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Search Results for International Law in 2004.

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31/12/2004 Dutch Authorities Issue First Spam Fines
31/12/2004 Single Market Compliance Ceremony To Coincide With Opening Of Caricom HQ
30/12/2004 Report Dubs Mauritius 'Pirates' Island'
30/12/2004 LFX Market Capitalisation Breaches US$10bn Mark
29/12/2004 US Government Wins Major Tax Shelter Case
29/12/2004 Isle of Man Business Barometer Paints Optimistic Picture
29/12/2004 CARICOM Set To Open Its Doors In 2005
29/12/2004 BVI Assembly Passes New Business Companies Act
29/12/2004 CIMA To Investigate Cayman Insurance Market
29/12/2004 Malta Poised To Become Successful E-Gaming Centre
29/12/2004 China’s Property Market Becoming More Accessible To Foreign Firms
28/12/2004 Cyprus President Waves Veto At Turkey Once More
28/12/2004 Jersey FSC Issues Details On Split-Cap Settlement
28/12/2004 Antigua & Barbuda PM In Talks With Far Eastern Businessmen
28/12/2004 China Tightens Fund Management Rules For Investment Trusts
27/12/2004 New Laws Promulgated For DIFC
27/12/2004 Split Cap Compensation Deal Goes Ahead
27/12/2004 BMA Head Dismisses Fears Over Spitzer Insurance Probe
27/12/2004 EU May Approve Transitional Tax Regime For Gibraltar In New Year
24/12/2004 EC Takes Infringement Action Against Eight Member States Over Internal Market Laws
24/12/2004 Fitzrovia Report Highlights 15% Growth In Guernsey Funds Industry
24/12/2004 Hong Kong Banker Calls For Taxpayer Representation In LegCo
23/12/2004 CSRC Facing National Audit Office Probe
23/12/2004 Enron Legal Bill Comes To $780 Million
23/12/2004 Lawmakers Discuss Breaking Up The Netherland Antilles
23/12/2004 SEC Considering Taking Legal Action Against UBS
22/12/2004 US And Barbados Exchange Amended Tax Treaty Ratification Instruments
22/12/2004 Seven EU Member States In Breach Of European VAT Law
22/12/2004 Anti-Money Laundering Policies Discussed At UAE Conference
22/12/2004 CCBE Opposes Revised Money Laundering Directive, Launches Survey
21/12/2004 Hong Kong Link REIT Postponed Over Legal Uncertainties
21/12/2004 Bermuda 'Must Intensify Anti-Money Laundering Fight'
21/12/2004 Federal Court Finds In Favour Of Swisscom Over Local Loop Liberalisation
21/12/2004 Turkey's EU Membership Talks To Go Ahead
17/12/2004 CIMA Completes Review Of Cayman Financial Legislation
17/12/2004 Irish Banks Likely To Welcome Competition Authority Conclusions
17/12/2004 Swiss Parliament Approves Savings Tax Measure
17/12/2004 Curative Petition Dismissed By Indian Supreme Court In Mauritius Tax Dispute
17/12/2004 Key Vote Boosts Turkey's EU Entry Hopes
16/12/2004 Bermuda Passes New Anti-Terrorist Financing Legislation
16/12/2004 BVI 2005 Budget Delivered
16/12/2004 Decision On Transitional Regime For Gibraltar Exempt Companies Expected Early Next Year
16/12/2004 Israel Signs Tax Agreements With Belgium And Luxembourg
16/12/2004 IOSCO Seeks Talks With Offshore Centres On Information Exchange
16/12/2004 China Welcomes Vanuatu Back To The Fold Following Vohor’s Departure
16/12/2004 Hong Kong Link REIT Survives Late Legal Challenge
16/12/2004 Isle Of Man Elects New Chief Minister
14/12/2004 Hong Kong And UK Sign Agreement To Cooperate In ICT Ventures
13/12/2004 Panama’s Ties To Taiwan Unaffected By Trade With China
10/12/2004 Savings Tax Agreements Signed By Liechtenstein, San Marino and Monaco
