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Search Results for International Law in 2003.

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31/12/2003 Denktash Invites Pro-European Party To Form Northern Government
31/12/2003 Bahamas Chamber Of Commerce To Push Nation's Cause In FTAA
30/12/2003 Mauritius Prepares Financial Reporting Bill
29/12/2003 Parmalat In Insolvency As Founder Arrested In Milan
29/12/2003 Bermudian Government Fails To Defend Contract Action
29/12/2003 British Man Convicted In Geneva Money-Laundering Case
25/12/2003 Ireland Incorporates EU Savings Tax Directive Into Domestic Law
25/12/2003 Control Of Hong Kong Listing Sponsors To Pass To SFC
24/12/2003 Ansbacher To Settle Irish Tax Claim
24/12/2003 Parmalat Founder Placed Under Investigation In Fraud Probe
24/12/2003 Spain Seeks To Exclude Gibraltar From EU External Frontier Regulations
24/12/2003 Isle Of Man Companies Act Comes Into Partial Effect
23/12/2003 Bahamas Passes New Investment Fund Laws
23/12/2003 Irish Revenue Commission Publishes Latest Tax Defaulter List
22/12/2003 Bahamian Finance Firms Given More Time To Verify Accounts
22/12/2003 GFSC Issues Clarification Of 'Introduced' Business Under FATF Guidelines
19/12/2003 WTO Panel Concludes First Round In Dispute Between US and Antigua & Barbuda
19/12/2003 Ireland Signs Double Taxation Agreement With Iceland
19/12/2003 Switzerland Offers Start-Ups Favourable Environment
18/12/2003 Bahamas Commits To Information Sharing Agreement With United States
18/12/2003 Annan Believes UN Plan Best Way Forward For Cyprus
18/12/2003 Costa Rica Pulls Out Of Cafta Negotiations
17/12/2003 Hong Kong Companies Criticize New Domain Name Registration Plans
17/12/2003 Maltese Government May Take Lenient Approach Over New Tax
16/12/2003 IoM Chief Minister To Remain Vigilant Over EU Constitution
16/12/2003 EU Savings Tax Directive Aimed At 'Unfair' Tax Competition Says CATO Analyst
15/12/2003 Switzerland and Lebanon Sign Memorandum Of Understanding
12/12/2003 China, Hong Kong And Macau Meet To Discuss Intellectual Property
12/12/2003 Cayman Finance Sector Forms New Promotional Body
11/12/2003 Microsoft Expands Lindows Battle To Europe
11/12/2003 Irish Financial Services Bill 2003 Gives Regulator Wide Mandate
11/12/2003 Spain Rules Out Further Legal Action Against UK Over Gibraltar Voting Rights - For Now
10/12/2003 Channel Island And Cayman Law Firms To Merge
10/12/2003 Kyprianou Defends Partial Lifting Of Banking Confidentiality
09/12/2003 UK Will Not Impose Direct Rule On Caymans Over EU Tax Directive
08/12/2003 EU Planning Legal Action Over E-Privacy Failures
05/12/2003 McCreevy Abolishes Stamp Duty On Intellectual Property Transfers
05/12/2003 McCreevy Springs No Tax Surprises In Irish 2004 Budget Speech
05/12/2003 GFSB Calls For Local Office Of Fair Trading
04/12/2003 Caribbean Ministers Sign IP Development Agreement
04/12/2003 Bahamas Legislative Process Is Too Slow, Says BFSB
04/12/2003 Isle Of Man To Address IMF Concerns Over Independence Of FSC
04/12/2003 Ireland And Greece Sign Double Taxation Convention
04/12/2003 Swiss People's Party Takes Tougher Stance On Banking Confidentiality
03/12/2003 Chinese Bar Reforms Revealed
03/12/2003 Cyprus Central Bank Governor Warns Over Property Boom
03/12/2003 Bahamas Cannot Avoid Tax Reforms In FTAA Says Foreign Minister
02/12/2003 Primarolo Issues Ultimatum To Cayman Islands
