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Search Results for International Tax in 2012.

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31/12/2012 Brazil To Slash Tax Burden In 2013
28/12/2012 EFTA Updates State Aid Rules On Emissions Trading
31/12/2012 Barbados, San Marino Sign DTA
31/12/2012 Hong Kong Gazettes Stamp Duty Changes
31/12/2012 Greece Berated For Feeble Tax Evasion Fight-Back
31/12/2012 Indian FinMin Pledges Stable Tax Regime
28/12/2012 Ireland Enacts Credit Union Legislation
31/12/2012 Canada Consults On Technical Tax Changes
28/12/2012 Guernsey Striving To Slash Tax Return Backlog
31/12/2012 St Kitts And Nevis Dropped From US GSP Program
27/12/2012 HM Revenue and Customs Issues FATCA Guidance
27/12/2012 Swiss Bankers Welcome Enhanced Due Diligence Measures
28/12/2012 DIFC Courts Receive International Praise
27/12/2012 ASEAN, India Seal Additional Free Trade Pact
28/12/2012 Vale Settles Swiss, Brazilian Tax Disputes
27/12/2012 Liechtenstein Lawmakers Give Green Light To AIFMD
28/12/2012 IoM Explains Landmark UK Tax Transparency Pact Decision
28/12/2012 Ireland, US Reach FATCA Deal
27/12/2012 Canada To Review Developing Country Tariff Regime
27/12/2012 Russia Confirms Arctic Tax Haven For Oil Projects
28/12/2012 Australian Company Wins Transfer Pricing Appeal In Indonesia
27/12/2012 Corporation Tax Dodge Closed by UK Government
27/12/2012 Indian Advance Tax Collections Up
28/12/2012 Channel Islands Plan Fiscal Policy Collaboration
27/12/2012 Jamaican-Registered Yachts Gifted Simplified Tax Regime
27/12/2012 UK Machine Games Duty Registration Deadline Approaches
27/12/2012 Half Year Figures Show NZ Economy On Track
26/12/2012 Curacao Censured For 'Shock' Airport Tax Hikes
26/12/2012 Belgium Unveils New VAT Rules For Corporate Goods
26/12/2012 France Ups Livret A Tax-Free Ceiling In 2013
26/12/2012 France Unveils New Banking Law
26/12/2012 Liechtenstein, Germany Seal DTA Deal
26/12/2012 France Advances On Internet Tax Plans
26/12/2012 Tax Info Exchange Yields Millions For India
26/12/2012 Fiscal Monitor Shows Improvement In Canadian Revenues
25/12/2012 ATO Reports On Self Managed Super Funds
26/12/2012 Switzerland Adopts Financial Market Policy
26/12/2012 EU Adopts AIFM, Derivatives Rules
25/12/2012 Peru Must Ramp Up Tax Compliance Efforts: IMF
25/12/2012 Thailand Restructures Vehicle Taxes
26/12/2012 France Lawmakers Wave Through Contested Budget
26/12/2012 Spanish Lawmakers Pass 2013 Austerity Budget
26/12/2012 IRS Tell Tax Preparers To Renew PTINs Soonest
26/12/2012 Comprehensive Changes Made To DIFC Laws
26/12/2012 Tax Reforms Promised In Japan
25/12/2012 UK Tax Avoiders Offered Settlement Opportunity
26/12/2012 EU Fiscal Compact To Enter Into Force
25/12/2012 ATO Signs Compliance Agreement With BAE Systems
25/12/2012 Bosnia Agrees WTO Tariff Commitments With The EU
25/12/2012 Switzerland Ratifies UK, Austrian Tax Deals
25/12/2012 UK To Withdraw VAT Research Exemption
21/12/2012 Japan, Colombia Kick-Start FTA Negotiations
23/12/2012 Antigua Budget Targets Improved Business Environment
24/12/2012 Guernsey Minister Defends Corporate Tax Decision
24/12/2012 Moody's Downgrades Bahamas' Credit Rating
21/12/2012 EFTA-Central America FTA Talks Near Completion
24/12/2012 French Deputies Adopt Year-End Budget
24/12/2012 Significant US State Tax Reforms Expected In 2013
24/12/2012 South Korea's New President Has No Plans For Tax Increases
21/12/2012 China Scraps Coke Export Tax
20/12/2012 NZ To Simplify Financial Arrangements Rules
21/12/2012 Australia's Corporate Tax 'Too High,' Says OECD
20/12/2012 Australian States Hopeful Over GST Threshold
20/12/2012 NZ Announces Banned ETS Units
21/12/2012 Simpler EU VAT Invoicing Rules To Enter Into Force
21/12/2012 UK Tightens Rules Against 'Disguised Employment'
20/12/2012 Estonia Adopts Budget For 2013
21/12/2012 Boehner Moves To Plan B
20/12/2012 France Eyes Rise In Diesel Tax
21/12/2012 EC Confirms VAT Overhaul For Electronic Services
21/12/2012 Hong Kong Urged To Reduce Business Costs
19/12/2012 Belgian Deficit Falls As Tax Revenues Reach New Levels
19/12/2012 Australian Treasurer Opens Pre-Budget Consultations
20/12/2012 Lithuania To Adopt European Union Financial Tax
19/12/2012 Argentina Signs TIEAs With IoM, Azerbaijan
19/12/2012 GAO Report Examines Social Security Overpayments
20/12/2012 Luxembourg, US To Conclude FATCA Agreement In 2013
19/12/2012 Netherlands To Support Tax Collection In Developing Countries
19/12/2012 Gambia Budget Simplifies Tax for SMEs
19/12/2012 Taiwan's Energy Tax Expected Late Next Year
19/12/2012 Mexico's 2013 Revenue Decree Postpones Corporate Rate Cut
19/12/2012 Hong Kong Urged To Support Economy
19/12/2012 Liechtenstein To Boost DTA Network In 2013
18/12/2012 Cayman Premier Dismisses Allegations
19/12/2012 Australia To Amend PRRT After Court Ruling
18/12/2012 Kazakhstan Aims To Join WTO In 2013
19/12/2012 EU Provides Legal Certainty To Bilateral Investment Agreements
19/12/2012 Federal Portion Of Canadian PRPP Legislation Enters Into Force
18/12/2012 ATO Publishes GST Administration Annual Performance Report
18/12/2012 Switzerland Enhances Due Diligence Requirements
18/12/2012 Armenia To Simplify Taxes For Businesses
19/12/2012 Sharp Increase In Italian Property Costs
19/12/2012 Tax Foundation Sounds AMT Alarm
18/12/2012 NZ To Hike Petrol Tax
17/12/2012 ATO Offers Update On Fuel Tax Reporting Changes
17/12/2012 South Africa Receives Final Court Go-Ahead For E-Tolls
17/12/2012 German Committee Blocks 'Fiscal Drift' Plans
17/12/2012 Dutch Bill Softens Exit Tax Rules
17/12/2012 French Court Annuls Energy Drink Tax
17/12/2012 Swiss Court Unable To Block Tax Deals


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