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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2002.

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26/11/2002 'Sin' Taxes Won't Save New York From Its Ballooning Deficit
26/11/2002 China Tightens Up Foreign Investment Regime
26/11/2002 US Lifts WTO Round With Tariff-Reduction Proposal
25/11/2002 Brown To Leave Tax 'Loophole' Untouched In Pre-Budget Report
25/11/2002 Moody's To Evaluate Cypriot Economy
25/11/2002 Vanuatu Tightens Offshore Banking Laws
22/11/2002 Hong Kong Is 'The Shining Pearl Of China', Says Zhu
22/11/2002 German Cabinet Approves Tax Hike
22/11/2002 New Zealand Government Task Force Calls For ICT Tax Incentives
22/11/2002 Bermuda Spent Big Bucks Lobbying Congress, Report Reveals
22/11/2002 FATF Gives Gibraltar A Clean Bill Of Health
22/11/2002 US Small Business Administration Tilts At IRS Interest Reporting Rule
21/11/2002 Australian Government Rules Out Possibility Of Inheritance Tax
21/11/2002 Canadian Finance Minister Rejects Health Tax Hike Plans
21/11/2002 France Ready To Trim Budget Deficit Following Warning
21/11/2002 IoM Chamber Of Commerce Warns Over Planned National Insurance Hike
21/11/2002 Bahamas Minister Describes Government's E-Commerce Plans
20/11/2002 BCC Demands Tax Cuts To Boost Economy
20/11/2002 Second Bank Given License For Anjouan Operations
20/11/2002 UK Could Order Cayman To Accept EU Savings Tax Directive, Experts Warn
20/11/2002 UK Politician Urges Jersey To Establish Brussels Base
20/11/2002 US Goes Ahead With Central American Free Trade
20/11/2002 Cyprus Parties Edge Towards Accepting UN Plan
19/11/2002 Grenadian Finance Minister Delivers Budget
19/11/2002 Cayman To Stand Firm Over EU Savings Tax Directive
19/11/2002 White House Ponders Further Tax Cuts
19/11/2002 US Treasury Will Reform International Tax Laws
18/11/2002 Bahamian PM Warns Of Continuing OECD Pressure
18/11/2002 UK Tory Leader Warns Of 'Economic Coronary' Ahead
18/11/2002 Germany And France To Face Early Warning Over Deficits
18/11/2002 FSA Under Fire Over Split Cap Fiasco
18/11/2002 French Statistics Office Lowers Growth Estimates
18/11/2002 Germany To Extend Capital Gains Taxes
15/11/2002 Peter Costello Justifies High Income Tax Take
15/11/2002 Maltese Economy Set To Recover, Says EU Report
15/11/2002 US Tax Coalition Attacks IRS Over Interest-Reporting Proposals
15/11/2002 Hong Kong Legislators Meet To Discuss Tax Solutions
15/11/2002 UK Minister Denies Giscard's Tax Harmonisation Play
14/11/2002 IRS Moves Against Newly Inverted US Companies
14/11/2002 President Clerides Calls For Cooperation Following Release Of UN's Cyprus Plan
14/11/2002 US Groups Attack IRS Over NRA Reporting Rules
13/11/2002 Business Council Of Australia Urges International Tax Reform
13/11/2002 NZ Finance Minister Rules Out Spending Spree With Increased Revenue
13/11/2002 German Government Confirms Tax Shortfall
13/11/2002 Cayman Government Presents 2003 Half Year Budget
13/11/2002 New UN Cyprus Plan Published To Chorus Of Silence
13/11/2002 Ahern Defends Finance Minister Ahead Of No Confidence Debate
12/11/2002 Isle of Man Appoints New Head Of International Services
12/11/2002 'Double Dip' Recession Feared In Switzerland
12/11/2002 Grant Gibbons Slams Throne Speech, Pledges To Reduce Tax Burden
