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Search Results for International Tax in 2008.

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31/12/2008 Technology Companies Slam European Commission Tax Proposals
30/12/2008 South Korean Homeowners Win Property Tax Court Case
30/12/2008 Swiss-UK Double Tax Treaty Amended To Exempt Tax On Dividends
31/12/2008 Second Indian Stimulus Package On The Cards, Says Nath
30/12/2008 British Council Sees Russian Tax Bill Reinstated
30/12/2008 IVCA Welcomes Support For VC Sector
30/12/2008 Irish Revenue Releases Details Of New Pension Scheme Option
31/12/2008 Obama Sticking To Guns On Tax
30/12/2008 Canada Allows Amateur Athletes To Defer Income Tax
30/12/2008 Australia Announces Optional Capital Gains Tax Loss Roll Over For Super Funds
30/12/2008 Pakistan Investment Tax Amnesty Deadline Looms
30/12/2008 UK's HMRC Implements EU VAT Directive Amendments
29/12/2008 India's Telecom Commission Rejects Attempts To Tax 3G
29/12/2008 Netherlands To Amend Tax Treatment Of Corporate Group Interest
29/12/2008 Bermuda-Based Company Announces Intent To Leave
29/12/2008 IMF Comments On Conclusion Of Article IV Mission To Vietnam
30/12/2008 Costa Rican Free Trade Agreement Enters Into Force
30/12/2008 WTO To Broaden Focus From Doha Round In 2009
29/12/2008 Vietnam Will Not Delay Introduction Of New Personal Income Tax Law
29/12/2008 US Venture Capital Sector Expecting Tough Ride In 2009
29/12/2008 China Announces Further Tax Boost For Exporters
24/12/2008 Isle of Man Enforces FATF Money Laundering Regulations
24/12/2008 Vehicle Taxes Cut In South Korea
29/12/2008 India Will Try Again To Prevent 'Treaty Shopping'
24/12/2008 HMRC Changes Internal Interest Rates
24/12/2008 German Government Gives Pakistani Businesses VAT Refund
29/12/2008 EC Approves Italian Filmmakers' EUR104m Tax Concessions
24/12/2008 UK Taxman Gives A Break To Companies Over Christmas
24/12/2008 RICS Urges UK Government To Lower VAT Rates For Empty Houses
24/12/2008 Philippines Imposes Idle Land Tax
29/12/2008 South Korea Announces Tax Cut Package
23/12/2008 Economic Slump Hits India's Advance Tax Collections
23/12/2008 Temporary Residents Superannuation Bill Passed In Australia
23/12/2008 Ukraine Ratifies Convention On Mutual Assistance In Tax Matters
23/12/2008 ATO Welcomes Certainty For Agricultural Managed Investment Schemes
24/12/2008 Mauritius's Deputy Prime Minister Reassures OECD
24/12/2008 Canadian Budget To Reduce Tax Burden, Pledges Finance Minister
24/12/2008 Japan Must Increase Sales Tax By 2015, Minister Warns
23/12/2008 IRAS Publishes Amendments To Stamp Duty For Gifts
22/12/2008 Ryanair Wins EUR4.5m Subsidy Case
22/12/2008 Irish Consumers Respond To New Vehicle Registration Tax Scheme
22/12/2008 OECD Urges South Korea To Broaden Tax Base
23/12/2008 Concluding Doha Should Be Paramount In 2009, Says Lamy
23/12/2008 Court Rules In Gibraltar's Favour In State Aid Case
22/12/2008 Digital Download Tax Proposed In New York
22/12/2008 Taxes To Be Cut In Azerbaijan
22/12/2008 Madoff Investors Look To Uncle Sam For Bailout
23/12/2008 EU Planning Tax On Mobile Phones
22/12/2008 Finnish Parliament Passes Sales Tax Cut For Loggers
22/12/2008 Guernsey Committee Releases Inheritance Law Statement
