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Search Results for International Tax in 2002.

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31/12/2002 Vietnam Abandons Major Car Tariff Hike
31/12/2002 Japan's Tax Revenue To Cover Just Half Of Expenditure
31/12/2002 Come Back, Paul, All Is Forgiven
30/12/2002 China's Tax Collection Up 13% In 2002
30/12/2002 Russia's Customs Are Major Obstacle To WTO Entry
30/12/2002 IRS Not Ready To Announce Free E-Filing Criteria
30/12/2002 Madeira Waits For The 'Devil In The Details' Of New Aid Scheme
27/12/2002 Luxembourg Parliament Adopts UCITS III Directives
27/12/2002 German Tax Collections Fall: Fiscal Disaster Looms
27/12/2002 Bush Wants to Borrow More To Pay For More Tax Cuts
25/12/2002 Internet Travel Intermediary Attacked Over Tax Practices
24/12/2002 Turkey Backs Down Over Self-Employment Tax
24/12/2002 UK Government To Close Tonnage Tax Loophole
24/12/2002 UK Opposition Leader Stakes Future On Tax-Cutting Agenda
23/12/2002 Canadian Corporate Tax Rate To Fall In 2003
23/12/2002 ACCA Lends Support To EC's Home State Taxation Proposals
23/12/2002 US Experts Welcome Prospect Of Dividend Tax Cut
23/12/2002 More Senior Congressmen Attack IRS Interest-Reporting Rules
20/12/2002 Study Shows Irish Tax Take Lowest In EU
20/12/2002 Michael Cullen Raises Possibility Of Tax Cuts For Low Income Earners
20/12/2002 Indian Corporate Tax Collection Grows 20%, Official Reveals
20/12/2002 CSFB Fined For Misleading Japanese Tax Authority
20/12/2002 Inland Revenue Annual Report Reveals Disappointing Tax Collection Figures
20/12/2002 Antiguan Diplomat Warns Over Disappearance Of Level Playing Field Over Tax
20/12/2002 Swiss Banks Downplay Impact Of German Tax Moves
20/12/2002 EU's WTO Farm Subsidy Offer Meets Poor Reception Worldwide
20/12/2002 Prominent US Senator Asks Treasury To Hold Interest-Reporting Measure
19/12/2002 IRS Cracks Down On S Corporation Share Plans
19/12/2002 17 US Congressmen Write To Treasury About Bank Reporting Rules
19/12/2002 Spanish Media Reports That UK Is To Face Proceedings Over Gibraltar's VAT Regime
19/12/2002 Isle Of Man Examines Implications Of Savings Tax Talks Breakdown
19/12/2002 Bahamas To Launch Trade Liberalisation Tax Review
19/12/2002 Pension Tax Relief Changes To Hit UK's High Income Earners
19/12/2002 States Will Begin To Ratify SSTP In The New Year
18/12/2002 CAPC Calls For Auto Tax Breaks In Canada
18/12/2002 India Aiming For Simplified Tax System, Singh Reveals
18/12/2002 OECD Warns Germany Over Tax Increases
18/12/2002 ATO Bans Instalment Warrants Over Tax Concerns
18/12/2002 Dan Mitchell Warns Of Hedge Fund Threat In Bermuda
18/12/2002 Bogus Non-Resident Account Deadline Passes
18/12/2002 ECJ Ruling Upsets Thin Capitalisation Rules
18/12/2002 Major Questions Surround New Madeiran Tax Regime
17/12/2002 Revenue Canada Can't Keep Up, Say Experts
17/12/2002 Dublin's IFSC Fears German Tax Changes
17/12/2002 Study Reveals That 25% Of Ireland's Highest Earners Paid No Tax In 2002
17/12/2002 Malta And UAE To Discuss Proposed Double Tax Treaty
17/12/2002 Italy To Extend Tax Amnesty To Companies
17/12/2002 Caribbean Ship Registries In The Spotlight
17/12/2002 Liechtenstein Expresses Support For Swiss Withholding Tax Proposal
