg
24/12/2008 Japan Must Increase Sales Tax By 2015, Minister Warns
24/12/2008 Canadian Budget To Reduce Tax Burden, Pledges Finance Minister
24/12/2008 Mauritius's Deputy Prime Minister Reassures OECD
23/12/2008 Isle of Man To Begin Recompensing KSF IOM Depositors
23/12/2008 Guernsey Signs International Identity Framework Agreement
22/12/2008 Finnish Parliament Passes Sales Tax Cut For Loggers
23/12/2008 Court Rules In Gibraltar's Favour In State Aid Case
22/12/2008 Ryanair Wins EUR4.5m Subsidy Case
22/12/2008 Panama Canal Signs USD2.3bn Financing Agreement
19/12/2008 Switzerland Lures Bermudan Companies
18/12/2008 Cowen Meets With Senior US Senator To Discuss Future Policies
18/12/2008 Guernsey Bank Deposits At All Time High
18/12/2008 Vietnamese Government Announces Tax Breaks For Business
18/12/2008 Gibraltar Awaits Verdict On Corporate Tax System
17/12/2008 EC Welcomes Switzerland Into Schengen Area
17/12/2008 Hong Kong Signs Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement With Vietnam
17/12/2008 HKD100bn Business Loan Scheme To Launch In Hong Kong
17/12/2008 Ireland's Finance Minister Unveils Bank Recapitalisation Plans
16/12/2008 Bermuda Monetary Authority Receives Praise
15/12/2008 Nevis Government Tables 'Conservative' Budget
16/12/2008 Irish Prime Minister Addresses EU Leaders
15/12/2008 ICAI Welcomes Revisions To Irish Finance Bill
15/12/2008 Newly Licensed Hedge Funds In Malta Double
15/12/2008 Income And Business Tax Amendment Bill Makes Further Progress In Belize
12/12/2008 Adami Underlines Malta's Re-Evaluated Financial Position
15/12/2008 Swiss Finance Ministry Announces Corporate Tax Reform
12/12/2008 Tibbetts Relays Positive Message To Cayman Captive Conference
10/12/2008 France To Sign Bilateral Tax Agreement With Switzerland
10/12/2008 Jersey Senator Delivers Budget Speech
10/12/2008 VAT Changes Passed On By Most Businesses In Isle Of Man
10/12/2008 Bermuda-Based Insurer Relocates To US
11/12/2008 US And Liechtenstein Sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement
09/12/2008 Cayman Islands To Support Crown Dependency Review
09/12/2008 Lloyd's Syndicates Encouraged To Establish Presence In Guernsey
08/12/2008 EC Approves Rescue Package For Fortis Luxembourg
09/12/2008 Cypriot Finance Minister Announces 2009 Budget
08/12/2008 Jersey's Financial Forecasting Process Requires Improvement
05/12/2008 Bank Of Ireland Offers EUR250m To Irish SMEs
04/12/2008 Lenihan Implores Irish Banks To Support SMEs
05/12/2008 UK Crown Dependencies Review Leader Announced
04/12/2008 IoM Announces VAT Rate Reduction
03/12/2008 Cayman Islands Releases EU Savings Tax Figures
03/12/2008 Guernsey's Expertise Sought By UK Treasury Committee
02/12/2008 Bahamas Small Business Support Unit Created
02/12/2008 Irish Firms Secure EUR40m In Business In UAE
02/12/2008 Isle Of Man Welcomes Crown Dependency Review
01/12/2008 EC Tells Luxembourg To Amend Savings Tax Laws
01/12/2008 EU And Ivory Coast Sign Landmark Trade Deal
01/12/2008 Lenihan Welcomes EIB's SME Funding Facility
01/12/2008 Switzerland To Join Schengen Area
28/11/2008 Guernsey Responds To UK Review Of Offshore Financial Centres
28/11/2008 Gulf Leaders Share Thoughts On Restoring Confidence
28/11/2008 CARICOM Discusses Impact Of Financial Crisis On Foreign Investment
28/11/2008 Cypriot Leader Optimistic Over Russian Blacklist
26/11/2008 Bermuda Concerned Over US Insurance Legislation
26/11/2008 Jersey Responds To UK's British Crown Dependencies Review
25/11/2008 Dubai Seeks To Quell Fear Over Debt
25/11/2008 Pakistan And Switzerland Sign New Double Tax Treaty
25/11/2008 Jersey Announces Fiscal Policy Changes
26/11/2008 Irish Accountants Criticize New Finance Bill
25/11/2008 Ireland's Lenihan Refuses To Rule Out More Tax Hikes
24/11/2008 Costa Rica To Eliminate Hotel Tax
24/11/2008 Irish Vice-President Embarks On Trade Mission To UAE
24/11/2008 Hong Kong Leader Advocates Free Trade
24/11/2008 Swiss National Bank Slashes Interest Rates By 1%
24/11/2008 Lenihan Publishes Finance Bill
24/11/2008 2009 Tax Reforms Herald Good News For Austrian Taxpayers
21/11/2008 Jersey To Introduce Deposit Protection Scheme
19/11/2008 Liechtenstein To Modify VAT Law
19/11/2008 Ireland's Bookies Braced For Tax Hike
20/11/2008 G20 Urge Action On Doha And Tax Transparency
18/11/2008 Maltese Prime Minister To Revise Eco-Friendly Vehicle Tax
19/11/2008 Lenihan Plans 3% Levy On Higher Earners
17/11/2008 Costa Rican Lawmakers Approve New Property Tax
18/11/2008 US Treasury To Implement Unlawful Internet Gambling Act
17/11/2008 New Zealand and Netherland Antilles To Exchange Tax Information
17/11/2008 Jamaican Diplomat Appointed CEO of CARICOM Development Fund
14/11/2008 EU's Handling Of Ireland's Rejection Of Lisbon Treaty Criticised
13/11/2008 OECS Examines Border Tax Measures
14/11/2008 Singapore Tops Ease Of Business League
13/11/2008 Charles Parkinson Unveils Maiden Guernsey Budget
13/11/2008 Swiss Bourse To Relocate All Trading To Zurich
13/11/2008 Maltese Opposition Proposes Changes To 2009 Budget
12/11/2008 Isle Of Man Officials Invited To Westminster
12/11/2008 European Commission Encourages Switzerland To Step Up Cooperation With EU
11/11/2008 China and UAE Discuss Bilateral Relationship
12/11/2008 Swiss Government Fears Obama's Stance On Banking Secrecy
11/11/2008 Isle Of Man Hosts Netherlands Antilles State Secretary Of Finance
11/11/2008 Shanghai Keen To Emulate Guernsey Finance Model


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