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Search Results for Offshore in 2004.

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31/12/2004 Inland Revenue Broadens Tax Net On Offshore Trusts
31/12/2004 Fraudster's Wife Cleared Of Wrongdoing In Key Tax Case
31/12/2004 Oracle Finally Gains Control Of PeopleSoft
31/12/2004 International Firms Warned Against UK By Tax Advisers
30/12/2004 China Plans To Revamp Regulations And Tax Rules For QFIIs
30/12/2004 Kremlin Adviser Condemns State Buyout Of Yukos
30/12/2004 Surging Commodities Attract Pension Fund Cash
30/12/2004 LFX Market Capitalisation Breaches US$10bn Mark
29/12/2004 US Government Wins Major Tax Shelter Case
29/12/2004 CARICOM Set To Open Its Doors In 2005
29/12/2004 BVI Assembly Passes New Business Companies Act
29/12/2004 China’s Property Market Becoming More Accessible To Foreign Firms
28/12/2004 China Tightens Fund Management Rules For Investment Trusts
28/12/2004 German Finance Court Set To Decide Against Share Tax
28/12/2004 Jersey FSC Issues Details On Split-Cap Settlement
28/12/2004 Gazprom Emerges As Eventual Owner Of Yuganskneftegaz
27/12/2004 Caribbean-Based Hedge Funds Lap Up US Treasuries
27/12/2004 SEC Facing Lawsuit From Hedge Fund Manager Over Registration Rule
27/12/2004 Split Cap Compensation Deal Goes Ahead
27/12/2004 Irish Labour Party Calls For Tougher Stance On Tax Evasion
24/12/2004 Turkey Set To Cut Corporate And Personal Income Taxes
24/12/2004 UK Securitisation Market Under Threat From New Tax Rules
24/12/2004 Fitzrovia Report Highlights 15% Growth In Guernsey Funds Industry
24/12/2004 Mobile Phone Firms Compromise With Germany Over VAT Refunds
23/12/2004 Putin Sheds Some Light On Yukos Buyer
23/12/2004 SEC Considering Taking Legal Action Against UBS
23/12/2004 CSRC Facing National Audit Office Probe
23/12/2004 Ontario Seeks To Lure Back Movie Producers With Added Tax Breaks
22/12/2004 Switzerland Attempts To Woo Chinese Firms
22/12/2004 First Major Report Into Islamic Banking Competitiveness Launched
22/12/2004 US And Barbados Exchange Amended Tax Treaty Ratification Instruments
22/12/2004 US Treasury And IRS Issue Guidance On Deferred Compensation
21/12/2004 Transparency Directive Adopted In European Union
21/12/2004 Hong Kong Favoured By International Fund Managers
21/12/2004 Hennessee Sounds Warning Over Naked Credit Default Swaps
21/12/2004 Hong Kong Link REIT Postponed Over Legal Uncertainties
20/12/2004 Treasury & IRS Tighten Regulations Surrounding ESOP Plans
20/12/2004 Dramatic Close To Yukos Auction
20/12/2004 Venture Capitalists Show Enthusiasm For Chinese Market
20/12/2004 Hedge Funds Have Produced Year’s Best Returns, Although Performance Lags Stocks
17/12/2004 ECB Says Hedge Funds Are 'Much Less Worrisome' Than They Were
17/12/2004 Swiss Parliament Approves Savings Tax Measure
17/12/2004 Doubt Shrouds Link Reit After Court’s Decision
17/12/2004 Hedge Funds Move In On Reinsurance Market
16/12/2004 Hong Kong Link REIT Survives Late Legal Challenge
16/12/2004 IOSCO Seeks Talks With Offshore Centres On Information Exchange
16/12/2004 Israel Signs Tax Agreements With Belgium And Luxembourg
16/12/2004 Yukos Files For Chapter 11 Protection
15/12/2004 Bush Will Likely Opt For Gradual Tax Reform, Says Goldman Sachs
15/12/2004 Israeli Lawmakers Approve Tax Cut On Foreign Securities
15/12/2004 PeopleSoft And Oracle Finally Reach Agreement In Takeover Battle