12/11/2002 Duma Official Urges Change To Distribution Of Tax Revenues
12/11/2002 US Steel Prices Rise In Response To Protective Tariffs
11/11/2002 ESRI Urges More Borrowing Rather Than Tax Hikes
11/11/2002 New Zealand Announces Higher Than Expected Tax Take
11/11/2002 Cook Islands Government Spending Risks Overheating Economy
11/11/2002 Pierre Horsfall Says Tax Talks With UK Now 'Cordial'
11/11/2002 Jubilation In Gibraltar Following Referendum Result
11/11/2002 Congressional Committee Chairman Complains Interest Reporting Measure To IRS
11/11/2002 Shiokawa Supports Equity CGT Cuts
11/11/2002 Giscard Threatens Tax Harmonisation In New EU Constitution
08/11/2002 Indian Direct Tax Reforms Unlikely To Be Accepted In Full, Experts Warn
08/11/2002 Maltese Retailers Call For VAT Reform
08/11/2002 Barbadian Economy On The Up, Says Central Bank Governor
08/11/2002 Report Suggests Tyco Paid Big Bucks To Keep Tax Break
08/11/2002 Republican Win Positive For Tax Competition, Says Washington's CFP
08/11/2002 Gibraltarians Almost Unanimous Against Joint Sovereignty
07/11/2002 Russian Economic Development Ministry Proposes Tax Cuts
07/11/2002 Germany To Increase Retirement Tax
07/11/2002 Malta Wants To Join Eurozone In 2005, Says Dalli
07/11/2002 Cyprus Discussions Await New Turkish Position On Island's Partition
07/11/2002 Republican Gains Raise Hopes Of Further US Tax Cuts
06/11/2002 Indian Government Proposes Sweeping Tax Reforms
06/11/2002 Peter Caruana Speaks On Referendum
06/11/2002 Liechtenstein Communes Hit Out At Budget Cuts
06/11/2002 'Sin Taxes' To Increase In Jersey's 2003 Budget
06/11/2002 Tough Budget Anticipated In Ireland As Tax Revenue Slumps
06/11/2002 EU Proposes Tax Amnesty To Force Switzerland Into Savings Tax Plan
05/11/2002 Australian Labor Party Pledges To Cut Income Taxes
05/11/2002 EU To Face Imminent Collapse Of Information Sharing Plans
04/11/2002 EU To Undertake Coordinated Tax Evasion Clampdown
04/11/2002 Charlie McCreevy Speaks At PPF Plenary Meeting
04/11/2002 Turkey Increases Pressure Over Cyprus's EU Accession
04/11/2002 Fears Of Finance Sector Job Losses Increase In Gibraltar
04/11/2002 Panama's Foreign Minister Attacks The OECD
04/11/2002 Hong Kong's Economy Probably Still Contracting
01/11/2002 Bahamas Could Be Facing A Recession, Economic Review Warns
01/11/2002 IMF Slams France, Germany, and Italy Over Stability Pact
01/11/2002 Hong Kong's Half-Year Deficit Reaches HK$70 Billion
31/10/2002 SA Taxpayers Promised More Tax Cuts In 2003 Budget
31/10/2002 International Meeting On OECD Measures Takes Place In Cayman
31/10/2002 Adami Denies Reports Of January Referendum
31/10/2002 Barbados Budget Increases Tax Burden On Lower Income Taxpayers, Says E&Y
31/10/2002 FATF Told: 'Physician, Heal Thyself'
31/10/2002 Bank Reform Plan Finally Published In Japan
31/10/2002 The EU Meets Switzerland Again Today On Savings Tax
30/10/2002 Hong Kong Tax Hike Would Hit Lenders Hard, Warns HSBC Securities
30/10/2002 Money Laundering Reporting Up In Switzerland
30/10/2002 Liechtenstein Government Suggests Measures To Address 2003 Deficit
30/10/2002 Bahamanian Minister Outlines Prospects In FTAA
30/10/2002 Barbadian Banks Welcome Planned Removal Of Tax On Assets


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