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Search Results for International Tax in 2005.

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30/12/2005 Tax Competition Heats Up In Switzerland
30/12/2005 Some Bermudian Funds To Gain Exemption From Swiss Disclosure Rules
30/12/2005 European Governments Urge Money Laundering Crackdown In UAE
30/12/2005 UAE Presents No-Deficit Budget For 2006
30/12/2005 Canadian Police To Investigate Tax Cut Leak To Markets
29/12/2005 Mauritius' Banks Can Oil Engine Of New Economy, Says Minister
29/12/2005 Billions In VAT Refunds Go Unclaimed Across The EU
29/12/2005 Russia Still Pursuing SEZs For 2006
29/12/2005 Tax Services Generate Most Malpractice Claims
28/12/2005 Gibraltar, UK, Agree Investment Services Passporting
28/12/2005 The EU Extends Duty-Free Access To 15 Developing Countries
28/12/2005 Lightly-Taxed EU Countries Top GDP Rankings
28/12/2005 EU Agrees To Extend Canary Islands Fiscal Regime
28/12/2005 Austrian EU Presidency To Tackle VAT Fraud
28/12/2005 China Tries Again To Control Construction Boom
28/12/2005 Bonds May Attract Investors In 2006
27/12/2005 ATO Steps Up Scrutiny Of Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes
27/12/2005 Tax Preparer Settles RAL Class Actions
27/12/2005 GOAL Launches New Internet Tax-Reclaim Service
26/12/2005 Liechtenstein Conference To Discuss Future Of Financial Markets
26/12/2005 China Continues Modernisation Of Tax Regime, Scraps Farm Tax Early
26/12/2005 Commodity Contracts Do Not Qualify Funds For Tax Benefits, Says IRS
26/12/2005 Irish Film Industry Calls For More Competitive Tax Incentives
26/12/2005 United States To Implement CAFTA In January 2006
26/12/2005 Schussel Warns Europe Must Reform Budget Process Or Face Self-Destruction
26/12/2005 Good Growth Continues In Panama
23/12/2005 Bush Signs Gulf Opportunity Zone Act Into Law
23/12/2005 UK And Gibraltar Reach Withholding Tax Deal
23/12/2005 US Corporate Taxpayers Unprepared For Mandatory E-Filing
23/12/2005 Bermudian Assembly Approves Tax Information Exchange Law
22/12/2005 Germany Closes More Tax Loopholes
22/12/2005 Chinese Tax Revenues Set To Grow By 17.5% In 2006
22/12/2005 US Government Report Shows $1 Trillion Went Untaxed In 2003
21/12/2005 Treasury And IRS Clarify Position On Japanese Business Entities
21/12/2005 New Zealand Government Promises 'Bold' Business Tax Reforms
21/12/2005 Barroso Hints At Support For EU Tax
21/12/2005 Microsoft Subsidiary Is Ireland's Most Profitable Firm
21/12/2005 Canadian Liberals Promise Tax Cuts For Small Businesses
20/12/2005 WTO Avoids Failure In Hong Kong
20/12/2005 Irish Courts Accused Of Favouring Wealthy In Tax Evasion Cases
20/12/2005 BVI On Course To Introduce Business Companies Act In January
20/12/2005 Australia Proposes Reforms To Taxation Of Financial Arrangements
20/12/2005 Deiss Signs Free Trade Deal With South Korea On Behalf Of EFTA
20/12/2005 Japanese Government Rules Out Consumption Tax Hike
19/12/2005 Court Of Appeal Throws Out HMRC's Section 660 Interpretation
19/12/2005 ECJ Directs Italian Banks To Refund Tax Break
19/12/2005 Colombia Ditches Corporate Tax Cut
19/12/2005 Guernsey Freezes Income Tax Allowances In 2006 Budget
19/12/2005 IRS Releases Schedule M-3 Guidance
19/12/2005 US Congressional Delegation Promotes CAFTA In Costa Rica
