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Search Results for Offshore in 2001.

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31/12/2001 British Government Backs Down Over Ashcroft's Belizean Company
31/12/2001 Korea Set To Allow ESOP Contributions Against Tax
31/12/2001 BVI Responds To OECD With Comprehensive Changes
31/12/2001 HSBC Takes Stake In Shanghai Bank
31/12/2001 UK Pension Contributions Window Closes On 31 January
28/12/2001 New IRS Regulations For R & D Credit Favour Taxpayer
28/12/2001 IOM Receives Prestigious FT Award
28/12/2001 EU Court Ruling Helps Gibraltar
28/12/2001 UAE Approves Money-Laundering Law
28/12/2001 Maybe Hedge Funds Were Best In 2001 . . . Maybe
27/12/2001 Sales Of US Tax-Privileged Savings Plans Are Booming
27/12/2001 Indian Industry Lobby Wants Reintroduction Of Investment Allowances
27/12/2001 Hong Kong's Warrants Market Dries Up
27/12/2001 401(k) Investors Now Able To Delegate Investment Decisions
27/12/2001 A Review Of 2001 By The Bahamas Financial Services Board
24/12/2001 Ashcroft's Tax Break Costs Belize Dear
24/12/2001 Kenyan Banks Suspend Tax Payments
24/12/2001 Closed Fund Investment May Be The Answer To Polish CGT Woes
24/12/2001 US Ambassador To Switzerland Praises Anti-Money Laundering Efforts
24/12/2001 Private Banking Expert Warns Investors To Go Slow On Tech Stocks
24/12/2001 US Liberals Welcome EU Savings Tax Disarray
24/12/2001 UK Considers A Tax Amnesty
24/12/2001 Luxembourg's Arbed To Become Part Of Steel Multinational
21/12/2001 Australian Trust Uncertainty Exacerbated By Treasury Reshuffle
21/12/2001 Swiss Ambassador Hits Back At FT Report
21/12/2001 CFP Attacks IRS Rules On Non-Resident Deposit Interest
21/12/2001 Swiss Cantonal Bank Troubled By Non-Performing Loans
21/12/2001 A Dreadful Year For Hong Kong's Stock Market
20/12/2001 Prince Hans Adam II Says Duty Of Care Changes Were Necessary
20/12/2001 Crossair Board Meets To Settle Financing Plan
20/12/2001 Ingersoll-Rand Moves Corporate Base To Bermuda
20/12/2001 Hong Kong SFC Applauded, Although No-One's Quite Sure What It Does...
20/12/2001 UK Inland Revenue Delays Pension Annuities Review
19/12/2001 Irish Economists Fear Slump Following 'Mattress Money' Boost
19/12/2001 Korean FIU To Tighten Regulation Of Financial Institutions
19/12/2001 Hedge Funds Adopting New Strategies To Deal With Asset Growth
19/12/2001 UBS Loses Executive President In Board-Room Row
19/12/2001 Hong Kong To Link Bond Clearing Procedure To European Markets
19/12/2001 Japan To Give Tax Breaks To Forest Owners
18/12/2001 Kenyan Government Urged To Lower Taxes
18/12/2001 BCA Says Tax System Is Barrier To International Expansion
18/12/2001 Guernsey Keen To Shed Tax Haven Image
18/12/2001 US Financial Institutions Ordered To Sever Ties With Offshore Shell Banks
18/12/2001 Manulife Offers Online Investment Search Tool
18/12/2001 Indian Budget Teaser For Finance Minister
17/12/2001 South Korea's Capital Gains Tax Remains At 15%
17/12/2001 Luxembourg And Austria Dig In Over Banking Secrecy
17/12/2001 Australian Investors Seek UN Help Over Tax Scheme Treatment
17/12/2001 E*Trade Buys Hong Kong Online Brokerage Accounts
17/12/2001 Ireland Needs More Tax Incentives To Entice Hollywood
