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Search Results for International Tax in 2014.

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30/12/2014 Philippines Expands De Minimis Tax Benefits List
30/12/2014 South Korea Expects To Miss Revenue Target
30/12/2014 Vietnam To Tax Uber's Internet Taxi Service
30/12/2014 Portugal Reports Strengthening Finances
31/12/2014 EU Challenges US Tax Breaks For Boeing
31/12/2014 Ireland Clarifies Vodafone Shareholder Tax Relief
31/12/2014 IRS Will Open US Tax Filing Season On Time
31/12/2014 US Republicans Introduce Dynamic Scoring For Tax Bills
30/12/2014 Nigeria Seeking Broader Indirect Tax Base
31/12/2014 France Signs Off On 2015 Finance Act
29/12/2014 New EU Guide Released On Tourist VAT Refunds
30/12/2014 IRS Adds FATCA FAQ On In-Substance IGAs
30/12/2014 Kenya Publishes Capital Gains Tax Guide
30/12/2014 Taiwan's Luxury Tax Extended To Industrial Land
30/12/2014 Tax Increases And Stimulus In South Korean Package
30/12/2014 Report Points Out Differing US Tax Rates On Capital
29/12/2014 HMRC Welcomes Online Services Uptake
29/12/2014 Scotland Keen On UK APD Review
30/12/2014 Ukraine Signs Off On Tax Reform, New TP Regime
29/12/2014 Jamaica Increases 2015 Income Tax Threshold
29/12/2014 NZ To Implement Tax Assistance Agreement Next Year
29/12/2014 Businesses Urge Greater Clarity On BEPS
29/12/2014 US Congress Warns On India's Trade Policies
29/12/2014 Political Agreement Reached On New EU Customs Anti-Fraud Measures
26/12/2014 Independent Businesses Criticize 'New HMRC Red Tape'
26/12/2014 UK Farmers Call For Tax Reform
26/12/2014 Argentinian Capital's 'Netflix Tax' Gets Green Light
29/12/2014 WTO Rejects US Appeal In Countervailing Duty Dispute With China
26/12/2014 Egypt Expands Electronic Tax Payment Requirements
29/12/2014 Czech Republic Amends New VAT Rules
26/12/2014 Italy Approves 2015 Budget
26/12/2014 OECD Consults On Interest Deductions, Financial Payments
26/12/2014 South Africa Issues Revised CGT Guide
25/12/2014 Political Agreement Paves Way For NI Tax Devolution
26/12/2014 Russia To Introduce Grain Export Tariff
25/12/2014 Mexico, US Sign Sugar Trade Agreements
25/12/2014 Income Splitting Plans Hit Canadian Deficit Figures
25/12/2014 New Zealand-South Korea FTA Initialed
25/12/2014 IMF Urges Zambia To Rethink Changes To Mining Tax Regime
25/12/2014 Japan Plans For Eco-Vehicle Tax Cuts Revamp
24/12/2014 Canadian Budget Legislation Receives Royal Assent
24/12/2014 Indonesia Bans Travel By Major Tax Debtors
23/12/2014 Industry Calls For UK Oil And Gas Reforms To Be Accelerated
23/12/2014 UK Gov't Launches Major Debt Collection Project
24/12/2014 India, Japan Conclude First Bilateral APA
23/12/2014 Chile Says VAT Evasion Reached 25.2 Percent Last Year
24/12/2014 Updated Irish Revenue Guidance On Digital Tax Changes
24/12/2014 OECD Invites Comments On Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
24/12/2014 Belarus Imposes 30 Percent Tax On Foreign Currency
24/12/2014 IFS Raises Concerns Over Scottish Tax Proposals
22/12/2014 Australia Preparing For 2015 Budget
22/12/2014 EU Challenges 'Protectionist' Brazilian Tax Perks
22/12/2014 Filipino Revenues Up After Sin Tax Hikes
22/12/2014 Ireland To Use New Marker For Lower Duty Fuels
23/12/2014 Luxembourg Supports EU Tax Ruling Reforms
23/12/2014 Internet Tax Out Of The Question Despite US Reforms
23/12/2014 South Korea Preparing Islamic Finance Tax Rules
23/12/2014 TTIP Deal 'Undoubtedly Beneficial' For EU, Says UK
23/12/2014 Koskinen Warns Of IRS Budget Squeeze Effects
22/12/2014 German Court Orders Inheritance Tax Overhaul
19/12/2014 Few Changes In British Virgin Islands' 2015 Budget
19/12/2014 New Zealand Surplus Possible, Despite Hiccough
19/12/2014 Stable Tax Policies In St Kitts And Nevis Budget
19/12/2014 World Bank Advises Croatia On Tax Reform
22/12/2014 Hong Kong Reviews Property Tax Measures
19/12/2014 Nigerian 2015 Budget Replaces Lost Oil Revenues
19/12/2014 Taiwan To Postpone Capital Gains Tax
22/12/2014 US Wind Tax Credit Extension Gives 'Brief Opportunity'
22/12/2014 German Road Toll A Tax On Foreign Motorists
22/12/2014 Indian Cabinet Clears Bill To Introduce GST
19/12/2014 Colombia's Congress Approves Tax Reforms
18/12/2014 Scotland To Ensure Efficient Collection Of New Taxes
18/12/2014 UK Gov't Paper Released On English Tax Powers
19/12/2014 US Confirms Duties On Chinese Solar Product Imports
19/12/2014 Hatch Outlines His Comprehensive Tax Reform Principles
18/12/2014 World Bank Head Pushes Carbon Tax Policies
18/12/2014 Luxembourg To Be Compensated For EU VAT Change
19/12/2014 UK Diverted Profits Tax 'Interesting' But Renegade: OECD
18/12/2014 Apple App Store Impacted By EU VAT Change
19/12/2014 Commission To Probe All EU Advance Tax Rulings
18/12/2014 Japan Finalizes Plans For Corporate Tax Rate Cut
18/12/2014 US Business Attacks Proposed UK Diverted Profits Tax
18/12/2014 WTO Head Urges Members To Remain Actively Engaged On ITA
17/12/2014 IMF Advises Belgium On Tax Reform
17/12/2014 EFTA States Plan Response To TTIP
18/12/2014 Think Tank Analyzes Impact Of Irish Budget Tax Reforms
17/12/2014 Ajman Free Zone Promotes Opportunities For French Investors
17/12/2014 Canada Will Still Record Surplus, Harper Says
17/12/2014 Seychelles Budget Increases Taxes To Attain Debt Target
18/12/2014 Two Swiss VAT Rule Changes From January 1
17/12/2014 China To Establish Three More Free Trade Zones
16/12/2014 Philippines Expands Mandatory e-Filing
16/12/2014 South Africa Issues Public Benefit Organisation Tax Guide
16/12/2014 Australia Holds Off On Tackling Emerging Budget Gap
16/12/2014 FTA Unlocks Korean Market For Australian Exporters
17/12/2014 Grounds For Irish Tax Ruling Probe, Says Vestager
17/12/2014 HMRC In Accelerated Payment Notice Update
16/12/2014 Irish Tax Take Grows Along With Resurgent Economy
16/12/2014 Serbia Promises Consistent Business Taxes
17/12/2014 US VAT Proposal Floated In The Senate


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