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Search Results for International Tax in 2003.

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31/12/2003 Senators Question IRS Over Advanced Pricing Agreements With Multinationals
31/12/2003 Retailers To Cut Prices As Russia Says Goodbye To Sales Tax
31/12/2003 Treasury And IRS Adopt New Rules To Raise Standards In Tax Profession
31/12/2003 Bahamas Chamber Of Commerce To Push Nation's Cause In FTAA
31/12/2003 IRS Appoints New Office Of Professional Responsibility Chief
31/12/2003 US-Singapore FTA Comes Into Force On January 1
31/12/2003 Kremlin Turns Up The Heat On Yukos Over Tax Avoidance Scheme
31/12/2003 Dividend Tax Cut Has Been A Partial Success, Studies Suggest
30/12/2003 Multinational Firms Rush To Take Advantage Of CEPA Agreement
30/12/2003 US Treasury Steps Up Campaign Against Tax Shelters
30/12/2003 Thailand Considers Hedge Fund Tax To Curb Currency Speculation
30/12/2003 UK Lenders Warn Government Not To Treat Homeowners As Their 'Cash Cow'
30/12/2003 Kasyanov Hints At Further Reduction In VAT
29/12/2003 China To Encourage Foreign Mining Investment
29/12/2003 China Abandons Steel Import Tariffs
29/12/2003 Russia Threatens Higher Oil Company Taxation
29/12/2003 Costa Rica Grows But Fiscal Deficit Still A Worry
25/12/2003 A Very Happy Holiday To All Our Readers
25/12/2003 IRS Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
25/12/2003 EU Commission Proposes Changes To Place Of Taxation Of Services
25/12/2003 Ireland Incorporates EU Savings Tax Directive Into Domestic Law
24/12/2003 US Treasury Clarifies Research Tax Credit Regulations
24/12/2003 Ansbacher To Settle Irish Tax Claim
24/12/2003 Treasury Issues Final Regulations On Capitalization Costs
24/12/2003 British Virgin Islands Unveil High Spending 2004 Budget
24/12/2003 IRS Eyes IP Gifts
24/12/2003 ATO And ASIC Consider Additional Compliance Rules For Tax Agents
24/12/2003 Tax Cuts Help US Economy To Fastest Growth In 20 Years
23/12/2003 UK Law Society Approves German Tax Advisers For Potential MDPs
23/12/2003 Court Of Appeal Rules Against Revenue On 'Flip-Flop' Trust Schemes
23/12/2003 UK Government To Tighten Tax Screws On Pension Income
23/12/2003 ATO Announces New Tax Regime For Foreign Currency Gains/Losses
23/12/2003 UN To Launch International Tax Organisation
23/12/2003 EU Commission Publishes Annual US/EU Trade Report
23/12/2003 Germany 'On The Move', Says Schroeder
23/12/2003 American Casinos Deterred From UK By High Tax
23/12/2003 AIB Capital Expands Treasury Business In Europe
23/12/2003 Irish Revenue Commission Publishes Latest Tax Defaulter List
22/12/2003 UK Treasury Announces Stamp Duty Land Tax Regulations
22/12/2003 United States Critical Of China's Protectionist Tax Regime
22/12/2003 Draft UK Transfer Pricing Legislation Likely To Fall Foul Of EU Law
22/12/2003 Putin Calls For Higher Tax On Oil Industry Profits
22/12/2003 Gordon Brown's Tax Cloud May Have A Silver Lining: The End Of IR35?