19/12/2005 EU Budget Will Support 10 New Members
16/12/2005 Tax Increases In St Kitts And Nevis Budget
16/12/2005 Lone Star Apologises For Failure To Cooperate In Korean Tax Evasion Probe
16/12/2005 Switzerland Defends Corporate Tax System In Brussels
16/12/2005 IRS Investigates Captive Insurance Tax Shelter
16/12/2005 Deloitte's EU Survey Reveals Irish Pay Least Tax On Wages
16/12/2005 US Senate Approves Free Trade Agreement With Bahrain
15/12/2005 Key Tax Cut Bill Pushed Back Until 2006
15/12/2005 Google Announces Plan To Expand Irish Headquarters
15/12/2005 Low Tax Countries To Buck Trend Of Slowing European Second Home Market
15/12/2005 'One Third Of Russian Companies Pay No Tax,' Says Senior Official
15/12/2005 Plenary Vote Demonstrates EP's Support For Tax Harmonisation
15/12/2005 Italy To Introduce Corporate Tax Amnesty
14/12/2005 CARICOM Single Market To Start In January
14/12/2005 Marks And Spencer Victorious In ECJ
14/12/2005 China To Exempt QFIIs From Capital Gains Tax
14/12/2005 GAO Chief Warns Of Substantial Tax Increases As Baby Boomers Retire
14/12/2005 Gibraltar Introduces New Stamp Duty Regime
14/12/2005 New York Owed Millions In Taxes By Overseas Governments
13/12/2005 Swiss Canton Votes To Attract Business With Tax Cuts
13/12/2005 Mandelson: Immediate Subsidy Cuts 'Not Possible'
13/12/2005 Saudi Arabia Accedes To WTO
13/12/2005 European Governments Prepare For Assault On Corporate Tax Base
13/12/2005 BP Chief Slams Excessive Regulation
13/12/2005 Russell Investment Group Extends Real Estate Capability Into Europe
13/12/2005 Guernsey To Delay Discussions On New Tax Regime
12/12/2005 Snow Commends House On Passage Of Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
12/12/2005 Enquiry To Be Held Into Australian Tax System
12/12/2005 EC Approves Italy's IRAP Tax Deductions For Job Creation
12/12/2005 Cutting Software Piracy Would Increase UK Tax Revenues By GBP2.8 Bn, Says BSA
12/12/2005 China And Czech Republic To Complete Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
12/12/2005 St Kitts And Nevis Budget To Review Economy
12/12/2005 European Court Rejects ECB VAT Refund Claim
12/12/2005 UK Accounting Bodies Welcome Tax Relief For Providers Of Services
12/12/2005 STEP Regrets Budget Changes To SIPPs Regime
09/12/2005 US Institutes Attack OECD Over Melbourne Comments
09/12/2005 IRS Provides Guidance On Estimated Corporate Tax Payments
09/12/2005 EC Takes Action Over Alumina Tax Break Offered By France, Ireland and Italy
09/12/2005 Ireland Moves To Restrict Tax Exemptions
09/12/2005 Switzerland Has Become 'Too Complicated' For Foreign Investors
09/12/2005 Snow Won't Be Held To Artificial Timetable On Tax Reform
09/12/2005 New IRS Proposals Seek To Protect Taxpayer Information
08/12/2005 Rush Of Law Firms To Dubai Continues
08/12/2005 EU Delays Decision On Extending Reduced VAT Deadline
08/12/2005 US Investors Placing Higher Emphasis On Tax
08/12/2005 Canadian NDP Says Tax Cuts Are Uncessary
08/12/2005 Oil Companies In Court To Win Tax Relief From Norway
08/12/2005 UK Banks To Receive Tax Break As Part Of IFRS Transition
07/12/2005 Brown's Pre-Budget Report Slaps North Sea Oil
07/12/2005 Bush Pushes Economic Agenda, Urges Congress To Extend Tax Cuts


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