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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2005.

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30/12/2005 UAE Presents No-Deficit Budget For 2006
30/12/2005 European Governments Urge Money Laundering Crackdown In UAE
30/12/2005 Some Bermudian Funds To Gain Exemption From Swiss Disclosure Rules
30/12/2005 Tax Competition Heats Up In Switzerland
29/12/2005 Turkey Digs Heels In Over Cypriot-Flagged Ships
29/12/2005 Mauritius' Banks Can Oil Engine Of New Economy, Says Minister
28/12/2005 Gibraltar, UK, Agree Investment Services Passporting
28/12/2005 Lightly-Taxed EU Countries Top GDP Rankings
28/12/2005 Austrian EU Presidency To Tackle VAT Fraud
27/12/2005 2005 Set To Be Another Record Year For Cayman Hedge Funds
27/12/2005 Malta Licences Its Two Largest Hedge Funds To Date
27/12/2005 Swisscom Permitted To Make Foreign Acquisitions, Says Government
26/12/2005 Liechtenstein Conference To Discuss Future Of Financial Markets
26/12/2005 United States To Implement CAFTA In January 2006
26/12/2005 Good Growth Continues In Panama
23/12/2005 UK And Gibraltar Reach Withholding Tax Deal
23/12/2005 Pro-Democracy Members Vote Down Tsang's Hong Kong Political Reform Package
21/12/2005 Microsoft Subsidiary Is Ireland's Most Profitable Firm
21/12/2005 Hong Kong Sees 19% Surge In Inward Direct Investment
20/12/2005 Irish Courts Accused Of Favouring Wealthy In Tax Evasion Cases
20/12/2005 BVI On Course To Introduce Business Companies Act In January
20/12/2005 Deiss Signs Free Trade Deal With South Korea On Behalf Of EFTA
19/12/2005 Guernsey Freezes Income Tax Allowances In 2006 Budget
19/12/2005 US Congressional Delegation Promotes CAFTA In Costa Rica
19/12/2005 European Parliament Approves Data Retention Directive
19/12/2005 EU Budget Will Support 10 New Members
16/12/2005 Tax Increases In St Kitts And Nevis Budget
16/12/2005 Mauritius Signs Investment Agreements With Belgium And Luxembourg
16/12/2005 Switzerland Defends Corporate Tax System In Brussels
15/12/2005 Google Announces Plan To Expand Irish Headquarters
15/12/2005 Low Tax Countries To Buck Trend Of Slowing European Second Home Market
15/12/2005 Liechtenstein Hands Back Saddam's Plane To Iraqi People
14/12/2005 CARICOM Single Market To Start In January
14/12/2005 Cypriot Economy On Course For 4% Growth In 2005
14/12/2005 Jersey Finance Cultivates Dubai Connections
13/12/2005 Swiss Canton Votes To Attract Business With Tax Cuts
13/12/2005 Concerns Raised Over Conflicts Of Interest In Ireland
13/12/2005 Bahamas Finalising Private Trust Companies Legislation
13/12/2005 Guernsey To Delay Discussions On New Tax Regime
13/12/2005 Cayman Islands Press EU For Level Playing Field
13/12/2005 Jersey Banking Sector Unaffected By EU Savings Tax Directive
12/12/2005 St Kitts And Nevis Budget To Review Economy
12/12/2005 DIFC Announces New Regional Corporate Governance Institute
09/12/2005 Ireland Moves To Restrict Tax Exemptions
09/12/2005 BetonSports To Expand Operations In Antigua And Barbuda
09/12/2005 Switzerland Has Become 'Too Complicated' For Foreign Investors
09/12/2005 Guernsey Bank Deposits Reach Another New High
08/12/2005 Rush Of Law Firms To Dubai Continues
08/12/2005 Cayman Economy Rebounding Stongly From Hurricane Ivan
08/12/2005 Despite Recovery, Hong Kong Economy Still To Face Challenges