17/12/2002 US Treasury Sets Out International Tax Agenda
16/12/2002 ECJ Ruling Could Result In £1 Billion Loss For UK Government
16/12/2002 Antiguan Businesses Fight Tax Crackdown Through The Courts
16/12/2002 Costa Rican Deputies Support Interim Tax Plan
16/12/2002 WTO Partially Backs US In Steel Dispute
13/12/2002 UK Inland Revenue Chief Owns Up To Tax Haven Mistake
13/12/2002 Savings Tax Deadline Postponed At ECOFIN Meeting
13/12/2002 Super Yacht Tax Exemption Benefits New Zealand's Economy
13/12/2002 India And Mauritius Broaden Information-Sharing Agreements
13/12/2002 US Democrats Seek To Define Economic Stimulus Policy
13/12/2002 Challenges On The Horizon For Barbados, Warns PwC Tax Partner
13/12/2002 EU Offers Malta Seven Year Transition Period For VAT
12/12/2002 Luxembourg Rejects Savings Tax Compromise
12/12/2002 Use Carbon Tax Proceeds To Cut Income Tax, ESRI Urges
12/12/2002 German Assets Flee The Country Ahead Of CGT Extension
12/12/2002 Columbia To Enact Long Awaited Tax Reforms
12/12/2002 Malta Meets Resistance Over Zero VAT Proposals
12/12/2002 Hong Kong Accountants Propose Temporary Tax Surcharge
12/12/2002 Surveys Predict Massive Outflow Of US IT Jobs
12/12/2002 Cox Slams US Campaign To Delist Bermuda Based Companies From S&P 500
12/12/2002 UBS Chief Doesn't Fear Exodus If Withholding Tax Introduced
12/12/2002 EU Commission Finally Approves New Madeira Free Zone Scheme
11/12/2002 Key Case Likely To Affect Royalty Taxation In Australia
11/12/2002 Motor Tax Increase Divides Fianna Fail
11/12/2002 Hedge Funds Are Anxiously Eyeing IRS Rules On Insurance Wrappers
11/12/2002 Cable & Wireless Facing Unexpected £1.5 Billion Tax Bill
11/12/2002 IoM Government Income Down 19%
11/12/2002 Jersey Tax Deadline Passes
11/12/2002 Savings Tax Negotiations Continue Behind The Scenes
11/12/2002 US Indian Gaming Supports Cash-Strapped State Budgets
10/12/2002 Hungarian Multinationals Welcome EU Tax Decision
10/12/2002 Mauritius Offers Tax Breaks To Attract Indian Software Firms
10/12/2002 Irish Income Tax To Rise 2%, Experts Suggest
10/12/2002 Antiguan Opposition Condemns Tax Crackdown As 'Witch Hunt'
10/12/2002 Maltese Companies Used As Front For Italian Tax Evaders
10/12/2002 Railroad Chief To Replace O'Neill At US Treasury
10/12/2002 IMF Queries Gordon Brown's UK Tax Projections
09/12/2002 Ireland Continues To Resist Tax Harmonisation Plans
09/12/2002 EU Tax Deals Unlikely This Year, Says Upcoming Greek Presidency
09/12/2002 Bahamas Ready To Join WTO, Says Trade Minister
09/12/2002 Jersey Breathes Sigh Of Relief Over UK's Pre-Budget Report
09/12/2002 Greek And Turkish Cypriots Respond Officially To UN Plan
09/12/2002 NY State Governor Spurns Bloomberg's Commuter Tax Plans
09/12/2002 IMA Says Tax Reform Necessary Before Hedge Funds Come Onshore
09/12/2002 US Treasury Loses Plain-Speaking O'Neill
09/12/2002 German Chancellery Drowning In Shirts
09/12/2002 White House Readies Economic Stimulus Package
06/12/2002 Bahamian Property Tax Amendments To Increase Revenue
06/12/2002 Antigua Gets Tough On Corporate Tax Evaders
06/12/2002 No Large Tax Cuts, Says McCreevy
06/12/2002 SEC Issues Report On Regulation Of Accounting Firms


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