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Search Results for International Tax in 2010.

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30/12/2010 Hong Kong, Brunei DTA Comes Into Effect
31/12/2010 Indian Trade Body Urges IFRS Deferral
30/12/2010 HMRC Starts Twitter Trial
31/12/2010 Italy Attacks 'Avoidance Culture'
31/12/2010 IRS Announces 2011 Air Transportation Tax Rates
30/12/2010 UK Tax Freedom Day Extends To May 30
30/12/2010 Ireland Revises Vehicle Registration Tax Rules
31/12/2010 Indian Tax Office Targeting Sportsmen
31/12/2010 UK Explores Incentives For Charitable Giving
30/12/2010 Mexico Clarifies IMMEX Tax Incentives
31/12/2010 IRS Slammed Over Non-Resident Refunds
31/12/2010 Switzerland Agrees Remit For Tax Talks
29/12/2010 HMRC Cracks Down On Bootleggers
30/12/2010 CAI Publishes Irish Business Sentiment Survey
30/12/2010 IRS Criticised Over Suspected Tax Avoidance Cases
30/12/2010 China Confirms End Of Small Car Tax Incentive
30/12/2010 Major Australian Lender Up Against Project Wickenby
30/12/2010 Canada Set For Corporate Tax Cuts
30/12/2010 Netherlands Notes Tax Agreements' Entry Into Force
30/12/2010 'Scrap IHT' Argues UK Think Tank
29/12/2010 HMRC Withdraws VAT Concessions
29/12/2010 BVI Highlights Forthcoming Fee Changes
28/12/2010 Taiwan's FTA Strategy Under Discussion
28/12/2010 China Introduces Overseas Tourists Tax Refund
28/12/2010 Singapore, Libya DTA Comes Into Effect
29/12/2010 UK Hong Kong DTA In Force
29/12/2010 Seychelles Economic Outlook 'Favourable'
29/12/2010 USTR Releases Report On China's WTO Compliance
28/12/2010 China Exempts Consumption Tax On Biodiesel
29/12/2010 IMF Extends Deadline For Pakistan's Reformed GST
29/12/2010 Bermuda Issues 2010 Financial Services Data
29/12/2010 Bermuda Extends Insurance Code Compliance Deadline
28/12/2010 Guernsey Firm, AO Hall Wins IP Award
28/12/2010 IRS Information Security Criticised
27/12/2010 Italy Applies Reverse Charge VAT On Mobile Phones
28/12/2010 Italy's Lower House Approves Tax Reform Motion
28/12/2010 Purchases Over EUR3,600 To Be On Italian Revenue Database
28/12/2010 Changes To Irish Relevant Contracts Tax System
27/12/2010 Onion Tax In India Has Brought Tears To Householders’ Eyes
28/12/2010 IMF Supports Canada’s Commitment To Budget Balance
24/12/2010 ATO Responds To Travelex Decision
27/12/2010 Deutsche Bank To Pay USD550m Tax Shelter Fine
27/12/2010 Finland's Tax Working Group Presents Final Report
27/12/2010 Australian TOFA Elections Due Date Fast Approaching
24/12/2010 East European Gang Gaoled In UK
27/12/2010 Foreign Procurement Fee Funds 9/11 Health Act
27/12/2010 Congress Fails To Pass US Omnibus Trade Bill
27/12/2010 Introduction Of EU Customs Monitoring System Imminent
24/12/2010 CARICOM Seeks Greater International Say
24/12/2010 IMF Announces Support For Canadian Budget Reforms
27/12/2010 IRS Calculates 2011 Tax Benefits
24/12/2010 UK Car Leasing Association Wants Simplified Standards
24/12/2010 EU Publishes Industry-First Report On GHG Emissions
24/12/2010 Jersey Finance Industry Grows In Q3
23/12/2010 South Korea Reduces Import Tariffs To Tackle Inflation
23/12/2010 Philippines' Budget Deficit Now On Track
23/12/2010 Vietnam Cuts Import Duty On LPG
24/12/2010 Australian Government Advised On Resource Taxation
23/12/2010 Australian Treasurer Pays Tribute To The Contribution Of Dr Ken Henry
23/12/2010 HSBC Asks Australian Government To Abolish Tax Measures
23/12/2010 HMRC Busts Disability VAT Concession Fraudsters
22/12/2010 Jersey Updates Licensing Of Financial Services
23/12/2010 Release Of Canadian Fiscal Monitor For October
22/12/2010 Scottish Businessman Criticizes Tax System
23/12/2010 OECD Recommends Switch In Spanish Tax Burden
23/12/2010 9/11 Health Act Drops Foreign Company Tax Provision
21/12/2010 Trinidad Goes On Tax Hunt
21/12/2010 Flaherty Urges Provinces To Consolidate Budgets
21/12/2010 Tax Laws Amendment Bill Introduced Into Australian Parliament
22/12/2010 German Tax Data Discs Yield EUR1.8bn
21/12/2010 Philippines Looks For Increased Mining Royalties
22/12/2010 Extension Of China's Resource Tax Is Confirmed
21/12/2010 Indonesia Proposes Tax Incentives For 'Green' Companies
21/12/2010 IOM Allowed To Retain Building VAT Concession
22/12/2010 China, EU Discuss Untapped Trade Flow Potential
22/12/2010 EU To Link ETS With Switzerland
22/12/2010 Canada Announces Royal Assent To Tax Treaties
22/12/2010 New Zealand Law Commission’s Review Of Trust Law
20/12/2010 HMRC Details Reduction To Lifetime Allowance
20/12/2010 Italian Tax Break For Journalists Working At Night
21/12/2010 Businessman Sentenced To More Than Eight Years In Jail In Wickenby Case
21/12/2010 India Has Created 10 Overseas Income Tax Units
20/12/2010 LGT Bank Fine Settlement Ends Tax Evasion Proceedings
21/12/2010 Australian Government Provides Investment Certainty By Addressing ‘Fin 48’ Issue
21/12/2010 Advance Tax Collection of India’s Largest Corporates Up
21/12/2010 House Passes US Omnibus Trade Bill
21/12/2010 Australian Farmers Will Benefit From Changes To Trust Laws
21/12/2010 IRS Issues New Employer Withholding Tax Instructions
20/12/2010 New Zealand Inland Revenue Issues Reminder About Tax Record Obligations
17/12/2010 Liechtenstein Concludes Multiple TIEAs
20/12/2010 Hong Kong Welcomes Another Ratings Upgrade
20/12/2010 Japan's Cabinet Approves Tax Policy Package
20/12/2010 Italian Transfer Pricing Procedures Clarified
17/12/2010 Belize Announces Land Tax Amnesty
20/12/2010 IRS Has Problems With 'Making Work Pay Credits'
17/12/2010 New Zealand Reviews Tax Information Bulletins
20/12/2010 DIFC Cuts Business Costs
20/12/2010 ATO Accepts Student Deduction Ruling
17/12/2010 Expanded Swiss-UK DTA In Force
19/12/2010 HMRC Spotlights Tax Schemes


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