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23/08/2017 Ireland Found 'Compliant' With Tax Transparency Standards
23/08/2017 Court Rules In Favor Of Taxpayer In Canadian TP Audit Case
23/08/2017 Companies Begin Paying Taiwan's New 'Netflix Tax'
23/08/2017 China Considering Dumping Duties On Brazilian Chicken Products
23/08/2017 Canada Launches Resin Dumping Inquiry
23/08/2017 Brazil Extends Repetro Tax Regime
22/08/2017 UK Private Hospitals 'Benefit From Tax Windfall'
21/08/2017 Czech Budget Watchdog Slams Tax Administration
21/08/2017 Dominican Republic Needs Tightened Tax Regime: IMF
21/08/2017 Flood-Hit Bangladesh Slashes Rice Import Duties
17/08/2017 Swiss Tax Planners Agree US Non-Prosecution Agreement
17/08/2017 Irish FM Criticizes EU Demand For Apple Taxes
17/08/2017 E.ON Gets EUR2.85bn German Nuclear Tax Refund
17/08/2017 As Talks Start, NAFTA Border States Urge Compromise
16/08/2017 Action Urged From UK Gov't On Property Sector Taxation
16/08/2017 China Rejects EU Tire 'Dumping' Accusations
16/08/2017 German Prosecutors Investigating Swiss Tax 'Spies'
16/08/2017 UK Issues Guidance On Preparing CbC Reports
15/08/2017 Indonesia To Slash Taxes On Large Passenger Cars
14/08/2017 German Nuclear Tax Refund Boosts RWE's Bottom Line
14/08/2017 US IRS Now Accepting CbC Reports
11/08/2017 Mexico, Japan In Customs Info Sharing Pact
11/08/2017 Iraq Should Boost Non-Oil Tax Revenue: IMF
11/08/2017 Canada Steps Up NAFTA Preparations
11/08/2017 Brazil Aims To Slash Tax Compliance Burden
09/08/2017 US Think Tank Says Earning Stripping Regs Should Be Retained
09/08/2017 Ireland Explains Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules
09/08/2017 IMF Urges Botswana To Strengthen Tax Collection
08/08/2017 Ireland Issues Guidance On Seeking MAP Assistance
08/08/2017 HMRC Increases Number Of Dawn Raids
08/08/2017 Canada, China Free Trade Deal Taking Shape
07/08/2017 Democrats Seek Equal US Tax Rules For LGBTQ Partners
07/08/2017 UAE Enacts New Tax Procedure Law
07/08/2017 Mexican Revenues Ahead Of Target But Tax Reform Ruled Out
07/08/2017 BEPS Toolkit Released On Offshore Indirect Transfers
07/08/2017 Italy Grants Non-Dom Status To First HWNI Taxpayer
03/08/2017 IMF Discusses Pressure On Singapore's Finances, Tax Regime
03/08/2017 FTAs Boosting Australian Wine Exports
03/08/2017 ECJ Adviser Rules Against French Citizen's Exit Tax Challenge
03/08/2017 Creating US Territorial Tax System Complex, Tax Foundation Says
01/08/2017 Australia Consults On Tax Administration Rules
01/08/2017 US Democrats Offer Support On 'Fair Health Care Reform'
31/07/2017 Indian Shell Company Crackdown Making Headway
03/08/2017 Belgian Budget Deal Includes Corporate Tax Cut
27/07/2017 EU Requires Belgium, France To End Port Tax Breaks
27/07/2017 Turkey Tops New Tax Complexity Index
26/07/2017 Saudi Arabia Readies For Value-Added Tax
26/07/2017 Jordan Planning Tax Reform This Year
25/07/2017 Italian Tax Police Seeks Bank Data From Credit Suisse
25/07/2017 Firms Withdraw Challenge To Trinidad's E-Commerce Tax
24/07/2017 UK Voices Support For Free Trade, WTO, Ahead Of Brexit
24/07/2017 Aus GST Distribution System 'Hurting Mining States'
24/07/2017 Canada's Small Firms Concerned Over Tax Reforms
24/07/2017 EU Expected To Adopt New Fuel Marker To Prevent Fraud
20/07/2017 India Confirms Reverse Charge GST On Legal Services
20/07/2017 UK Minister Downplays Impact Of Potential EU-UK FTA Void
19/07/2017 Thailand, Turkey To Launch FTA Talks
19/07/2017 Canadian Mining Firm Challenging 'Retaliatory' Romanian VAT Claim
19/07/2017 Australia Improves Financial Services Tax Regime
18/07/2017 US Publishes Objectives For NAFTA Update
17/07/2017 EU Approves Irish Air Tax Exemption
13/07/2017 Study Looks At US Tax Reform Revenue Gap
12/07/2017 UK Employment Practices Review Falls Short, Say Tax Experts
11/07/2017 Hong Kong Mulls New Tax Breaks For SMEs, Innovators
14/07/2017 OECD Updates Transfer Pricing Guidelines
14/07/2017 Estonian President Refuses To Sign Sugar Tax
07/07/2017 New Zealand To Discuss Free Trade Deal With UK
06/07/2017 MEPs Approve Further Trade Concessions For Ukraine
06/07/2017 German Police Acquires Panama Papers
05/07/2017 EU, NZ Reach Customs Cooperation Agreement
05/07/2017 US, Mexico Finalize Sugar Trade Compromise
04/07/2017 Australia Introduces Diverted Profits Tax
04/07/2017 EU Finds Against Polish Retail Tax
04/07/2017 China To Probe Dumping Of Styrene by US, Korea, Taiwan
30/06/2017 Switzerland, Latvia Revise Tax Treaty To Tackle BEPS
29/06/2017 Support For Low-Tax UK Policies Falling: Survey
29/06/2017 Latvia To Ditch Flat Tax On Income
29/06/2017 Greece Adopts EU Information Exchange Law
29/06/2017 FERMA Calls For Consistent BEPS Rules For Captives
29/06/2017 Australia Consults On GST On Digital Currency
28/06/2017 Spanish Religious Tax Exemptions Could Be Unlawful, Says ECJ
28/06/2017 Cairn Energy Provides Update On India Tax Dispute
27/06/2017 OECD Issues Further Action 7, Action 8-10 BEPS Guidance
27/06/2017 New EU Rules On Money Laundering, Tax-Avoidance In Force
27/06/2017 Canada Disappointed By Latest US Anti-Dumping Duties
26/06/2017 US May Extend Nuclear Power Tax Credit
26/06/2017 Philippines Says VAT Rate Cut On The Horizon
26/06/2017 EU-UK Free Trade Deal Uncertain, Says UK Brexit Secretary
23/06/2017 Scottish Parliament Approves Air Departure Tax
22/06/2017 Hong Kong To Automatically Exchange Tax Info With 75 States
22/06/2017 EU Announces New Transparency Rules For Tax Advisors
22/06/2017 100 Nations Now Party To BEPS Inclusive Framework
21/06/2017 Ryan Hopeful US Tax Reform Is Possible This Year
21/06/2017 MEPs Call For Tougher Anti-Dumping Rules
21/06/2017 Australia Delays Low-Value Goods GST Reform To 2018
20/06/2017 UK Confirms It Will Leave EU Single Market Upon Brexit
20/06/2017 Australia Tightens GST Rules For Precious Metal
19/06/2017 UK Begins Brexit Negotiations In Brussels
19/06/2017 EU Closes Investigation Into Finnish Car Tax
19/06/2017 Countries Urged To Sign Up To Mandatory Binding Arbitration


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