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Search Results for International Tax in 2012.

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23/11/2012 Mexico, US Sign FATCA Agreement
21/11/2012 Don't Increase Taxes On SMEs, Irish Government Urged
21/11/2012 NZ Consults On Taxing Employee Allowances
22/11/2012 HMRC Welcomes Victory In Tax Avoidance Court Case
22/11/2012 Bundestag Committee 'Tweaks' 2013 Budget Figures
22/11/2012 IRS Allows Retirement Plans To Aid Hurricane Victims
22/11/2012 Liechtenstein Tax Rises Deemed 'Unavoidable'
21/11/2012 World Bank Supports Colombian Fiscal Reform
22/11/2012 Monti's Assertion Of Low Italian Property Taxes Attacked
21/11/2012 Singapore Concludes Stamp Duty Consultation
20/11/2012 Bulgaria Ditches Tax Cut For Online Gambling Firms
21/11/2012 Mauritius Budget Consolidates
20/11/2012 Argentina Expands Tax Exemption On 13th Month Salaries
21/11/2012 IRS's Split Tax Refunds Cause Problems
20/11/2012 Pakistan To Broaden Tax Base
20/11/2012 ATO Demands Apple Pay AUD28.5m In Back Taxes
21/11/2012 De Gucht Looks For EU-Mexico FTA Renegotiation
21/11/2012 Italian Parliament Agrees Stability Law Changes
20/11/2012 Algerian Lawmakers Wave Through 2013 Finance Law
20/11/2012 Austrian Parliament Gives Go-Ahead To 2013 Budget
21/11/2012 Schaeuble's Last Stand On Swiss-German Tax Deal
21/11/2012 Guernsey Foundations Explored In London
20/11/2012 Decision Urged From US Congress On Wind Tax Credit
19/11/2012 Polish Hydrocarbon Group Warns On New Taxes
20/11/2012 China Restructures Its Dividend Tax
20/11/2012 US Treasury Issues FATCA Agreement Model 2
19/11/2012 Ireland Extends RCT Transitional Arrangement
19/11/2012 Australia Consults On Anti-Avoidance Reforms
19/11/2012 IMF Urged Mongolia To Safeguard Mining Revenues
19/11/2012 French Senate Rejects 2013 Social Security Bill
19/11/2012 Switzerland To Raise Tobacco Tax In 2013
20/11/2012 French Year-End Finance Bill Targets Tax Optimization
19/11/2012 UK Real Time Reporting 'Impossible', Accountants Say
16/11/2012 Philippines Issues Definitive Tax Rules On Interest Income
16/11/2012 Netherlands Tackles VAT Carousel Fraud In Metal Industry
19/11/2012 Hollande Defends U-Turn On French VAT
16/11/2012 NZ To Exclude Kyoto Units From ETS
19/11/2012 IASB To Examine 'Disclosure Overload'
19/11/2012 AMT Would Hit 60m US Taxpayers Without Patch For 2012
19/11/2012 UK Minister Opens Door To Scrapping Turks And Caicos VAT
19/11/2012 US Congress Forbids Airlines To Comply With Future EU ETS
16/11/2012 South Korea Releases ETS Details
16/11/2012 High Levels Of Taxation Stifling African Mobile Growth
19/11/2012 Tax On Non-Resident Pension Funds In Finland Ruled Discriminatory
16/11/2012 Isle Of Man Space Sector Outperforming Peers
16/11/2012 Canadian Parliament Backs Panama FTA
16/11/2012 Stamp Duty Hikes 'Will Stabilize HK's Property Market'
16/11/2012 Austria Reaps Early Benefits Of Swiss Tax Accord
16/11/2012 UK Deficit Reduction Plans In Tatters, Report Claims
15/11/2012 States of Jersey Approves Island's First 3-Year Budget
15/11/2012 Court Ruling Exposes Brazil's Petrobras To Back Taxes
15/11/2012 Antigua's Fiscal Programme On Track Despite Missed Targets
16/11/2012 20-Year Banana Tariff Dispute Finally Concluded
16/11/2012 Carbon Tax Being Pushed As Part Of US Tax Reforms
15/11/2012 France Extends 'Auto-Entrepreneur' Tax Break To 2012
15/11/2012 Bangladesh Urges Turkey To Cut Textile Import Tariffs
15/11/2012 Di Rupo Strives To Break Belgian Budget Deadlock
15/11/2012 Semeta Seeks Swift Progress On FTT, Tax Evasion
15/11/2012 EU 'Stops The Clock' On ETS
14/11/2012 VAT Could Solve Bahamas' Fiscal Woes
15/11/2012 Republicans Target Increased Revenue Without Tax Hikes
15/11/2012 Israeli Knesset Approves 'Trapped Profit' Law
14/11/2012 Germany Defends Plans To Raise Tax-Free Allowance
14/11/2012 Hong Kong Emphasizes Its Logistics Hub Capabilities
14/11/2012 Morocco's Budget Buoys Fitch Rating
14/11/2012 South Korea, Indonesia To Accelerate CEPA Negotiations
14/11/2012 Irish Revenue Reduces Filing Frequencies
15/11/2012 Supplementary Bill Strengthens France's Tax Fraud Arsenal
15/11/2012 Swiss Bankers Defend German Tax Deal
14/11/2012 Italy Studies Wealth Tax
13/11/2012 Czech Lower House Backs Tax Bill
14/11/2012 India Investigates Foreign Bank Accounts
13/11/2012 Hong Kong, Canada Sign DTA
13/11/2012 Tax Fraud Targetted In Netherlands Caribbean
13/11/2012 Turkey Set To Raise Taxes In Line With Inflation
14/11/2012 California Approves Substantial Tax Hikes
14/11/2012 Global Forum Praises Liechtenstein's Progress On Tax Compliance
13/11/2012 French Households Pay For Local Business Tax Reform
13/11/2012 Athletes Take Stand Against Kenyan Tax Authority
13/11/2012 Chile Seeks South America's First FTA With India
13/11/2012 Argentina Reports Record Tax Collections
12/11/2012 France Publishes Details Of 2012 Dwelling And TV Tax
12/11/2012 Malaysia DTA Further Evidence Of NZ's Tax Transparency
13/11/2012 Switzerland, Greece To Conclude Swift Tax Deal
13/11/2012 BBC Changing Employee Relationships In Tax Row
13/11/2012 US Talking To More Than 50 Countries On FATCA
13/11/2012 India Announces Tax-Free Bond Issue
13/11/2012 Congress Hints At Thaw Over Tax, But Obama Digs In
12/11/2012 No GST Changes For Australia, Says Wong
12/11/2012 Polymetal Loses Battle Over Kazakhstan Corporation Tax
12/11/2012 Egypt To Tax Stock Market Transactions
12/11/2012 Shulman Reviews His Five Years With The IRS
09/11/2012 Romanian Government Discusses Tax With IMF
12/11/2012 Taiwan Cuts Transaction Tax For Risk-Hedging Warrants
09/11/2012 Luxembourg Eyes New Tax Measures In 2013
09/11/2012 Austria Grants Hospitality Industry Tax Break
12/11/2012 Australia, US Begin FATCA Talks
09/11/2012 New Zealand Tax Measures Receive Royal Assent
12/11/2012 Opposition Builds Against UK APD
09/11/2012 UK's High Earners Face Heavy Tax Burden


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