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29/12/2010 BVI Highlights Forthcoming Fee Changes
30/12/2010 Major Australian Lender Up Against Project Wickenby
29/12/2010 Bermuda Issues 2010 Financial Services Data
29/12/2010 Bermuda Extends Insurance Code Compliance Deadline
28/12/2010 Guernsey Firm, AO Hall Wins IP Award
24/12/2010 CARICOM Seeks Greater International Say
24/12/2010 Jersey Finance Industry Grows In Q3
23/12/2010 HSBC Asks Australian Government To Abolish Tax Measures
22/12/2010 Jersey Updates Licensing Of Financial Services
21/12/2010 Businessman Sentenced To More Than Eight Years In Jail In Wickenby Case
17/12/2010 Belize Announces Land Tax Amnesty
20/12/2010 DIFC Cuts Business Costs
17/12/2010 Expanded Swiss-UK DTA In Force
16/12/2010 Barbados Must Step Up Deficit Cutting Efforts
16/12/2010 South Africa Revises Foreign Investment Limits
14/12/2010 Guernsey Approves 2011 Budget
15/12/2010 Guernsey Launches Tax Amnesty
15/12/2010 EU Prepares Fresh Attack On Swiss Taxes
14/12/2010 Lenihan Announces Super Tax On Irish Bankers
14/12/2010 EU Issues Final Bankers' Remuneration Policy
14/12/2010 US Could Introduce New Tax Amnesty
13/12/2010 Abu Dhabi Relaxes Controls On Real Estate
10/12/2010 IOM, Jersey Tax Reviews To Restart Mid-2011
09/12/2010 Australia Signs Two More TIEAs
10/12/2010 ECJ Explains Jurisdiction On The Internet
07/12/2010 IoM Seeks To Develop Funds Regime
07/12/2010 IMF Applauds HK's Fiscal And Financial Stability
06/12/2010 US, Panama Sign New TIEA
02/12/2010 Revised Swiss, Luxembourg DTA In Force
03/12/2010 German Court Permits Use Of Stolen Tax CDs
02/12/2010 Guernsey Confirms Information Exchange Move
02/12/2010 PSE-Listed Firms May Lose Tax Breaks
29/11/2010 Jersey Signs TIEAs With Turkey, Mexico
30/11/2010 Guernsey Boasts Booming Funds Industry
26/11/2010 Italian Banks Await Rules For Repatriation Tax Break
29/11/2010 US Increases Scrutiny Of Foreign Assets
26/11/2010 Malta, US DTA Ratified
29/11/2010 HK Readies Further Property Measures
25/11/2010 IoM Holds London Funds Briefing
24/11/2010 Credit Suisse Fights Canadian Court Order
24/11/2010 HK, China Cooperate On Sovereign Bond Issues
23/11/2010 Vanuatu Budgets For Tax Shortfall
24/11/2010 Swiss Bankers Welcome AIFM Directive
24/11/2010 IoM Issues Update On Tax Review
22/11/2010 Singapore, Australia TIE Protocol Takes Effect
23/11/2010 Guernsey Fund Sets Up Regional Headquarters In HK
22/11/2010 India Renegotiating Tax Treaties
22/11/2010 Mauritius Unveils 2011 Budget
23/11/2010 HK Raises Property Tax
22/11/2010 Standard And Poor's Downgrades Cyprus
19/11/2010 HK Confirms Year-End Withdrawal Of Special Loan Guarantees
22/11/2010 South Korea To Reinstate Withholding Tax On Bonds
19/11/2010 Italy Against Swiss Tax Pacts
22/11/2010 New Federal Reserve Guidelines On Bank Capital
19/11/2010 Hong Kong Pushes International Arbitration Centre
18/11/2010 Australia Improves Tax For Fly-In, Fly-Out Employees
19/11/2010 SEC, CESR To Cooperate On Regulatory Reform
18/11/2010 Chan Plugs HK's Financial Centre Credentials In London
18/11/2010 Multinationals Fear Irish CIT Hike
17/11/2010 Caribbean Urges Change To UK Flight Tax
16/11/2010 HK To Launch SME Financing Guarantee Scheme
17/11/2010 US Withdraws UBS Lawsuit
16/11/2010 Jersey Welcomes AIFM Compromise
15/11/2010 Luxembourg Opens HK Funds Office
16/11/2010 Gibraltar Confident Of Tax Court Victory
15/11/2010 Guernsey Publishes 2011 Budget Report
15/11/2010 Taiwan Makes Moves Against Hot Money
12/11/2010 Jersey's EFA Granted MoME Operational License
15/11/2010 EU Hedge Fund Directive Approved
12/11/2010 Trinidad And Tobago Weathering The Storm
11/11/2010 Switzerland Tightens Banking Regulations
11/11/2010 Russian Media Group In Jersey Scheme Of Arrangement
10/11/2010 UK Contractor Appeals Retrospective Tax Change
09/11/2010 Japan, Bahamas Sign DTA
10/11/2010 Rehn Urges 'Normal Tax' Policies On Ireland
09/11/2010 HK Promoted As China's Global Financial Centre
08/11/2010 Isle Of Man Welcomes City MP's Endorsement
08/11/2010 Switzerland, Greece Amend Double Tax Pact
09/11/2010 Guernsey Publishes Tax Consultation Feedback
08/11/2010 Crown Dependencies Welcome Constitutional Report
08/11/2010 Jersey Captures More Asia Business
08/11/2010 Fiscal Worries Hit Barbados's Rating
04/11/2010 UK Signs TIEA With Liberia
04/11/2010 DFSA Signs Multilateral Insurance MoU
04/11/2010 Betfair Threatens To Quit UK Over Tax
05/11/2010 Craine Stands Up For Offshore IFCs
05/11/2010 BMA Welcomes Bermuda Banking Code
04/11/2010 Reforms Progressing Well In Antigua And Barbuda
03/11/2010 Channel Islands Under Threat From US Regulation
03/11/2010 Argentina Catches Up On Tax Agreements
03/11/2010 Turks And Caicos Face UK Tax Overhaul
02/11/2010 Jersey Signs Tax Pact With China
02/11/2010 HMRC Still On Offshore Warpath
03/11/2010 Innovative Fund Structure Launches In Jersey
02/11/2010 Guernsey Boosts Links With China
01/11/2010 DIFC And UAE To Exchange Policy Ideas
29/10/2010 Cyprus, UAE Conclude DTA
01/11/2010 Ireland Sells Tax Advantage To US Investors
01/11/2010 IoM Details New Pension Schemes
01/11/2010 HK, India Talk On Investment And Economic Ties


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