10/12/2004 BVI Government Announces Changes To Immigration Policy
10/12/2004 Hong Kong And Denmark Sign Anti-Double Tax Agreement In Shipping
09/12/2004 Bermuda Passes New Segregated Accounts Act
07/12/2004 HK Law Society Calls For Lifting Of Ban On Law Firm LLPs
07/12/2004 Irish Revenue Commissioners Seeking Strengthened Prosecution Powers
07/12/2004 SEC Publishes Final Registration Rules For Hedge Funds
07/12/2004 Isle Of Man Launches Online Company Search Facility
06/12/2004 BVI Shipping Registry To Upgrade To Category One Status
06/12/2004 Hong Kong Government Keen To Develop Territory’s Financial Services Strengths
03/12/2004 Hong Kong SFC Issues Consultation On Takeover Rules
02/12/2004 Future EU Regulations Will Provide Isle of Man With Tough Challenges
02/12/2004 MENAFATF Launched In Bahrain
01/12/2004 Mauritian Insurance Bill Nearly Ready, Says Khushiram
01/12/2004 New Legislation Tightens Regulation Of Bermuda’s Insurance Industry
01/12/2004 BVI Has World Class Financial Regulation, Says FSC Chief
30/11/2004 Mauritius Seeking Extension Of DTA With Indonesia
30/11/2004 Northern Trust And ING Group Seek Regulatory Approval For Planned Merger
30/11/2004 DIFCA Consults On Draft Legislation
29/11/2004 Property Trouble In North Cyprus For Brits
29/11/2004 Ireland Not Planning 'Super Regulator' In Near Future, Ahern Announces
26/11/2004 Regulatory Changes In Taiwan And Singapore Attract Fund Managers
26/11/2004 Bank Medici To Open Its First Foreign Branch In Gibraltar
25/11/2004 UK Promises To Mitigate Effects Of Savings Tax Directive On BVI
24/11/2004 Liechtenstein To Launch New Financial Market Regulator
24/11/2004 Many Hong Kong SMEs Are Ignoring Corporate Governance Issues
24/11/2004 Wealthy Investors And Their Managers Do Well As Markets Rally
23/11/2004 Mauritius FSC To Streamline Licensing Conditions For Financial Institutions
23/11/2004 Middle East Prepares To Unveil Regional Money Laundering Task Force
23/11/2004 G20 Agree To Harmonised Tax Information Sharing Initiative
22/11/2004 India Rejects Possibility Of FTA With Mauritius
22/11/2004 US Hopes To Negotiate Free Trade Agreement With UAE
22/11/2004 Bermuda Planning To Toughen Hedge Fund Regulation
22/11/2004 Hong Kong Gazettes Four Double Tax Agreements
19/11/2004 Mauritius Signals Compliance With International Financial Standards
19/11/2004 DIFX Delays Launch, Unveils Flexible Listing Rule
19/11/2004 Vohor Defiant Over Relations With Taiwan
18/11/2004 Swiss Unlikely To Put Savings Tax Directive To Referendum
18/11/2004 CEPA The Ideal Pathway For Foreign Firms To Enter China, Says Tsang
17/11/2004 IMF Delegation Visiting Panama
17/11/2004 Senate Approves Updated US/Barbados Tax Treaty
16/11/2004 BVI Set To Abolish Corporate Income Tax
16/11/2004 BIBA To Showcase Bermuda To European Business Leaders
16/11/2004 Mauritius FSC Consults On Code Of Business Conduct For Insurers
15/11/2004 Caricom Members On Track To Implement CSME
15/11/2004 SFC Leadership Proposals May Compromise Independence
12/11/2004 Hong Kong Housing Authority Prepares To Launch First REIT
12/11/2004 Ireland Discussing Regulatory Regime For Retail Hedge Funds
12/11/2004 WTO Affirms Preliminary Ruling On US Online Gambling Ban
12/11/2004 Mogae Begins Second Term As Botswana's President
11/11/2004 Nauru Passes New Anti-Money Laundering Laws


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