15/12/2004 Investors Run To The Forests For Protection Against Stock Downturns
14/12/2004 ABI Forces Government Climbdown Over Tax Change Consultation
14/12/2004 SAARC Members Agree To Multilateral Tax Initiative
14/12/2004 Report Predicts Bright Future For Global Wealth Management Industry
13/12/2004 Intelligence Bill Awaiting Approval From President Bush
13/12/2004 Hong Kong Government Committed To Maintenance Of Cutting Edge Asset Management Industry
13/12/2004 Demand For German Hedge Funds To Hit EUR40 Bn By 2008
13/12/2004 Philippines Passes New Tax Amnesty Bill
10/12/2004 Russian Tax Authorities Move Against Telecoms Firm
10/12/2004 India To Delay Imposition Of Tax On NRI Deposits
10/12/2004 US And France Sign Protocols To Income And Estate Tax Treaties
10/12/2004 Agreement Reached On Revised EU Money Laundering Directive
10/12/2004 Hennessee Hedge Index Announces 2.75% Return
09/12/2004 Jersey FSC Issues Quarterly Report
09/12/2004 AT&T Investors Clear First Hurdle In Misleading Research Case
09/12/2004 Isle Of Man Banks Warn Over Impact Of EU Savings Directive
09/12/2004 S&P Hedge Fund Index Records Positive Return In November
08/12/2004 Singapore Must Address Tax Issues To Ensure Growth Of Hedge Fund Sector
08/12/2004 Israel Pushes Through New Securities Tax Bill
08/12/2004 Credit Suisse Announces Reorganisation
08/12/2004 Cypriot Tax Amnesty Extended Into 2005
08/12/2004 Van Index Returns For November Herald Good Month For Hedge Funds
07/12/2004 Code Of Conduct For US Analysts Released
07/12/2004 Judge Unfreezes Assets In Xelan Tax Shelter Case
07/12/2004 Japanese Government Considering Anti-Money Laundering Measures
07/12/2004 Irish Revenue Commissioners Seeking Strengthened Prosecution Powers
07/12/2004 SEC Publishes Final Registration Rules For Hedge Funds
07/12/2004 Japan To Extract Higher Tax Revenues From Foreign Investors
06/12/2004 Disappointment Expressed At Film Financing Tax Changes In UK Pre-Budget Report
06/12/2004 Chinese Government Continues Shake-Up Of Brokerage Sector
06/12/2004 UK Government Delays Introduction Of Property Funds
06/12/2004 Canadian Tax System Deters Investment From US Real Estate Tycoon
06/12/2004 Withholding Tax Offers Best Route, Says Isle of Man
06/12/2004 Hedge Fund Managers Remain Bearish Over US Dollar
03/12/2004 China To Extend Stamp Duty Exemption For Closed-End Funds
03/12/2004 Hong Kong SFC Issues Consultation On Takeover Rules
03/12/2004 Multistrategy Hedge Funds Offer Flexibility At Lower Cost
03/12/2004 Tax Avoidance Targeted In Brown's Pre-Budget Report
02/12/2004 US Firms Backing Down In Face Of Spitzer Lawsuits
02/12/2004 Twenty-Nine US Investment Firms Fined For Late Disclosure
02/12/2004 French Lawmakers Approve Cut In Capital Gains Tax For Reits
02/12/2004 Future EU Regulations Will Provide Isle of Man With Tough Challenges
02/12/2004 UK Regulatory Regime For Financial Advisers Reformed
02/12/2004 MENAFATF Launched In Bahrain
02/12/2004 Hong Kong Link Reit ‘Was Not Undervalued’, Says Government
02/12/2004 Quantum Co-Founder Pessimistic Over Prospects For Hedge Fund Industry
01/12/2004 Parmalat Creditors Unable To Defend Themselves Against US Lawsuits
01/12/2004 New Zealand to Amend Securities Lending Tax Legislation
01/12/2004 Hedge Funds Look For Profit In Private Equity


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