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17/08/2017 Slovakia Boosts Research And Development Tax Credit
16/08/2017 Brazil Says Finances To Deteriorate This Year
16/08/2017 Sri Lanka Should Plug Revenue Holes: IMF
16/08/2017 Think Tank Warns Of Challenges For Canada In NAFTA Talks
15/08/2017 Mauritius 'Reinventing Itself,' With Refocused Tax Breaks
15/08/2017 Korea To Hike Taxes To Cool Property Bubble
15/08/2017 Canadian Foreign Minister Explains NAFTA Priorities
11/08/2017 South Australia Bank Tax Passes Lower House
10/08/2017 Canadian Medics Urged To Oppose Recent Tax Proposal
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
09/08/2017 IMF Urges Botswana To Strengthen Tax Collection
08/08/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Seeking MAP Assistance
07/08/2017 Mexican Revenues Ahead Of Target But Tax Reform Ruled Out
07/08/2017 BEPS Toolkit Released On Offshore Indirect Transfers
04/08/2017 IMF Urges Italy To Cut Labor Tax Rates
03/08/2017 IMF Discusses Pressure On Singapore's Finances, Tax Regime
02/08/2017 Democrats Lay Down Conditions For US Tax Reform Support
02/08/2017 HMRC Publishes List Of Landlord Tax Errors
01/08/2017 Ireland's SMEs Seeking VAT, Income Tax Cuts
31/07/2017 US Beef Industry Warns Against Korea FTA Changes
31/07/2017 S Korea, India Continue Talks On FTA Upgrade
03/08/2017 Argentina Urged To Undertake Indirect Tax Shift
27/07/2017 Hong Kong Urged To Improve PE Fund Tax Exemption
25/07/2017 Bipartisan Support For Territorial US Tax System, BEPS Measures
24/07/2017 Canada's Small Firms Concerned Over Tax Reforms
24/07/2017 Ibec Publishes Irish Budget Wish List
21/07/2017 IMF Urges Growth-Friendly Tax Cuts For Greece
20/07/2017 Australian Productivity Commission Warns Against Protectionism
19/07/2017 Small US Firms Seek End To BAT Proposal
19/07/2017 European Free Trade Association Sets Out 2017 Priorities
19/07/2017 Canadian Mining Firm Challenging 'Retaliatory' Romanian VAT Claim
19/07/2017 Australia Improves Financial Services Tax Regime
19/07/2017 Canada To Close Tax Loopholes
18/07/2017 Canada Ready To Work On NAFTA
18/07/2017 Mexico Extends Amnesty For Undeclared Income
18/07/2017 Senate Republicans Propose 'Fairer' Health Care Bill
17/07/2017 IMF Urges Canada To Review Tax System
14/07/2017 Netherlands And Indonesia Clarify Fund Taxation
14/07/2017 Australia Consults On Tightening Asset Tax Relief
12/07/2017 Senate Health Care Bill 'A Win For Middle Class,' Says ATR
11/07/2017 UK Firms Fear Brexit Fallout Without EU FTA
14/07/2017 OECD Updates Transfer Pricing Guidelines
07/07/2017 Ireland Confident On FDI Prospects
07/07/2017 HMRC To Seize Profits From Aggressive Tax Planning Scheme
07/07/2017 EU, Japan Agree New Trade Deal
06/07/2017 Vietnam Urged To Hike Indirect Taxes, Broaden Tax Base
06/07/2017 Switzerland Exploring Options For Freer Trade
05/07/2017 Democrats Seek Say On New Republican Health Care Bill
04/07/2017 CEOs Seek Brexit-Proof Plan For Ireland
04/07/2017 EU Optimistic On Japanese Trade Talks
04/07/2017 UK Corporate Tax Regime Overhaul Sought
30/06/2017 Switzerland, Latvia Revise Tax Treaty To Tackle BEPS
30/06/2017 Irish Tax Institute Concerned By Tax Code
30/06/2017 Aus Treasury Consulting On Options For PRRT Reform
29/06/2017 IMF Chimes In On US Tax Reform Plans
28/06/2017 Italy Reforms Tax Rules On 'Carried Interest'
28/06/2017 Cairn Energy Provides Update On India Tax Dispute
27/06/2017 Think Tank: No Economic Reason For Irish Tax Cuts
27/06/2017 OECD Issues Further Action 7, Action 8-10 BEPS Guidance
26/06/2017 Denmark Should Lower Tax Burden, Says IMF
26/06/2017 OECD Says New Zealand Should Cut Corporate Tax Burden
23/06/2017 Turnbull Comments On South Australia's Bank Tax Plan
23/06/2017 Hong Kong Gazettes Funds Tax Exemption Bill
22/06/2017 100 Nations Now Party To BEPS Inclusive Framework
21/06/2017 Seychelles Encouraged To Hike Taxes On Tourism Services Firms
21/06/2017 MEPs Call For Tougher Anti-Dumping Rules
20/06/2017 New Zealand Government To Simplify Personal Income Tax
20/06/2017 Canada Cracking Down On Real Estate Tax Evasion
20/06/2017 US Taxpayers' Input Sought On Tax Reform
19/06/2017 New Zealand Says United States Open To FTA
19/06/2017 Japan Urged To Adopt 15 Percent VAT Rate
19/06/2017 Countries Urged To Sign Up To Mandatory Binding Arbitration
16/06/2017 Canadian MPs Recommend Changes To Media Taxation
15/06/2017 Venture Capital Firms Seek Bangladeshi Tax Holidays
15/06/2017 Argentinian Top-Rate Taxpayers Given Filing Extension
15/06/2017 Ibec Urges New Irish Gov't To Be Brexit, BEPS Ready
14/06/2017 Pacific Countries Sign PACER Plus Deal
14/06/2017 Irish Legal Professionals Propose Enhancements To Tax Regime
12/06/2017 OECD Seeks Taxpayer Input On BEPS Action 14 Peer Reviews
12/06/2017 Mauritius To Sign BEPS Convention By June 30
12/06/2017 ICC Warns Of Double Tax Risks Surrounding 'Substance' Tests
12/06/2017 Botswana Joins OECD's BEPS Inclusive Framework
09/06/2017 Ibec: EU CCCTB Would Hit Ireland Hard
09/06/2017 Bangladesh Confirms New VAT Law, Corporate Tax Cuts
08/06/2017 68 Jurisdictions Sign BEPS Multilateral Instrument
07/06/2017 Ireland Explains BEPS Changes To Its Tax Treaties
05/06/2017 Funds Industry Fears BEPS 'Substance' Changes
01/06/2017 IMF Analyzes Impact Of US Tax Changes On Canada
31/05/2017 OECD Prepares For BEPS Action 6 Peer Reviews
31/05/2017 Canadian FM Promotes 'Tax Fairness' Policies
30/05/2017 Russia To Sign OECD's BEPS Convention
30/05/2017 EU Council Adopts Directive On Hybrid Mismatches
27/05/2017 Australian Miners Hail Peru Trade Talks
27/05/2017 WTO Reviews Trade Policies In Switzerland, Liechtenstein
24/05/2017 G20 Nations Should Work Together On Carbon Taxation: OECD
22/05/2017 Westpac: We Will Have To Pass On Aus Bank Levy
19/05/2017 Canada Responds To Launch Of US NAFTA Consultations
19/05/2017 ECJ Says EU States Can Block Tax Info Fishing Requests
18/05/2017 ECJ Singapore FTA Ruling To Boost UK Brexit Position
18/05/2017 Moody's: Brexit, US Tax Reform Challenges To Ireland


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