22/12/2003 IMF Report Urges Chancellor To Check Fiscal Debt
22/12/2003 PCAOB Unlikley To Draft New Rules For Tax Auditors In Near Term
22/12/2003 GAO Reports Offshore Tax Evasion Is On The Increase
19/12/2003 Ireland's SMEs Fear Rising Business Costs In 2004
19/12/2003 Commission Finds French Tax Break Contrary To State Aid Rules
19/12/2003 Tax-Free Budget Unveiled In St Kitts And Nevis
19/12/2003 BIBA To Take More Proactive Approach To Selling Bermuda
19/12/2003 Ireland Signs Double Taxation Agreement With Iceland
19/12/2003 New Zealand's Tax Burden Is Too High Warns Business Group
19/12/2003 EC Gets Tough On Pension Fund Tax Discrimination
19/12/2003 IRS Tightens Controls Over Taxpayer Identification Numbers
18/12/2003 Bahamas Commits To Information Sharing Agreement With United States
18/12/2003 Delaware Senator Throws Support Behind Online Sales Tax Drive
18/12/2003 French Energy Firm EdF Dealt Tax Blow By EU Commission
18/12/2003 Millions More In UK Could Soon Pay Top Tax Rate, Warns Think Tank
18/12/2003 Japan's Government Agrees Tax Reforms For Fiscal 2004
18/12/2003 Thailand Set To Become Regional Automotive Hub Thanks To Tax Breaks
18/12/2003 Costa Rica Pulls Out Of Cafta Negotiations
17/12/2003 Six New Ways And Means Committee Members Object To IRS Information Reporting Plan
17/12/2003 Caribbean Cruise Head Tax Debate Rumbles On
17/12/2003 Japanese Tax Panel Suggests Possible Long Term Rise In Income Tax
17/12/2003 UK Venture Capitalists Hit Out At MBO Tax Rules
17/12/2003 NZ Revenue Department Sets Out Tax Options For Offshore Investments
17/12/2003 Maltese Institute Of Management Criticises Budget VAT Hike
17/12/2003 Maltese Government May Take Lenient Approach Over New Tax
16/12/2003 EU Savings Tax Directive Aimed At 'Unfair' Tax Competition Says CATO Analyst
16/12/2003 US Treasury Announces Revised Temporary 'Corporate Inversion' Rules
16/12/2003 H&R Block Predicts Drop In Growth Of Tax Filers Next Year
16/12/2003 Pre-Budget Report Contains Tax Bombshell For Self-Employed
16/12/2003 Nauru Removed From OECD Tax Haven List
16/12/2003 Germany To Get Watered-Down Tax Cut After Political Deadlock Is Broken
16/12/2003 Final Nail In The Coffin For Inheritance Tax Trusts?
16/12/2003 Paul Martin Committed To Cut In Corporate Tax
15/12/2003 IRS Appoints New Director Of International Tax Matters
15/12/2003 EU Commission Proposes Two Year Extension To VAT Experiment
15/12/2003 Botswana's Finance Minister Announces Changes To Income Tax Act
15/12/2003 Maltese Tax Burden Lower Than EU Average Says NSO
15/12/2003 Ernst & Young Welcomes Australian International Tax Changes
15/12/2003 EDS Loses Contract With UK Inland Revenue
15/12/2003 Treasury Seeks To Tighten Conduct Rules For Tax Professionals
15/12/2003 Switzerland and Lebanon Sign Memorandum Of Understanding
12/12/2003 CGI Calls For Clarification Over Forthcoming Move To Zero Corporate Tax
12/12/2003 STEP Welcomes Simplification Of Trust Tax Treatment
12/12/2003 EU Commission Launches Belgian VAT Probe
12/12/2003 OECD Queries NZ Tax Breaks For 'Lord Of The Rings'
12/12/2003 New Zealand And Chile Sign Double Taxation Agreement
12/12/2003 Sabrix And Thomson Tax Integrate Software Tool For Tax Professionals
12/12/2003 UK Government Moots New Measures To Simplify Pensions Tax System
12/12/2003 UK Government Takes Steps Towards Formation Of Property Trusts
12/12/2003 Australian Government Plan For Foreign Resident Tax Breaks Rejected
11/12/2003 Investec Launches Mauritius Operation
11/12/2003 Tax Changes Aim To Make Australia World Player In Venture Capital
11/12/2003 Hong Kong Business Urged To Take Early Advantage Of CEPA Deal
11/12/2003 Irish Financial Services Bill 2003 Gives Regulator Wide Mandate
11/12/2003 Hong Kong And Belgium Sign Comprehensive Double Tax Treaty
11/12/2003 UK Pre-Budget Report Mostly Fine Print - Few Horrors
11/12/2003 Korean National Tax Service Promises 'Softly Softly' Approach For Foreign Firms


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