07/12/2005 Swisscom And Government Deadlocked Over Foreign Acquisition Plans
07/12/2005 Turks And Caicos Celebrates Launch Of A 'Bank For The People'
07/12/2005 Tsang Committed To Roadmap For Democracy In Hong Kong
06/12/2005 Hong Kong To Undertake Major Reform Of Company Law
06/12/2005 PartyGaming CFO Hits Out At Company's Detractors
06/12/2005 Aruba Tightens Up Residence Permit Regulations
06/12/2005 Costa Rican Lawmakers Approve 2006 Budget Plan
05/12/2005 BVI Court Rules Against Sibir In Dispute With Sibneft
05/12/2005 Antigua Defiant Over Online Gambling
05/12/2005 European Parliament Agrees Pro-Doha Resolution
02/12/2005 Swiss Coalition Party Argues For End To Special Celebrity Tax Breaks
02/12/2005 UK Competitiveness Set To Decline According To Study
02/12/2005 Cayman Islands Welcomes 10,000th Fund Registration
01/12/2005 Leaders Agree Path To New Constitutional Relations For Netherland Antilles
30/11/2005 Commonwealth Meeting Asks EU For Better Sugar Compensation
30/11/2005 Hong Kong Government Predicts Growth In Asset Management Industry
30/11/2005 European Court To Deliver M&S Tax Verdict On December 13
30/11/2005 Gibraltar Tax Department Urged To Get Tough On Tax Evasion
30/11/2005 Labuan To Serve As Kuwait Finance House's South East Asian Hub
29/11/2005 Jersey Chamber Of Commerce Warns On Planned Tax Changes
29/11/2005 Seychelles And Belgium Begin Negotiations On Double Tax Avoidance Agreement
29/11/2005 New Gibraltar Yacht Reporting Rules Raise Security Concerns
29/11/2005 Cayman Immigration Rules 'In Urgent Need Of Overhaul'
29/11/2005 Manx Government Confident On Economic Outlook
28/11/2005 Hong Kong Economy Turns On 'Spectacular' Performance
28/11/2005 Caribbean Banks Under Pressure From US To Combat Money Laundering
28/11/2005 Dubai Begins Work On World's Largest Airport
25/11/2005 Competitiveness Council Hails Ireland's Tax Policy
25/11/2005 EU Approves Measure Designed To Boost Irish Shipping
25/11/2005 Costa Rica's Trade Deficit Grows As CAFTA Looms
24/11/2005 Merkel's Chancellorship Will Boost Swiss Economy, Says Business Group
24/11/2005 Madeira Hosts Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions
24/11/2005 EU Agriculture Council Struggles To Agree Sugar Package
23/11/2005 Irish Government On The Defensive Over Corporate Tax
23/11/2005 Tax Revenue Windfall Eats Into Cypriot Budget Deficit
23/11/2005 Turkish Cypriot Aid Package Moving Closer To Delivery
23/11/2005 Panama Consolidates Sovereign Debt
22/11/2005 Dubai Ruler Quashes Speculation Over Tax
22/11/2005 Guernsey Tax Reform Consultation Closes
21/11/2005 STEP Still Critical Of OECD Information Exchange Process
21/11/2005 Link REIT IPO Secures HK$100 Billion In Retail Orders
21/11/2005 Belize To Implement Fiscal Incentive Information Programme
21/11/2005 Caruana To Speak At Maltese Investment Conference
18/11/2005 Costa Rica Signs Free Trade Deal With Trinidad And Tobago
18/11/2005 Hong Kong Legislators Reject Comprehensive Competition Law Framework
18/11/2005 BVI Mounts Successful Chinese Promotional Tour
18/11/2005 UAE Mulling Sales And Income Taxes
17/11/2005 UK SMEs Call On Government To Close VAT Loophole
16/11/2005 Bahamas Opposition Attacks Government Record On Business
16/11/2005 Dubai To Cap Rent Hikes As Foreign Firms Get The Jitters Over Costs


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