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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 2000.

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28/12/2000 Barbados: Metered Telephone Rates Will Spell Disaster For E-Commerce Says ISP
28/12/2000 Caribbean Development Bank Chief Gets Last Word (This Year) On OECD
28/12/2000 The OECD's Version Of Tax Harmonisation
28/12/2000 Center For Freedom And Prosperity Will Defend Jurisdictions Against OECD In Barbados
22/12/2000 Cyprus About To Agree OECD Measures
22/12/2000 Tory Treasurer In Belize Row
22/12/2000 Ireland: Central Bank's Winter Bulletin Warns On Economy
21/12/2000 Paul O'Neill, Chairman Of Alcoa, Is To Be Treasury Secretary
21/12/2000 Bahamas Business Outlook Conference Set For January 15 2001
21/12/2000 Hong Kong: Companies Registry To Go Online
21/12/2000 Seychelles 2001 Budget Figures Released
21/12/2000 Cayman Islands Governor Says UK Visit Was 'Profile-Raising'
20/12/2000 Seychelles Budget Address Takes Place
20/12/2000 Gibraltar: Finance Centre Changes - What Will The Government Do?
19/12/2000 Isle Of Man Approves Online Gambling Regulation Bill
19/12/2000 Swiss Bankers Ask EU To Act Against Tax Evasion In Asia As Switzerland's Own Activities Are Scrutinized
19/12/2000 Isle Of Man Appoints Independent Consultants To Review Manx Telecom
19/12/2000 Cook Islands Establishes Taskforce With A View To Opening Door To Foreign Workers
18/12/2000 New International Business Companies Act Threatens Bahamas' Revenues
18/12/2000 Cyprus Tax Reforms Put On Hold
18/12/2000 Senior Republicans Line Up Behind $1.3 Trillion Tax Package
18/12/2000 Cayman Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis Discuss Financial Services With FATF And US Treasury
18/12/2000 Immigration Department Launches E-Services In Dubai
18/12/2000 The OECD's Glass House
15/12/2000 George Bush Faces Critical Decisions On Taxes
15/12/2000 British Channel Islands Close Ranks With New Internet Portal
15/12/2000 St Vincent & Grenadines To Review Offshore Sector In 2001
15/12/2000 Hong Kong Strengthens Financial Role With Completion Of Final Phase In US Dollar Clearing System
15/12/2000 The OECD's Perpetual Tax Grab
15/12/2000 Bermuda: Bank's 60/40 Exemption Paves The Way For More Applications
14/12/2000 The Isle of Man And Netherlands Antilles Join The OECD's 'Commitment Club'
14/12/2000 Bank Of Bermuda Virtually Safe From Takeover
14/12/2000 DTI & Telecoms Minister Says Gibraltar Needs Finance Centre To Stay Strong
13/12/2000 The European SuperState Has Crept A Millimetre Forward
13/12/2000 Seychelles National Budget Proposals Show R1m Surplus
12/12/2000 Costa Rica: New Undersea Cable Brings Cheaper, Faster Internet Access
12/12/2000 Indian Internet Firms Flock To Dubai
12/12/2000 Isle of Man: Offshore Internet Bank FSharp Wins Department of Trade & Industry Accolade
11/12/2000 BVI Financial Services Sector Thriving In Spite Of Tax Haven Initiatives But Major Overhaul Still Planned
11/12/2000 Cayman Islands Governor Returns From High-Level Discussions With UK Treasury
11/12/2000 Bermuda Labour Minister Hints At Fast Track Work Permits For 'Good' Corporate Citizens
08/12/2000 Antigua And Barbuda Pleads For Mercy From The UK And The US
08/12/2000 Mauritius And Seychelles To Promote Bi-Lateral Relations In Trade, Investment And Commerce
08/12/2000 Gibraltar Finance Centre Faces Pressure After OECD Talks
08/12/2000 Irish Budget Gives Away £2bn But Increases Taxes And Spending - Only In Ireland!
