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Search Results for Offshore in 2011.

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30/12/2011 IoM Amends AML/CTF Handbook
29/12/2011 Gibraltar To Redraft Companies Act
29/12/2011 Guernsey Looks Set To Retain Zero-Ten Corporate Regime
28/12/2011 Ogier Cayman Advises On Mining Company Merger
27/12/2011 IoM Proposes Law Change To Host Gambling Events
26/12/2011 HKMA Welcomes First RMB Bond Issue By Chinese Bank
26/12/2011 UK, Liechtenstein Agree Changes To LDF
26/12/2011 Guernsey Concludes TIEA With India
23/12/2011 Jersey Structure Employed In Polymetal's LSE Listing
23/12/2011 Isle Of Man's Tax Regime Vindicated
23/12/2011 Malta Strengthens Regulatory Ties With Slovakia
22/12/2011 Channel Islands To Challenge UK Tax Decision
21/12/2011 IoM Revises Insurance Regulations
22/12/2011 Jersey Welcomes Corporate Tax Certainty
22/12/2011 US 'Near To Deal' With Swiss Banks
21/12/2011 Ireland's Recovery Firming
21/12/2011 BVI Business Activity Rises
20/12/2011 Guernsey Lawmakers Adopt 2012 Budget
21/12/2011 Cayman Named Top Hedge Fund Domicile
21/12/2011 Australia Proceeds With Fund Manager Tax Reforms
19/12/2011 Anguilla Faces Economic Challenges
20/12/2011 Swiss Economy Hit By Eurozone Crisis
19/12/2011 Bermuda Publishes Pre-Budget Report
19/12/2011 IRS Promises Guidance On Foreign Financial Asset Reporting
19/12/2011 IoM Hosts Chinese Entrepreneurs
16/12/2011 Hong Kong Discusses Tax Support For SMEs
16/12/2011 Monti Agrees Changes To Italian Budget Measures
15/12/2011 Ireland Concerned At UK FTT Opt Out
15/12/2011 Jersey To Invest In Super-Fast Broadband
16/12/2011 Swiss State Council Backs US Tax Deal Amendment
15/12/2011 IoM Welcomes New Gambling Operator
15/12/2011 Guernsey Promotes Finance Centre In India
15/12/2011 Hong Kong Rated Leading Financial Centre
15/12/2011 Cayman To Target Reinsurance Business
13/12/2011 Bermuda Amends Insurance Regime
13/12/2011 AGCC Reviews Full Tilt Poker Decision
12/12/2011 Guernsey Reviews Functioning Of FSC
13/12/2011 Hong Kong's Inward FDI Soars
13/12/2011 Jersey Finance Welcomes New Tax Pacts
12/12/2011 CARICOM Slams Sarkozy's Tax Haven Slur
12/12/2011 Irish Parties Spar Over EU Taxes
12/12/2011 Isle Of Man Ditches Rent-A-Room Tax Relief Proposals
09/12/2011 IoM Targets Unregistered Businesses
09/12/2011 Switzerland Rejects Controversial Bonus Tax
12/12/2011 Hong Kong Grows As International Arbitration Centre
09/12/2011 Barbados Making Strides On Debt Reduction
08/12/2011 Malta Extends Tax Amnesty Again
08/12/2011 Jersey Businesses Challenge Altered Transparency Goalposts
07/12/2011 Cyprus Agrees Deficit-Busting Tax Measures
07/12/2011 Switzerland To Abolish Issuance Stamp Duty
06/12/2011 Litigation Funding Now Available In Jersey
05/12/2011 Panama Ditches French Credit Line On Tax Haven Slur
05/12/2011 Guernsey Builds Stronger Financial Services Ties With China
05/12/2011 Hong Kong, France DTA Comes Into Effect
05/12/2011 UAE To Improve Bankruptcy Law
05/12/2011 Alderney Reports Boost In E-Gambling Licences
05/12/2011 Jersey Litigation Fund Breaks New Ground
02/12/2011 Guernsey To Retain Zero-Ten
30/11/2011 Hong Kong Plugs Its Services For Emerging Economies
30/11/2011 IoM Showcases Clean Tech Sector Progress
30/11/2011 Antigua And Barbuda Addresses OECD Concerns
29/11/2011 Switzerland Adopts Four DTAs
30/11/2011 IMF Praises St. Vincent's Fiscal Plan
30/11/2011 Guernsey Seeks Listings On Shenzhen Exchange
29/11/2011 IoM Redoubles Promotional Efforts
29/11/2011 EU Challenges Switzerland's Landmark Tax Deals
28/11/2011 No New Taxes In 2012 For UAE
29/11/2011 Hong Kong Looks At Narrow Tax Base
28/11/2011 UK To Enhance Relationship With Overseas Territories
28/11/2011 Bermuda, Malta Conclude TIEA
25/11/2011 Barbados At Risk Of Rating Downgrade
25/11/2011 TCI Interim Government Announces Fresh Tax Hikes
28/11/2011 Cypriot Banks Issue Tax Warning
24/11/2011 Jersey To Revise Due Diligence Requirements
25/11/2011 Switzerland Agrees SNB Profit Distribution
25/11/2011 Hong Kong, China Renew Currency Swap Agreement
24/11/2011 UK Launches New Offshore Tax Unit
23/11/2011 Luxembourg, Russia Ink DTA Amendment
24/11/2011 IoM Touts Its Competitive Advantage To London Funds Industry
24/11/2011 DMCC Welcomes Rise In Company Formations
23/11/2011 Caymans Question UK Fiscal Proposals
23/11/2011 Swiss Bankers Wary Of Withholding Tax Changes
22/11/2011 Malta Consults On New ICC Structures
22/11/2011 IoM Public Sector Pension Overhaul Praised
23/11/2011 Guernsey 2012 Budget Contains Minor Tax Hikes
22/11/2011 Switzerland To Amend US Mutual Assistance Order
21/11/2011 Sweden To Tighten Interest Deduction Rules
21/11/2011 Gibraltar's Tax Sovereignty 'Unaffected' By EU Ruling
18/11/2011 Schäuble Seeks To Renegotiate Swiss Tax Deal
17/11/2011 Guernsey Selected To Facilitate USD6.3bn Leveraged Buyout
17/11/2011 Canada Approves Use Of BSX Securities In Retirement Savings Plans
17/11/2011 Swiss President Holds EU Tax Talks
16/11/2011 Guernsey Given Top Credit Rating
15/11/2011 Liechtenstein Highlights Role Of FIU
16/11/2011 Swiss Corporate Tax Rates Fell In 2011
14/11/2011 Isle Of Man Finances 'Remain Strong'
15/11/2011 Healthspan To Challenge UK LVCR Decision
14/11/2011 Liechtenstein, Austria Strengthen Economic Ties
14/11/2011 Poland-IoM Tax Agreements To Enter Into Force
15/11/2011 Swiss Lawmakers Approve US Info Exchange Amendment


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