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29/12/2015 Taiwan's Outgoing Property Tax Revenue Disappoints
29/12/2015 Fianna Fáil Makes Irish Election Tax Pledges
28/12/2015 UK Praises Results Of High-End TV Tax Relief
28/12/2015 UK Hails Record Year For Film Industry Tax Relief
23/12/2015 Jafza Home To 10 Percent More Indian Firms
23/12/2015 US FIRPTA Real Estate Tax Reforms Welcomed
23/12/2015 EU, Philippines Launch FTA Talks
22/12/2015 Funds Authorized Under HK-China Mutual Recognition
22/12/2015 HKEx Markets Set More New Records in 2015
22/12/2015 ATO Releases Corporate Tax Data
21/12/2015 China Sets Guidelines On FTA Expansion
18/12/2015 EU, India To Restart Free Trade Talks
17/12/2015 Hong Kong May Need Stamp Duty Cut: IMF
17/12/2015 Phlippines Ratifies Tax Treaties
17/12/2015 Luxembourg To Specialize In 'Digital Financial Services'
17/12/2015 CBI Sets Out UK Corporation Tax Roadmap
17/12/2015 Japan Agrees 2016 Tax Package
16/12/2015 UK Launches Personal Tax Accounts
16/12/2015 Mexico Enacts CbC Reporting Regime
16/12/2015 NZ Consults Public On Proposed EU Free Trade Deal
16/12/2015 Malaysia's GST Declared A Success
15/12/2015 Impact Of New UK Landlord SDLT Calculated
15/12/2015 Australian Tax Board Releases MNE Tax Transparency Code
14/12/2015 Ghana Introduces New Income Tax Law
14/12/2015 UK Property Bodies Call For Business Rates Reform
14/12/2015 Coca Cola May Quit India Over Sin Tax
14/12/2015 Ireland Urged To 'Ringfence' High Corporate Tax Revenues
14/12/2015 S Korea, EU Confirm Full FTA Implementation
11/12/2015 Yahoo Calls Off Alibaba Spin-Off
11/12/2015 China-Australia FTA Comes Into Force
10/12/2015 EFTA States, Georgia Hold Second Round Of FTA Talks
09/12/2015 NZ Lawmakers Endorse Key Tax Policy Changes
09/12/2015 EU Ministers Agree Initial EU BEPS Response
08/12/2015 Value Of Overdue UK Corporate Tax Payments Increases
08/12/2015 Canada Legislates For Middle Income Tax Cuts
08/12/2015 Hong Kong Urged To Cut Tax For Asset Management
08/12/2015 EU TAXE Committee Given Another Six Months
08/12/2015 India Clarifies Tax Law For Foreign Portfolio Investors
07/12/2015 South Africa Confirms Retirement Fund Tax Harmonization
07/12/2015 Australian Gov't Unveils Business Investment Tax Package
07/12/2015 Luxembourg To Appeal EU Commission's Fiat Decision
07/12/2015 Noonan Explains Ireland's Stance On CCCTB, Code of Conduct
03/12/2015 Grenada Presents 2016 Budget Statement
03/12/2015 Australia Legislates For Common Reporting Standard
02/12/2015 Oz Think Tank Calls For Superannuation Tax Reforms
02/12/2015 Jamaican Senate Passes Transfer Pricing Bill
02/12/2015 MEPs Task EC To Table Corporate Tax Measures
01/12/2015 EFTA Delegation Visits Georgia To Promote FTA Talks
01/12/2015 Study Reveals Business Tax Burden In Canadian Cities
30/11/2015 Concerns Raised Over New UK Landlord Taxes
30/11/2015 Australia Launches Consultation On Anti-Hybrid Rules
27/11/2015 Singapore Provides Update On Income Tax Bill Consultation
26/11/2015 Switzerland, Brazil Sign TIEA
26/11/2015 UK, US To Redouble Efforts To Ensure Airport Security
25/11/2015 UK Entrepreneurs' Relief Claims Hit Record High
25/11/2015 New Zealand Minister Outlines Anti-BEPS Plans
24/11/2015 India Launches Consultation On Corporate Tax Reforms
23/11/2015 Pfizer, Allergan Agree USD160bn 'Tax Inversion' Merger
23/11/2015 PwC Makes UK Autumn Statement Predictions
23/11/2015 Dutch DTA With Japan Questioned By EU Commission
20/11/2015 EU Asks Germany To Amend IHT Rules
20/11/2015 Saudi Arabia's Shura Council Approves Undeveloped Land Tax
20/11/2015 UK Parliamentary Group Seeking Views On BEPS Project
20/11/2015 Malaysia Sets Out Its BEPS Response
19/11/2015 UK Businesses Call For Lower Tax Administration Costs
19/11/2015 UK Landlords Concerned By Latest Tax Reforms
19/11/2015 Moody's Warns Philippines Against Tax Cuts
26/11/2015 Opportunities Abound For UK Maritime Industry
18/11/2015 Corporate Coalition Pushes For US Patent Box
18/11/2015 Brazil, Mexico Discuss Expanding Free Trade Arrangements
18/11/2015 EU, Philippines To Negotiate FTA
18/11/2015 Northern Ireland To Levy 12.5 Percent CIT From 2018
18/11/2015 SA Should Levy Zero Carbon Tax In First Year: Committee
17/11/2015 NZ Introduces Property Tax Reform Bill
16/11/2015 Germany, Australia Sign New DTA
16/11/2015 Firms Call For Higher UK Social Investment Tax Relief
13/11/2015 Europe Finalizes TTIP Investment Protection Proposals
12/11/2015 ACCI Calls For Comprehensive Australian Tax Reform
12/11/2015 Noonan Promises Irish Income Tax Cuts
12/11/2015 Colombia Offers Tax Breaks For Renewable Energy
11/11/2015 Senior Tax Officials Meet To Discuss BEPS Project
11/11/2015 UAE Welcomes TIEA With Norway
11/11/2015 Mexico, Argentina Sign Double Tax Avoidance Agreement
10/11/2015 Pakistani Tax Reform Lagging Behind Targets, IMF Says
10/11/2015 Ireland's Small Firms Call For Better Investment Tax Incentive
10/11/2015 Indonesia Announces New Tax Holiday Scheme
09/11/2015 UK Community Energy Groups Warn Against Axing Green Tax Breaks
09/11/2015 Irish Revenue Updates Guidance On EII
09/11/2015 Kenny Talks Tax Cuts
06/11/2015 European Commission Approves French SME Tax Measures
06/11/2015 US Accountants Consider New Revenue Standards
06/11/2015 Taiwan Waivers Over Future CGT On Stock Trading
05/11/2015 UK CGT Take Increases
05/11/2015 South Africa Consults On Carbon Tax Legislation
04/11/2015 New Zealand Wine Industry Welcomes FTA With EU
03/11/2015 SARS Updates Notice On Third-Party Returns
03/11/2015 India May Accelerate Corporate Tax Cut
02/11/2015 South Africa Consults Further On Retirement Tax Benefits
30/10/2015 OECD Talks BEPS Implementation With Eurasian Officials
30/10/2015 Sri Lankan Lawmakers Approve Numerous One-Off Levies


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