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15/08/2017 Australia's Federal Gov't Fears Trade Retaliation
15/08/2017 EU Considering New Sanctions For 'Tax Havens'
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
07/08/2017 BEPS Toolkit Released On Offshore Indirect Transfers
03/08/2017 IMF Calls For Rethink On US Tax Reform Design
27/07/2017 Hong Kong Urged To Improve PE Fund Tax Exemption
26/07/2017 UK, Netherlands Biggest 'Conduits' For Offshore Investment
25/07/2017 Bipartisan Support For Territorial US Tax System, BEPS Measures
19/07/2017 Australia Improves Financial Services Tax Regime
17/07/2017 Corporate Tax Rate Cut A Top Priority: Hatch
14/07/2017 Irish FinMin Explains Response To Tax Evasion
12/07/2017 Latvian Bank To Appeal French Tax Fine
14/07/2017 Cyprus Opens New Tax Amnesty For Past Tax Dues
06/07/2017 German Police Acquires Panama Papers
16/06/2017 Irish Revenue Brings In New Anti-Evasion Staff
12/06/2017 Canada To Amend Voluntary Disclosure Program
02/06/2017 Canada Provides Update On Anti-Avoidance Work
27/05/2017 WTO Reviews Trade Policies In Switzerland, Liechtenstein
16/05/2017 China Confirms Support For Shanghai Free Trade Zone
12/05/2017 German State Receives 'MaltaLeaks' Data
10/05/2017 Australian Budget Targets Housing, Tax Compliance
08/05/2017 Taxpayers Rush To Use Irish Voluntary Disclosure Regime
03/05/2017 Irish Accountants Criticize Tax Agency's Latest Enforcement Drive
28/04/2017 Ireland Extends Deadline For Disclosure Scheme
28/04/2017 Irish Firms Unfazed By US Tax Reform Plans
27/04/2017 Australian Gov't To Reintroduce Company Tax Cuts
24/04/2017 EU Approves UK Levy On Horseracing Bets
12/04/2017 New Zealand Explains Non-Resident Withholding Tax Changes
07/04/2017 Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act Reintroduced In US Congress
04/04/2017 HMRC Launches New Tax Fraud Hotline
27/03/2017 Australian DPT Legislation Passes Senate
20/03/2017 Australian Miners: Diverted Profits Tax Law 'Flawed'
13/03/2017 Hong Kong Proposes New Aircraft Leasing Incentives
09/03/2017 More Tax Hikes For UK Taxpayers In 2017 Budget
08/03/2017 Australian Oil And Gas Firms Against Tax Incentives Overhaul
08/03/2017 OECD To Hold Fourth Meeting On International VAT Reform In April
06/03/2017 Hong Kong Seeking To Improve Insurance Tax Incentives
06/03/2017 New Zealand Launches Consultation On New BEPS Measures
01/03/2017 MEPs Call For Wider Access To Beneficial Ownership Data
27/02/2017 Canada To Ramp Up Efforts Against Tax Evasion
23/02/2017 Noonan Provides Update On Irish Voluntary Disclosures
22/02/2017 BCA Opposes Changes To Aus Petroleum Resource Rent Tax
20/02/2017 Irish Revenue Launches Self-Assessment Compliance Drive
16/02/2017 South Africa Consults On Diesel Fuel Tax Refund Overhaul
06/02/2017 CRA's Offshore Informant Program Nets CAD1m
03/02/2017 Jaitley Delivers India's 2017-18 Budget
01/02/2017 Australia Says Corporate Tax Cut, Free Trade A Win-Win
26/01/2017 Dijsselbloem Warns UK Against 'Going Rogue' On Tax
24/01/2017 UK Government To Reform Horseracing Levy
24/01/2017 Digital Services Sales Tax Floated In Canada
18/01/2017 ATO Publishes TP Guidance For Offshore Hubs
11/01/2017 Panama Seeks Removal From French Tax Blacklist
12/01/2017 Hong Kong Reports On Incorporations In 2016
06/01/2017 Hong Kong Needs Measured BEPS Response: Report
06/01/2017 Irish Revenue Advises On Changes To Voluntary Disclosure Regime
06/01/2017 Irish Tax Agency Reports On Record Year
03/01/2017 US Justice Dept Completes Swiss Bank Program
03/01/2017 UK Introduces New Penalties For Tax Evasion 'Enablers'
03/01/2017 New Zealand Retailers Call For GST On Foreign Online Suppliers


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