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Search Results for Politics and Economic in 1999.

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19/12/1999 Canary Islands Special Economic Zone Set to Open in 2000
18/12/1999 Dutch Government Bails Out Antilles
12/12/1999 Positive Guernsey Progress Report on Edwards Review
12/12/1999 Malta Budget Commits to Investment Incentives and E-Commerce
12/12/1999 EU Pends Withholding Tax Plan as UK Stands Firm
12/12/1999 Bermuda Premier Looks to Forge New Partnerships
12/12/1999 ACEC Releases Agenda, Issues & Policy Options
05/12/1999 UK Veto Threat Dooms EU Withholding Tax; Draws Angry Response
05/12/1999 Privacy Concerns Over Leavitt Internet Sales Tax Plan
05/12/1999 Luxembourg Prime Minister Says It's Britain's Fault
05/12/1999 IOM Government Welcomes OECD Dialogue
05/12/1999 CSE Closes Again! To Get First Offshore Listing
01/12/1999 USA Hands Back Panama Bases
28/11/1999 Malta's Budget seeks To Stabilise Finances
28/11/1999 Caribbean Company Launches E-Brokerage Service
28/11/1999 Bailiff Tells UK To Stand By Jersey Against OECD
22/11/1999 Jersey Responds to Edwards Report
22/11/1999 Jersey Denies Independence Rumours in UK Press
22/11/1999 Edwards Report Author Predicts Future For OIFCs
15/11/1999 Lamont Tells Jersey: Keep Independence Threat In Reserve
15/11/1999 Isle of Man Tops OFFEX Awards
15/11/1999 Caribbean Reports Ukrainian Money Laundering
11/11/1999 Vega-Atlantic Acquires Panama Gold Concession
08/11/1999 UK Bahamas Delegation Fights Back at Critics
08/11/1999 Dominican Internet 'Stock Exchange' Casino Controversy
08/11/1999 Antilles Government Re-Forms but Financial Crisis Still Looms
30/10/1999 Maltese PM Puts Positive Gloss On Economic Results
24/10/1999 Guernsey Directors Defiant On EU, Talk Independence
24/10/1999 EU to Step Up Fight Against Money Laundering
24/10/1999 Britain and Colonies Discuss Tax Future
24/10/1999 Antilles Politics in Chaos as Governments Collapse
16/10/1999 Guernsey Urged To Address Future Relationship with EU and UK
16/10/1999 Compromise Resolution to Gibraltar Passporting Is Hollow Victory
14/10/1999 UK gives Gibraltar Deadline for EU Directives
05/10/1999 Senior UK Tory MP Warns Island of ‘Euro Jealousy’
01/10/1999 UK Government Rumoured To Consider Betting Intervention
01/10/1999 Five New Companies For International Trade Zone
19/09/1999 Paris Forum Plans Standards for Offshore Centres
09/09/1999 Estate Agent Warns of IOM Housing Shortage
03/09/1999 Outrage at Cyprus Stock Exchange Closure
03/09/1999 New York DA's Office Attacks Bank Secrecy Laws
03/09/1999 Cyprus Stock Exchange Crisis Still Mounting
01/09/1999 New Panama President Mireya Moscoso Takes Office
30/08/1999 US Treasury Acts Against Money Laundering
30/07/1999 New Minister for UK Dependent Territories?
05/05/1999 United Nations Launches 'Offshore Initiative' Against Laundering
16/02/1999 The Mounties Raid Turks and Caicos Islands


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