17/12/2001 Japanese Coalition Agrees On Tax Reform Proposals
17/12/2001 London Stock Exchange Chief Steps Up Stamp Duty Abolition Campaign
17/12/2001 RBSI Launches Capital-Guaranteed Index-Linked Bond
17/12/2001 Panama To Reduce Debt With Privatisation Receipts
14/12/2001 Dawn Primarolo Urges Swiss To Lift Banking Secrecy For Tax Evaders
14/12/2001 UAE Central Bank Announces 14 Suspect Accounts Frozen
14/12/2001 Old Mutual Shifts Isle Of Man Assurer
14/12/2001 E*Trade Bank Seeks To Expand Physical Presence In The United States
14/12/2001 Details Of The US/Cayman Information Disclosure Agreement
14/12/2001 EU Savings Directive Stumbling At Laeken
13/12/2001 UK Fund Supermarket Industry May Face Consolidation
13/12/2001 Offshore Stockbrokers Launch Portfolio Valuation Service
13/12/2001 UK Inland Revenue To Decide Over Tax Relief For SIPPS
13/12/2001 Hedge Fund Indices Over-Estimate Returns, Says Report
12/12/2001 Thailand To Offer Sweeping Incentives To Attract HQs
12/12/2001 November Hedge Fund Performance Still Beating Indices
12/12/2001 CSFB To Pay $100 Million To Settle Stock Probe
12/12/2001 HKEx Continues Upgrading Electronic Access For Investors
12/12/2001 Irish 'Mattress Money' Continues To Appear In Run Up To Euro Introduction
12/12/2001 Swiss Money Laundering Laws May Be Extended To Art Dealers
11/12/2001 Charles Schwab Scales Back Global Operations
11/12/2001 Banking Activity In Guernsey 'Encouraging'
11/12/2001 Mauritius Acts Against Tax Evaders
11/12/2001 Bermuda Stock Exchange Launches Automated Settlement System
10/12/2001 Crossair Chief Forced Out In Swissair Restructure
10/12/2001 Deutsche Boerse Set To Win Clearstream
10/12/2001 Pictet Takes Over As Cheerleader For Geneva Financial Services
10/12/2001 Finance Website Launches Offshore Funds Store
10/12/2001 Russia Predicts Revenue Collection Fall
07/12/2001 Cyprus Stock Market Jumps On Talks News
07/12/2001 Italian Flight Capital Flying Home
07/12/2001 New Hedge Fund From American Express Bank
07/12/2001 Hong Kong Plans To Extend Bond Market
07/12/2001 Hollywood Film Groups Plead For Tax Breaks
07/12/2001 TD Waterhouse Buys Online Brokerage DLJdirect
06/12/2001 Euroclear Says Rival Bids Are Both Too Low
06/12/2001 HKEx Pledges Shorter Settlement Times, Improved Service
06/12/2001 EU Talks On Savings Tax Directive Collapse
06/12/2001 Jersey FSC Reports Modest Growth For Q3
05/12/2001 Hong Kong SFC Chief Says Asian Stock Markets Need To Stick Together
05/12/2001 US Senator Calls For Tax Fairness On Mutual Fund Distributions
05/12/2001 Morgan Stanley Combines Onshore And Offshore Operations
04/12/2001 Net Investments Worldwide Total US$130 Billion In October
04/12/2001 UK Employee-Owned Firms Call For End To Tax Discrimination
04/12/2001 Swiss Vote Rejects Capital Gains Tax Proposal
04/12/2001 HSBC Securities Calls For Offshore Profits Tax On Hong Kong Companies
04/12/2001 Jersey Signs Information Exchange Deal With France
04/12/2001 Argentina Takes Drastic Foreign Exchange Action To Prevent Capital Flight
04/12/2001 Washington Group Lambasts OECD, EU
03/12/2001 Government Survey Reveals Many Cypriots Unaware Of Tax Reform Plans


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