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Search Results for International Law in 2009.

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30/12/2009 Gibraltar TIEAs Enter Into Force
31/12/2009 Japan, Malaysia Agree To Add New Tax Information Exchange Provisions To DTA
29/12/2009 Nortel Settles Dispute With IRS
28/12/2009 St Kitts And Nevis Signs TIEA With Belgium
29/12/2009 EC Extends Anti-Dumping Tariffs On Vietnamese, Chinese Shoes
28/12/2009 US Lawmakers Introduce Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
22/12/2009 ECJ: EU Governments Flouted Customs Duties Rules
18/12/2009 Rank Group VAT Refunds Could Total GBP42m
21/12/2009 ATO Issues Draft Determination On Private Equity Asset Sales
16/12/2009 Symantec Wins USD545m Tax Case
14/12/2009 CGT Changes For Australian Managed Investment Trusts
10/12/2009 Netherlands Signs TIEAs With Malaysia, The Bahamas
09/12/2009 South Korea, Canada Agree To Further Talks On FTA
09/12/2009 Indian Life Insurance Industry Fears Tax Benefit Loss
08/12/2009 Shell Goes To Court Over Philippine Excise Tax Dispute
07/12/2009 SABMiller Faces Indian Tax Claim On Offshore Transaction
07/12/2009 New Immigration System To Be Introduced In IOM
04/12/2009 Argentina Signs TIEA With the Bahamas
07/12/2009 Jersey Informs On Impact of UK Tax Treaty Changes
07/12/2009 French Finance Commission Takes Tough Stance On 'Tax Havens'
04/12/2009 Barbados Agrees To Revision Of Dutch DTA
07/12/2009 Canadian Revenue Announces Disclosure Increase
04/12/2009 Switzerland And Kazakhstan Initial Revised DTA
03/12/2009 World Focus On Tax Standards Set To Intensify, Conference Hears
04/12/2009 IOM Launches Consultation On Taxation Of Investment Products
04/12/2009 Russia Will Introduce Measures To Counter Tax Treaty Abuse
02/12/2009 New Tax Program For Africa Launched
01/12/2009 San Marino, Italy Sign Financial Agreement, Still Awaiting DTA
01/12/2009 Guernsey Revises Capital Adequacy Rules
30/11/2009 Market Shock At Dubai Property Debt Crisis
27/11/2009 India Sets Up Tax Dispute Resolution Panels For Multinational Companies
27/11/2009 Singapore And Malta Add TIE Protocol To DTA
27/11/2009 Argentina And Costa Rica Sign TIEA
26/11/2009 Charities Prepare For Blow Following EC Decision On VAT Grouping
26/11/2009 Morocco Joins OECD Declaration On International Investment
26/11/2009 ATO Warns Against Offshore Life Insurance Policies
24/11/2009 EC Calls On Spain To Retrieve Aid From Outlawed Company Tax Scheme
23/11/2009 EC Tells Member States To Change VAT Grouping Rules
23/11/2009 Australia: Myer Tax Demand Raises Offshore Investor Doubts
18/11/2009 Sardinian Tax On Tourist Stopovers Infringes EU Law
16/11/2009 Lloyds Bank Fails In Court Bid To Avoid GBP54m Tax Bill
17/11/2009 Italian Amnesty May Break EU Law
16/11/2009 SFO Begins Investigation Of Cayman-Based UK Fund
12/11/2009 Film Tax Credits Withdrawal Disputed In US Court
10/11/2009 Germany And Luxembourg Agree Tax Information Exchange
09/11/2009 Merz Seeks To Mend Tax Relations With Italy
06/11/2009 Qatar Readies 10% Corporate Tax For 2010
09/11/2009 EU Completes Lisbon Treaty Ratification
06/11/2009 UAE Signs Double Tax Convention With Bangladesh
05/11/2009 Irish Accountants Call For Focused Debate On Tax Policy
06/11/2009 German Pension Tax Proposal Divides Opinion
05/11/2009 Switzerland And Turkey Initial DTA
05/11/2009 STEP Research Finds 'Offshore Vital For Global Growth'
05/11/2009 New BVI Bearer Share Regime Deadline Nearing
04/11/2009 Westpac To Appeal New Zealand Tax Ruling
04/11/2009 US Online Gambling Bills Could Raise USD41bn In Revenue
02/11/2009 Ireland Signs First Gulf DTA, With Bahrain
02/11/2009 HMRC Clarifies VAT Treatment Of Property Service Charges
03/11/2009 Netherlands Antilles Split Date Formalized
03/11/2009 Hedge Funds Unresolved On Business Location
03/11/2009 Bermuda Responds To Foot Report's Recommendations
02/11/2009 Barbados, Switzerland Enter Into Aviation Agreement
02/11/2009 DFSA Strengthens Ties With Indian Securities Regulator
02/11/2009 FATF Lauds Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Regime
28/10/2009 Alderney's New Gaming Regime Approved
27/10/2009 Bermuda Improves Pension Disclosure Practices
27/10/2009 Isle Of Man Consults On Funds Regulation Changes
27/10/2009 Aviva Shifts HQ To Ireland
21/10/2009 UK's HMRC Can Continue Attacks On Tax Planning Schemes
15/10/2009 FINRA Fines Citigroup Over Tax Strategy
14/10/2009 CAI Welcomes New Auditing Standards
14/10/2009 GE Lands Latest Blow In Tax Shelter Tussle With US IRS
15/10/2009 China Asks WTO To Review EU Anti-Dumping Measures
14/10/2009 UK Revises VAT Policy On Theater Productions
13/10/2009 US: Xilinx Faces IRS Opposition To Rehearing
13/10/2009 EC Succeeds In Spanish Gambling Tax Exemption Case
13/10/2009 Greece To Reimburse Wrongly Paid Taxes, EC Rules
13/10/2009 EC Urges Hungary To Amend VAT Reimbursement Rules
12/10/2009 UK Back In Court Over Cross-Border Loss Relief
09/10/2009 BMA Announces Three Reinsurance Regime Proposals
12/10/2009 High Court Rules Against Westpac NZ In Tax Case
07/10/2009 Joop Loses Bid To Register Exclamation Mark
05/10/2009 Bahamas Restores Copyright Protection For US Pay Television
05/10/2009 UK Tax On Share Issues Ruled Illegal By European Court
01/10/2009 DIFC Amends Companies And Insolvency Laws
02/10/2009 Arbitration Panel Upholds US Tax On Canadian Lumber
28/09/2009 Revenue Agency Requests Information From Italian Banks' Foreign Branches
25/09/2009 HMRC Outlines VAT Position On Insurance Introductory Services
22/09/2009 OECD: Overview On Countering International Tax Evasion
22/09/2009 Skype's Former Owners Sue eBay
17/09/2009 Compound Interest Ruled Out On UK 'Fleming' VAT Claims
18/09/2009 EC Questions German Depreciation Provisions
16/09/2009 EC Questions Hungary's Property Tax
15/09/2009 President Merz Praises Revolutionary Swiss VAT System
10/09/2009 Malta And Serbia Sign Double Tax Agreement
11/09/2009 Jersey Consults On Legal Status Change For Limited Partnerships
10/09/2009 Bahamas And China Sign Investment Protection Agreement
10/09/2009 Court Of First Instance Upholds Annulment Of Basque Tax Relief
10/09/2009 Monaco Signs TIEA With The US
11/09/2009 Liechtenstein And Czech Republic To Negotiate DTA


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