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Search Results for International Tax in 2007.

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31/12/2007 Jersey Publishes Economic Development Business Plan For 2008
01/01/2008 The Tote Moves To Alderney
28/12/2007 Russia Has $600bn In Reserves, But Raises Taxes Anyway
01/01/2008 IRS Wins Battle Over Tax Shelter
28/12/2007 Filing Season Begins On Time For All Except AMT Taxpayers
28/12/2007 HMRC Cracks Down On Money Laundering And VAT Fraud
28/12/2007 KiwiSaver Numbers Surge Past 300,000
28/12/2007 30% Increase In China's Tax Take This Year
28/12/2007 WTO Gives US$21m Compensation To Antigua
28/12/2007 Argentine Senate Extends Financial Transactions Tax
27/12/2007 Ernst And Young Publishes Transfer Pricing Survey
27/12/2007 Tax Increase May Affect BP's Alaskan Investment Plans
27/12/2007 IRS Working To Implement AMT Patch ASAP
27/12/2007 Guernsey Officials Lend Support To Zero-Ten Tax Policy
27/12/2007 No More Big Tax Cuts, Warns Flaherty
24/12/2007 IRS Unveils Procedure For Reporting Tax Law Violations
24/12/2007 HMRC Releases Podcast Demonstrating Online SA Return Filing
24/12/2007 United States Wins WTO 'Zeroing' Dispute with Mexico
24/12/2007 China Scraps Export Rebates On Grains
27/12/2007 New Korean President To Slash Taxes
24/12/2007 ATO's Tax Collections Soar To New Record
24/12/2007 US Treasury Publishes Study On Improving Business Tax Competitiveness
20/12/2007 New Round Of Competition For NMTC Opens
20/12/2007 China Proposes A 10% Tax On Crude Oil Output
21/12/2007 IMF Publishes Conclusions Of Article IV Consultation With Canada
21/12/2007 New Mexican Tax Will Qualify For Tax Credits
19/12/2007 US Government Releases FY 2007 Financial Report
20/12/2007 Cyprus, Ireland And Switzerland Top KPMG Poll Of European Corporate Tax Regimes
19/12/2007 Offshore Crackdown To Pay For Obama's Middle Class Tax Cuts
19/12/2007 HMRC Responsible For More Companies Being Wound Up, Says UHY
19/12/2007 Flaherty Tax Relief Measures A 'Welcome Start', Says CD Howe
19/12/2007 Australian Green Party Play Down Tax Cuts
19/12/2007 OECD Analyses Luxembourg's Disability Policies
20/12/2007 US And Vietnam Hold First Meeting Under TIFA
19/12/2007 US Senate Approves Mortgage Tax Relief
18/12/2007 Hong Kong And India Discuss Taxation, Air Services Agreement
18/12/2007 China To Eliminate Export Tax Rebate On Crops
18/12/2007 HMT Publishes Draft Legislation On Capital Allowances
19/12/2007 Sir David Varney Publishes Review Of Tax Policy In Northern Ireland
18/12/2007 Canada Enacts Broad-Based Tax Relief
19/12/2007 Obwalden Votes For Flat Tax
18/12/2007 IMF Comments On Conclusion Of Article IV Consultation With Costa Rica
17/12/2007 Canada Enacts Updates To US Tax Treaty
18/12/2007 HMRC Can't Have Its (Tea)Cake And Eat It, Says EU Court Advisor
17/12/2007 IRS Fast Track Settlement Program Expanded
17/12/2007 Energy Tax Bill Passes In Senate
17/12/2007 Tax Burden For Manufacturers Has Increased, Says EEF
18/12/2007 German Government Proposes Changes To Inheritance Tax
14/12/2007 PKF Warns Of 'Back Door Tax Attack' On Buy-To-Let Partnerships
14/12/2007 HMRC Unveils New Interest Rates
16/12/2007 CIOT Recommends Year's Delay Before New CGT Enforcement
14/12/2007 Korean NTS Publishes Tax Guide For Foreigners
17/12/2007 IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation With Belize
14/12/2007 Low-Tax Countries Are Generous Withal
14/12/2007 Grassley Calls For Post-Mortem Of US Tax Filing Fiasco
17/12/2007 New Zealand Government Welcomes Passage Of Tax Bill
17/12/2007 Japan's Coalition Agrees Two-Year Stock Break, But Delays Consumption Tax Decision
16/12/2007 Ontario Authorities Announce Tax Cuts, Spending Program
13/12/2007 Bahamas To Consolidate Financial Services Regime
13/12/2007 EU Approves French Tax Breaks For Computer Game Developers
13/12/2007 Senate Offers Modified Energy Tax Package
13/12/2007 SARS Settles Tax Dispute With Nampak
14/12/2007 Brazilian Government Thwarted In Plan To Extend Transaction Tax
13/12/2007 UK Publishes Annual IP Crime Report
13/12/2007 House Approves New AMT Fix Legislation, Senate Prospects Still Grim
13/12/2007 EC Welcomes Planned Pan-European Electronic Customs System
13/12/2007 Irish Revenue Commission Publishes Latest Defaulters List
13/12/2007 EU Finally Adopts EPAs For ACP Countries
13/12/2007 House Gives Senate Another Chance To Pass AMT Relief
13/12/2007 Flaherty Warns That Opposition Stalling Could Scupper GST Cut Plans
12/12/2007 IRS Studies New Mexican Corporate Tax
12/12/2007 Lofsa To Launch Rebranded Labuan Offshore Centre In 2008
12/12/2007 Danish Maritime Flat-Tax To Be Scrutinized
11/12/2007 Japan's LDP Tax Panel Agrees To Extend Stock Tax Cuts
11/12/2007 Industry Groups Urge Congress To Extend R And D Tax Credit
11/12/2007 New Zealand Changes Finance Lease Tax Rules
11/12/2007 IRS Deals Tax Blow To Barclays Currency ETNs
11/12/2007 PKF Appoints Employment Taxes Partner
11/12/2007 New Zealand Government Amends Tax Treatment Of Redundancy Payments
12/12/2007 Business Tax In The Headlines Again For UK Small Businesses
10/12/2007 IFC Helping India To Become More Business Friendly
10/12/2007 FSB Submits Capital Gains Tax Proposals
10/12/2007 Bush Urges House To Pass AMT Fix
11/12/2007 Energy Bill Passes House But Faces Senate Hurdles
11/12/2007 EU Calls For United Front Against Tax Evasion
10/12/2007 WTO Publishes Turkey TPR Conclusions
10/12/2007 Surveys Confirm ISA Success
07/12/2007 UK Accountants Respond To Income Shifting Consultation
10/12/2007 Irish Budget Introduces Changes To VAT On Property Transactions
10/12/2007 US Senate Finally Agrees AMT Fix
10/12/2007 American E-tailers Vow To Fight SSTP
07/12/2007 Chinese Oil Windfall Tax Figures Announced
07/12/2007 NAPF Suggests Challenge To HMRC Over VAT Exemption
06/12/2007 Korea And Mexico Launch Free Trade Talks
06/12/2007 Spanish Government Pledges To Cut Estate Tax If Re-Elected
06/12/2007 FBR Seeks To Expand Pakistan's Tax Base
06/12/2007 Cyprus May Get Second Tax Amnesty
07/12/2007 Cowen Shelves Tax Cut In Budget
06/12/2007 UK Tax System Criticised By Scottish MP
06/12/2007 TaxCalc Launches Capital Gains TaxChecker


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