07/12/2000 Mexican Budget Takes Prudent Line
07/12/2000 Malta's Central Bank Governor Calls For Consistency In Bank Supervision Responsibilities
07/12/2000 Panama Sees Opposition Grow To Tax Reform
07/12/2000 UK Government Praises Cyprus' Anti-Money Laundering Systems
07/12/2000 Malta: ISPs Create New Internet Backbone, Blockade Rival ISP
06/12/2000 Second Captive Insurer Sets Up In Hong Kong
06/12/2000 Bermuda Annual Report Records Benefits Of International Business
06/12/2000 Bermuda's Finance Minister Denies 60/40 Deal
06/12/2000 Jersey Telecoms and Cable & Wireless Open New Communications Link To UK
06/12/2000 UK's European Dependencies Meet In London To Discuss OECD's Harmful Tax Initiative
05/12/2000 Guernsey Sees Big Growth In Investment Funds
05/12/2000 Hong Kong's Electronic Service Delivery Scheme Ready For Launch
05/12/2000 Israel's Tax Commission To Lower Tax On High-Tech Sector
05/12/2000 Gibraltar Gets Euros 8.38m Funding Under EU Programme
04/12/2000 EU Council This Week May Extend Fiscal Powers
04/12/2000 Isle Of Man: Council Of Ministers Proposes OECD Commitments
04/12/2000 European Union Expresses Concern Over Spain-Gibraltar Frontier
01/12/2000 Hong Kong Investment Group Sees Shares Plunge After Scam Allegations
01/12/2000 Maltese Finance Minister Addresses Financial Transactions Seminar
01/12/2000 Bermuda Government Remains Silent On 60/40 Decision
01/12/2000 Cayman Islands Budget Falls Short An Estimated $7.8m
30/11/2000 Canadian Government To Announce Tax Cuts After Election Victory
30/11/2000 Cyprus Offshore Tax Set To Increase
30/11/2000 Jersey Financial Services Commission Publishes Quarterly Report
30/11/2000 WTO Sets Up Panels To Resolve Foreign Sales Corporation Spat
30/11/2000 Cayman Islands' Governor Visits UK For Finance Talks
29/11/2000 Bahamas' PM Sets December Deadline For New Financial Laws
29/11/2000 Belgian Dentist Seen Crossing Andorran Border
29/11/2000 Korea Offers Extensive Tax Incentives For Foreign Investors
29/11/2000 OECD Announces Meeting With Tax Havens In Barbados, Publishes Memorandum Of Understanding
29/11/2000 KMPG Director To Speak On The Future Of Offshore Financial Centres in Bermuda, London
28/11/2000 Bahamas Blacklisting Down To Drug Trafficking And Offshore Funds, Say Politicians
27/11/2000 Barbados: Cable & Wireless Monopoly Will End In 2002
27/11/2000 Eastern Caribbean Securities Commission Due Soon
27/11/2000 Hong Kong Confirms Commitment To E-Commerce
27/11/2000 Labuan Financial Exchange Launched To Aid Development Of Budding Offshore Centre
27/11/2000 Russian Finance Minister Accuses Oil Companies Of Holding Back On Taxes
27/11/2000 Gibraltar: High Net Worth Individuals Get Better Deal Say Non-EU Residents
24/11/2000 British Virgin Islands Introduces New Law To Reduce Banking Secrecy
24/11/2000 Gibraltar Makes A Bid To Become An Investment Fund Centre
24/11/2000 Jersey And Guernsey Join Forces In Talks With OECD
24/11/2000 Malaysian Trade Minister Studies Tax-Free Singapore's Threat To ASEAN Bloc
24/11/2000 Russian Tax Reforms Don't Look So Good To Practitioners
24/11/2000 Lack Of Fiscal Reforms Delays IMF Loan To Ecuador
24/11/2000 Maltese Government Awards Dual Citizenship Passports
23/11/2000 Antigua & Barbuda's Economy In Good Health, Says IMF
23/11/2000 Bahamas' Finance Minister Opts For Co-operation, Not Conflict
23/11/2000 Cayman Islands Names Kurt Tibbetts As New Head Of Government
23/11/2000 IMF Tells The UK Not To Use Unexpected Surplus For Public Spending
23/11/2000 UK Government Modifies Advisory On Antigua & Barbuda
23/11/2000 Opposition Respond To Malta Budget
22/11/2000 Malta Announces Budget Measures
21/11/2000 Jersey, Guernsey To Hold Talks On Closer Co-operation
20/11/2000 Caribbean Leaders Concerned Over EC Duty-Free Proposals
20/11/2000 EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy Announces $4bn Sanctions In EU/US Dispute


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