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Search Results for International Law in 2016.

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29/12/2016 US, Argentina Agree To Exchange Tax Information
29/12/2016 Costa Rica Urged To Adopt VAT
29/12/2016 World Bank Releases Transfer Pricing Handbook
28/12/2016 Cyprus, India Tax Treaty To Take Effect In 2017
27/12/2016 US Congress Issues Final Puerto Rican Report
26/12/2016 Romanian Court Backs Tax Cut Bill
26/12/2016 Mauritius Rejects 'Tax Haven' Label
21/12/2016 ICC Lauds French Ruling Outlawing Public CbC Reporting
20/12/2016 Macau, US Sign FATCA Agreement
20/12/2016 Australia Consults On Protections For Tax Whistleblowers
20/12/2016 European Firms Said To Face Too Complex Tax Compliance Burden: Survey
20/12/2016 US Starts Trade Investigation Against Canadian Lumber
20/12/2016 European Commission Publishes Final Decision In Apple Case
19/12/2016 South African Tax Bills Approved By Parliament
19/12/2016 Indian Equalization Levy Implementation Successful
19/12/2016 Canadian Tax Cuts Receive Royal Assent
16/12/2016 SARS Issues VAT Ruling On International Travel Insurance
16/12/2016 Australia, New Zealand Sign New Social Security Agreement
16/12/2016 China Starts WTO 'Market Economy' Dispute Against US, EU
15/12/2016 Court Hears Luxleaks Whistleblowers' Appeals
14/12/2016 UK Consults On Draft Finance Bill 2017
14/12/2016 US Supreme Court Rejects Online Sales Tax Case
13/12/2016 UK Publishes Draft Guidance On Hybrid Mismatch Regime
13/12/2016 Taiwan's Parliament Approves VAT On Online Retailers
13/12/2016 Trade Restrictive Measures 'Worryingly High,' Says WTO
12/12/2016 BRICS Nations Affirm Support For BEPS Project
12/12/2016 US Congress Receives Value-Added Tax Proposal
09/12/2016 Italian 2017 Budget Receives Parliamentary Approval
09/12/2016 IRS Saw Fourfold ID Scam Increase in 2016
08/12/2016 UK Lawmakers Seek Reassurances From HMRC
08/12/2016 Australia Pushing For Indonesian FTA In 2017
07/12/2016 US Congress Urged Not To Pass Online Sales Tax Bill
07/12/2016 UK Digital Tax Reporting Concessions Sought
07/12/2016 Sweden To Slash Solar Tax
06/12/2016 Australia Consults On GST Rules For Electronic Services Suppliers
06/12/2016 UK Taxpayers Shielded From 300 Million Phishing Attempts
05/12/2016 UK Committee Condemns HMRC For Tax Credit Contract Failings
05/12/2016 Nigerians To Need Tax Certificates To Get Passports
05/12/2016 Philippines Signs Off Value-Added Tax Break For PWDs
01/12/2016 Sanders To Introduce US 'Outsourcing Tax' Legislation
30/11/2016 India Signs 4 New Unilateral APAs
30/11/2016 MEPs Reject Call For Court Review Of CETA
29/11/2016 Belgium's Fairness Tax In Breach Of EU Law, Says AG
29/11/2016 ATO To Send 'Certainty Letters' To Taxpayers
29/11/2016 Hong Kong Explains New Tax Appeal Process
28/11/2016 No Extension To Imminent Pakistan Filing Deadline
28/11/2016 Ukraine Formally Commits To BEPS Minimum Standards
25/11/2016 Relaunch Of Italian Tax Amnesty Approved
25/11/2016 French President Hopeful Fillon Pledges Tax Cuts
25/11/2016 Hong Kong Has No Present Plan For Departure Tax
25/11/2016 Tax Inspectors Without Borders Boosting Revenues For Developing States
25/11/2016 Countries Agree Multilateral Deal To Amend All Tax Treaties
23/11/2016 IRS Defers Obamacare Reporting Deadlines
22/11/2016 Grant Thornton Hails UK Tribunal's Ruling In VAT Group Case
22/11/2016 New Zealand To Seek More Tax Transparency From MNEs
22/11/2016 Firms Slow To Adapt To New Transfer Pricing Challenges: Survey
17/11/2016 New Zealand Committed To BEPS Action, Says Woodhouse
18/11/2016 Ukraine's New Customs System 'Operating Smoothly'
18/11/2016 France Launches Panama Papers Investigations
18/11/2016 US Commission Recommends Anti-Chinese Trade Laws
17/11/2016 IRS, US Tax Industry Renew Campaign To Protect Personal Data
16/11/2016 Vietnam Mulling Tax On Second Houses
16/11/2016 Japan Urged To Address Spousal Tax Break In Budget
16/11/2016 ATO Hails Court Win Over Companies' Tax Residence
16/11/2016 Switzerland Risks Losing Its Edge, Says KPMG Survey
15/11/2016 ACCA Calls For Calm On UK BEPS Response
15/11/2016 US Administration Pushes For Puerto Rican Tax Credits
14/11/2016 Singapore Updates GST Guide For Biomedical Industry
14/11/2016 Philippines Development Forum Tackles Tax Reform
11/11/2016 EU To Crack Down On Promotion Of Aggressive Tax Planning
11/11/2016 Swedish Financial Activities Tax Proposed
10/11/2016 India, Japan Amend Their Double Tax Agreement
10/11/2016 Brazil Consults On CbC Reporting Requirement
10/11/2016 New Zealand Planning More BEPS Measures
09/11/2016 HMRC Clarifies Rules On VAT Incurred Prior To Registration
09/11/2016 UK Provides Update On Panama Paper Inquiries
08/11/2016 Vanuatu Highlights VAT Penalties Regime
08/11/2016 Malta To Push EU VAT Reform As EU President
07/11/2016 Hong Kong Announces Further Stamp Duty Hike
07/11/2016 Hungary To Defy EU Over Advertising Tax
07/11/2016 IRS Warns Tax Professionals of New Email Scam
04/11/2016 US Tax Agencies, Industry To Tackle ID Fraud In 2017
04/11/2016 UK Firms' Tax Disclosures Improving, Says FRC
04/11/2016 South Africa Looks For Technical Tax Proposals
04/11/2016 Singapore Adds To Transfer Pricing Requirements
04/11/2016 EU Rules Against Hungary's Advertising Tax Changes
04/11/2016 Italy Extends Tax Break After Earthquakes
03/11/2016 Ireland Eases Rules For Royalty Tax Withholding Waiver
03/11/2016 IRS Scopes In On Micro-Captive Tax Evasion Risk
03/11/2016 Update To UK Code Of Conduct For Tax Professionals
02/11/2016 WTO Trade Facilitation Pact Headcount Grows
02/11/2016 Australian Goods And Services Tax Guidance For Offshore Suppliers
02/11/2016 ATR Warns On New US Estate Tax Rules
01/11/2016 First Countries For OECD's MAP Peer Review Selected
01/11/2016 French Lawmakers Approve Tax Hike On Sharing Economy
01/11/2016 IRS Confirms Start of 2017 PTIN Renewal Period
31/10/2016 GOP Attacks Obamacare Tax Credit Controls
31/10/2016 IRS Confirms Delay To Tax Refunds In 2017
31/10/2016 TIGTA Criticizes IRS IT Program
31/10/2016 US Starts Action Over IRS Impersonation Scams


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