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Search Results for International Tax in 2017.

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23/08/2017 Brazil Extends Repetro Tax Regime
23/08/2017 Alberta Appeals Ruling That Beer Tax Violates Trade Rules
23/08/2017 Canada Launches Resin Dumping Inquiry
23/08/2017 China Considering Dumping Duties On Brazilian Chicken Products
23/08/2017 Companies Begin Paying Taiwan's New 'Netflix Tax'
23/08/2017 Court Rules In Favor Of Taxpayer In Canadian TP Audit Case
23/08/2017 Ireland Found 'Compliant' With Tax Transparency Standards
23/08/2017 Scotland Urged To Overhaul Commercial Property Taxes
22/08/2017 Irish PM Says UK Brexit Deal Must Work For Ireland
22/08/2017 HMRC Reports On Litigation Results Last Tax Year
22/08/2017 Croatia, New Zealand Eye Double Tax Avoidance Deal
22/08/2017 Australian Bankers Threaten Court Case Over SA Tax
22/08/2017 Vietnam Proposes Wide-Ranging Tax Reforms
22/08/2017 UK Private Hospitals 'Benefit From Tax Windfall'
22/08/2017 UAE President Issues Excise Tax Decree
22/08/2017 Taiwan Warns Taxpayers To Declare Overseas Income
22/08/2017 Second Mexican State To Introduce Airbnb Tax
21/08/2017 Hong Kong Plans Tax Breaks For Innovative Firms
21/08/2017 Flood-Hit Bangladesh Slashes Rice Import Duties
21/08/2017 Dominican Republic Needs Tightened Tax Regime: IMF
21/08/2017 Czech Budget Watchdog Slams Tax Administration
21/08/2017 China Must Make Its Tax System More Progressive: IMF
21/08/2017 Indian FM Wants To Alleviate VAT Burden For Manufacturers
21/08/2017 NZ Releases Tax Guide On Backdated Holiday Pay
21/08/2017 OECD Global Forum Moving On To Beneficial Ownership
21/08/2017 Canadian Firms Oppose Govt's New Tax Changes
17/08/2017 As Talks Start, NAFTA Border States Urge Compromise
17/08/2017 Australia Passes Wine Equalisation Tax Rebate Bill
17/08/2017 Diageo Reveals Tax Disputes In France, UK
17/08/2017 E.ON Gets EUR2.85bn German Nuclear Tax Refund
17/08/2017 EU, Switzerland To Link Emissions Trading Systems
17/08/2017 Irish FM Criticizes EU Demand For Apple Taxes
17/08/2017 IRS Penalties For Tax Mistakes Rise By 33pc
17/08/2017 Slovakia Boosts Research And Development Tax Credit
17/08/2017 Swiss Tax Planners Agree US Non-Prosecution Agreement
17/08/2017 UK Firms Need Brexit Details ASAP: CIOT
16/08/2017 UK Issues Guidance On Preparing CbC Reports
16/08/2017 Sri Lanka Should Plug Revenue Holes: IMF
16/08/2017 Somalia Should Pursue Tax Reform, World Bank Says
16/08/2017 Malaysia Announces Palm Oil Export Tax Rate For Sept
16/08/2017 German Prosecutors Investigating Swiss Tax 'Spies'
16/08/2017 China Rejects EU Tire 'Dumping' Accusations
16/08/2017 Brazil Says Finances To Deteriorate This Year
16/08/2017 Action Urged From UK Gov't On Property Sector Taxation
15/08/2017 Hong Kong To Proceed With Lower Profits Tax Rate
15/08/2017 EU Considering New Sanctions For 'Tax Havens'
15/08/2017 Indonesia To Slash Taxes On Large Passenger Cars
15/08/2017 Korea To Hike Taxes To Cool Property Bubble
15/08/2017 Mauritius 'Reinventing Itself,' With Refocused Tax Breaks
15/08/2017 Netherlands Reports On Environmental Tax Haul
15/08/2017 UK Urged To Lower Taxes On Holidaymakers
14/08/2017 US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports
14/08/2017 Aus Opposition To Introduce Tax Transparency Bill
14/08/2017 Costa Rica Plans Netflix Tax
14/08/2017 EU, Apple 'Nearing Deal' On Tax Dispute
14/08/2017 German Nuclear Tax Refund Boosts RWE's Bottom Line
14/08/2017 Irish Gov't 'Eager' To Cut Tax On Middle Earners
14/08/2017 Netherlands Urged To Improve Company Bike Tax Rules
14/08/2017 OECD Publishes Feedback On Tax Convention Changes
14/08/2017 Pakistan Sees Leap In Taxpayer Numbers
14/08/2017 US To Pursue Dumping Duties Against Korea, Taiwan
11/08/2017 Brazil Aims To Slash Tax Compliance Burden
11/08/2017 Canada Steps Up NAFTA Preparations
11/08/2017 EU To Discuss New Proposals For Tackling Tax Avoidance
11/08/2017 Iraq Should Boost Non-Oil Tax Revenue: IMF
11/08/2017 Ireland 'The Next Topic' In Brexit Talks: UK
11/08/2017 Luxembourg Legislates For New IP Box Regime
11/08/2017 Mexico, Japan In Customs Info Sharing Pact
11/08/2017 South Australia Bank Tax Passes Lower House
11/08/2017 UK Says Disguised Remuneration Loan Charge Unavoidable
10/08/2017 IMF Proposes Specific Tax Rules For Peer-To-Peer Economy
10/08/2017 Hong Kong To Table Anti-BEPS Law This Year
10/08/2017 Canadian Medics Urged To Oppose Recent Tax Proposal
10/08/2017 Australia To Alter Tobacco Duties
10/08/2017 New Zealand To Continue DTA Talks With China
10/08/2017 NZ Looks To Reduce PAYE Compliance Burden
10/08/2017 Paraguay Says Tax Compliance Drive Boosting Revenues
10/08/2017 UK Sin Taxes Now A 'Cash Cow' For Government: Report
09/08/2017 France And Germany Pushing For Tax Harmonization
09/08/2017 Australia Modernizing Business Registers
09/08/2017 Aus Minister Hints At Media Tax Breaks
09/08/2017 ATO: Australian Tax Time 2017 'Off To Flying Start'
09/08/2017 IMF Urges Botswana To Strengthen Tax Collection
09/08/2017 Ireland Explains Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules
09/08/2017 Irish Retailers Call For Easing Of Tax Burden
09/08/2017 New Zealand Moving Forward With Tax Treaty Amendments
09/08/2017 UK Government Blasted Over Freelancer Tax Policy
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
08/08/2017 Brazil Says Offshore Assets Amnesty Yielded Billions
08/08/2017 UK GAAR Panel Rules Against Gold Pay Scheme
08/08/2017 NZ Tables BEPS Multilateral Convention Law
08/08/2017 South Australian Firms 'Oppose State Bank Levy'
08/08/2017 Canada, China Free Trade Deal Taking Shape
08/08/2017 HMRC Increases Number Of Dawn Raids
08/08/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Seeking MAP Assistance
08/08/2017 27 Industries Newly Granted Pioneer Status In Nigeria
08/08/2017 Switzerland, Belgium To Begin Exchanging Tax Info
08/08/2017 Japan Planning Higher Taxes On Tourists
07/08/2017 US Taxpayers Call For New Obamacare Levies To Be Shelved
07/08/2017 Italy Grants Non-Dom Status To First HWNI Taxpayer


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