01/12/2003 Bahamas Falling behind In FTAA Negotiations, Warns CoC President
01/12/2003 Hong Kong And Singapore Sign DTA For Airline And Shipping Operations
01/12/2003 CEPA Will Allow Film-Makers Access To Huge Chinese Market Says Seminar
28/11/2003 Ireland May Toughen Spam Laws
28/11/2003 Irish Revenue Looking At Changes To Residency Rules
28/11/2003 New EU Data Protection Rules May Cut Costs For Offshore Firms
27/11/2003 PwC Releases Results Of Private Banking Survey
26/11/2003 Channel Islands Commended By IMF For Regulatory Regimes
26/11/2003 Luxembourg To Amend Law On Tax Exempt Holding Companies
26/11/2003 Bermuda Passes Investment Business Act 2003
25/11/2003 United States And Aruba Sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement
25/11/2003 IMF Report Praises Isle Of Man's Financial Regulation
24/11/2003 Primarolo Repeats UK Threat To Cayman Islands Over EU Tax Directive
21/11/2003 US Seeks More Bilateral Trade Deals
21/11/2003 Mauritius Seeks To Strengthen Trade Ties With India
21/11/2003 Hong Kong To Offer Renminbi Banking
20/11/2003 Revenue Commissioner Sets out 'Acceptable Limits' Of Tax Planning
20/11/2003 Hong Kong Banks To Set Up In Shenzen Under CEPA Deal
19/11/2003 Guernsey FSC Launches Hedge Fund Consultation
18/11/2003 Antiguan Emissary Takes Over CFATF Chairmanship
18/11/2003 Expert Urges Single Financial Regulator For Hong Kong
17/11/2003 Liechtenstein Backtracks Over EEA Enlargement Treaty
17/11/2003 Cayman Amends Mutual Fund Regulations To Sell To Japan
17/11/2003 Major Changes Underway At Hong Kong Stock Exchange
14/11/2003 New Spam Laws Implemented In Ireland
13/11/2003 New Irish Tax Rules Unfairly Weighted Against Taxpayers, Says Expert
12/11/2003 Jersey Trust Firm Ventures Into Irish Corporate Administration Market
12/11/2003 GFSC Fund Guidance Welcomed
11/11/2003 Cyprus Division Remains Obstacle To Turkey's EU Hopes Says Prodi
11/11/2003 Tynwald Approves Withholding Tax Route For Isle Of Man
10/11/2003 TIGTA Report Finds Weakness In IRS E-File Security
10/11/2003 Hong Kong Insurance Industry Concerned Over Plans To Spin Off Regulator
07/11/2003 Labuan Vows To Attract EU, US Investments
07/11/2003 UK And New Zealand Sign Updated Double Taxation Agreement
07/11/2003 Hong Kong Legislature Passes Tax Concession For QDIs And Unit Trusts
06/11/2003 GFSB Calls For Tax Reforms In Election 'Manifesto'
05/11/2003 BISX Considers New Rules To Better Protect Small Investors
05/11/2003 Bermudian Premier Seeks To Restore Island's Reputation To US
05/11/2003 New Law Group Established In Jersey
05/11/2003 BVI Clarifies New Regulatory Regime For Bearer Shares
05/11/2003 Isle Of Man Appoints E-Gaming Ambassador
03/11/2003 Offshore Firms Responding Well To Onshore Pressure
03/11/2003 Changes To Interest Rules On Tax Repayments Effective
03/11/2003 Italian Tax Amnesties Hurting Swiss Banking Sector
31/10/2003 Russia Freezes 44% Of Yukos Shares
31/10/2003 EU Commission Rules In Favour Of UK In Anglo/Spanish Gibraltar Dispute
31/10/2003 ICC Warns Of Scam Targeting UK Taxpayers With Offshore Bank Accounts
29/10/2003 Member States Remain Divided On European Constitution
28/10/2003 Bermuda Denies Being 'Blacklisted' By United States Treasury
28/10/2003 Thomas Reveals Details Of Corporate Tax Cut Bill
28/10/2003 Irish Life And Permanent's IoM Customers Rush To Settle Tax Debts
28/10/2003 Bermuda Opposition Calls For Clarification On OECD Commitments


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