22/12/2008 German Economics Minister Favours Tax Reductions
22/12/2008 French Land Tax Set To Rise Sharply
19/12/2008 Pakistan Explores Tax Policy Options
22/12/2008 Philippine Renewable Energy Law Grants Tax Holiday For Developers
19/12/2008 SMEs Should Not Bear Burden Of Economic Crisis, UEAPME Warns
19/12/2008 Switzerland Signs Double Taxation Agreement With Malta
19/12/2008 China Set To Reduce Home Sales Tax
19/12/2008 Turkey and Mexico Discuss Free Trade and Double Tax
19/12/2008 Switzerland Lures Bermudan Companies
19/12/2008 Taiwan's Parliament Approves New Personal Tax Thresholds
19/12/2008 Danish High Earners May Receive Tax Concessions
18/12/2008 New Tax Code In Kazakhstan Set To Benefit ENRC Substantially
19/12/2008 Canada Welcomes New US Tax Treaty Protocol
18/12/2008 Chinese Government To Consider Cutting Car Taxes
18/12/2008 IMA Welcomes Proposals To Provide Certainty On UK Funds' Tax Status
18/12/2008 Taxpayers Make Increasing Use Of CRA Disclosure Scheme
18/12/2008 IRS Speeds Tax Lien Relief For Struggling US Homeowners
19/12/2008 WTO Backs EU And US In Dispute Over Chinese Auto Part Import Tax
18/12/2008 WTO Reviews Trade Policies of Switzerland And Liechtenstein
18/12/2008 IRS Publishes Comprehensive Tax Guide
18/12/2008 Vietnamese Government Announces Tax Breaks For Business
17/12/2008 Kovacs Welcomes New Measures To Fight EU VAT, Excise Tax Fraud
18/12/2008 Gibraltar Awaits Verdict On Corporate Tax System
17/12/2008 EC Gives Go Ahead To Romanian Car Registration Tax
17/12/2008 CRA To Facilitate Economic And Fiscal Statement Measures
17/12/2008 Estonian Finance Minister Addresses 2009 Budget Problem
17/12/2008 Portuguese Prime Minister Announces EUR2.2bn Stimulus Package
18/12/2008 Brazil To Stimulate Economy By Cutting Taxes
17/12/2008 Hong Kong Signs Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement With Vietnam
17/12/2008 Latvian Government Imposes 3% VAT Increase
16/12/2008 Israeli Tax Authority Returns To Work After Strike Action
16/12/2008 Polish Government To Make Up Deficit With Alcohol Tax Hike
16/12/2008 German Commuters To Regain Tax Breaks, Court Rules
16/12/2008 Argentina's Lower House Passes Tax Cuts
16/12/2008 Britons Waste Almost GBP2bn On Unnecessary IHT Payments
17/12/2008 Japan's Stimulus Package To Include Major New Tax Cuts
17/12/2008 Baucus To Focus On Tax Reform In Next Congress
16/12/2008 Dutch Court Rules Against Offshore Account Holders
16/12/2008 India Unveils Plans For Second Economic Stimulus Package
15/12/2008 ICAI Welcomes Revisions To Irish Finance Bill
15/12/2008 Bulgarian Lawmakers Content With Budget Draft On First Reading
16/12/2008 Irish Prime Minister Addresses EU Leaders
15/12/2008 Nevis Government Tables 'Conservative' Budget
15/12/2008 India To Issue Tax-Free Infrastructure Investment Bonds
15/12/2008 Philippine Government Releases Funds From VAT Windfall
15/12/2008 Gonzi Promotes Malta As Trade Bridge To North Africa
16/12/2008 Small Businesses In Australia Set For Tax Cuts
15/12/2008 Income And Business Tax Amendment Bill Makes Further Progress In Belize
16/12/2008 US Lawmakers Vote To Suspend Unfair Tax On Seniors
12/12/2008 Vietnamese Exports Drop Amid Higher Tariff Regimes


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