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Search Results for International Tax in 2001.

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31/12/2001 British Government Backs Down Over Ashcroft's Belizean Company
31/12/2001 Korea Set To Allow ESOP Contributions Against Tax
31/12/2001 Sources Of Advice For US Tax-Payers
31/12/2001 SARS R5m Limit Doesn't Affect Electronic Payments
31/12/2001 German Finance Minister Backs Euro-Tax
31/12/2001 BVI Responds To OECD With Comprehensive Changes
31/12/2001 UK Pension Contributions Window Closes On 31 January
31/12/2001 Irish National Library Benefits From Tax-Credit Gifts
28/12/2001 New IRS Regulations For R & D Credit Favour Taxpayer
28/12/2001 A Last Gasp From The Tobin Tax As 2001 Ends
28/12/2001 Bloated Credits Fuel UK 'Tax And Spend' Row
28/12/2001 Russian Economy Improving; New Tax Measures Planned
28/12/2001 China's Tax Collections Up 200bn Yuan In 2001
28/12/2001 EU Court Ruling Helps Gibraltar
27/12/2001 Sales Of US Tax-Privileged Savings Plans Are Booming
27/12/2001 Indian Industry Lobby Wants Reintroduction Of Investment Allowances
27/12/2001 401(k) Investors Now Able To Delegate Investment Decisions
27/12/2001 Death Tax Moderates On New Year's Day
24/12/2001 US Amends Immigration Laws To Catch Money Launderers
24/12/2001 Korean President May Be Asked To Veto Corporate Tax Cuts Bill
24/12/2001 Irish Government To Earn £100 Million From Tax On...Plastic Bags?
24/12/2001 Ashcroft's Tax Break Costs Belize Dear
24/12/2001 Kenyan Banks Suspend Tax Payments
24/12/2001 Closed Fund Investment May Be The Answer To Polish CGT Woes
24/12/2001 US Liberals Welcome EU Savings Tax Disarray
24/12/2001 UK Considers A Tax Amnesty
21/12/2001 Freeserve Demands Action Over VAT Row
21/12/2001 Monti May Compromise On Eco-Tax
21/12/2001 Australian Trust Uncertainty Exacerbated By Treasury Reshuffle
21/12/2001 Irish Revenue Embroiled IN VAT Row Over Canteen Subsidies
21/12/2001 Primarolo Says New PAYE Rules Should Be In Force By 2004
21/12/2001 Swiss Ambassador Hits Back At FT Report
21/12/2001 CFP Attacks IRS Rules On Non-Resident Deposit Interest
21/12/2001 US Congress Focuses On FSC Replacement
21/12/2001 US Congress Fails To Pass Economic Stimulus Bill
20/12/2001 French E-Filing For Individuals Launched
20/12/2001 Israeli Finance Ministry Has Tax Contingency Plan, Says Report
20/12/2001 Chinese Tax Reform Discussions Continue Apace
20/12/2001 DTI Minister Discusses Anti-Money Laundering Role For UK Accountants
20/12/2001 Poland To Ease Tax Burden On Small Businesses
20/12/2001 Prince Hans Adam II Says Duty Of Care Changes Were Necessary
20/12/2001 Ingersoll-Rand Moves Corporate Base To Bermuda
20/12/2001 IR35 Judgement Due In UK On Friday
20/12/2001 UK Inland Revenue Delays Pension Annuities Review
20/12/2001 Putin Urges State Council To Support Small Business
19/12/2001 UK Treasury Takes Action Against Nauru
19/12/2001 Irish Economists Fear Slump Following 'Mattress Money' Boost
19/12/2001 China To Shift Anti-Crime Focus To Tax Evasion
19/12/2001 Barbados Tourism Minister Announces Support For New Ticket Tax
19/12/2001 UK Customs Mulls Tax Stamp System For Spirits
19/12/2001 Online Filing Service Wins More Praise In Ireland
19/12/2001 Korean FIU To Tighten Regulation Of Financial Institutions
19/12/2001 UBS Loses Executive President In Board-Room Row
19/12/2001 Maltese Chamber Of Commerce Gives Verdict On 2002 Budget
19/12/2001 Japan To Give Tax Breaks To Forest Owners
19/12/2001 Nigeria Gives Tax Holiday To Exporters
19/12/2001 Time Running Out For US Tax Stimulus Bill
18/12/2001 Japan-China Tax Dispute May Go To WTO For Resolution
18/12/2001 US Soldiers To Receive Tax Break For Christmas
18/12/2001 Ahern Puts Dampers On EU Tax Harmonisation Dreams
18/12/2001 Kenyan Government Urged To Lower Taxes
18/12/2001 BCA Says Tax System Is Barrier To International Expansion
18/12/2001 Guernsey Keen To Shed Tax Haven Image
18/12/2001 Swiss Economy May Not Avoid Recession, Say Experts
18/12/2001 Mexican Congress To Hold Emergency Sitting On Budget
18/12/2001 Manulife Offers Online Investment Search Tool
18/12/2001 Indian Budget Teaser For Finance Minister
18/12/2001 US Congress Will Probably Fail To Pass Tax Stimulus Bill
18/12/2001 Michigan Governor Reinvents Laws Of Economics
18/12/2001 New Free Zone Opens In Canaries
17/12/2001 Polish Government Attacks Tax Havens With New VAT Legislation
17/12/2001 South Korea's Capital Gains Tax Remains At 15%
17/12/2001 Luxembourg And Austria Dig In Over Banking Secrecy
17/12/2001 China Stalls On Corporate Tax Harmonisation
17/12/2001 Australian Investors Seek UN Help Over Tax Scheme Treatment
17/12/2001 Ireland Needs More Tax Incentives To Entice Hollywood
17/12/2001 Japanese Coalition Agrees On Tax Reform Proposals
17/12/2001 EU Moves Towards E-Commerce Taxation
17/12/2001 'Prudence' Brown Praised By IMF Over Tax Policies
17/12/2001 London Stock Exchange Chief Steps Up Stamp Duty Abolition Campaign
17/12/2001 Panama To Reduce Debt With Privatisation Receipts
14/12/2001 Hong Kong Liberal Party Presents Budget Proposals
14/12/2001 Dawn Primarolo Urges Swiss To Lift Banking Secrecy For Tax Evaders
14/12/2001 Improved Tax Collection Hurts Maltese Business Cashflow
14/12/2001 Finance Ministry Official Says No To Capital Gains Tax
14/12/2001 Daschle Slammed For 'Lack Of Leadership'
14/12/2001 Italian Banks To Return Tax Handouts, Says European Commission
14/12/2001 EC Proposes New System To Limit Excise Duty Fraud
14/12/2001 German Companies Criticize Corporate Tax Hikes
14/12/2001 Bank Report Says Chinese Economic Growth Is Dependent On Tax Reforms
14/12/2001 UAE Central Bank Announces 14 Suspect Accounts Frozen
14/12/2001 Brazil To Grant Income Tax Exemptions
14/12/2001 House Of Lords Expresses Concern Over Sovereignty And Tax In Gibraltar
14/12/2001 Details Of The US/Cayman Information Disclosure Agreement
14/12/2001 EU Savings Directive Stumbling At Laeken
14/12/2001 Mauritius To Create CyberCity
13/12/2001 Struggling Bahamas Hoteliers Demand Tax Relief
13/12/2001 UK Inland Revenue To Decide Over Tax Relief For SIPPS
13/12/2001 Hong Kong Ranked As 14th Most Expensive Place For Business
13/12/2001 Japanese Tax Commission To Scrap Tax Breaks For The Elderly


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